When I was a dork down in southern New York

I was extremely bored, what could a boy want more'd?

So I went on the computuh with my HDTV mute-uh

Saw some cool websites with a "Wiki" in the name

So I launched my own wiki without any type of shame


Cannot anybody see, we were truly meant to be?

It is because of me and my wi-kee.

I launched my website to internet fame

and it had Jo-el Severe Wiki in the name.

Other people saw my website and they loved it every bit.

So I thought "Hey this is cool, but how can I improve it?"

It got better. Every letter. Even better than baked cheddar.


The next day when I came to school everyone thought I was cool.

I was no longer a dork down in southern New York

When I grew older every year, I cherished this wiki very dear.

Even when I married Lisa Keith, I remembered August Eighteenth.


So as you can see, most successfully.

I am over here too, singing online songs to you.

I am really rich, even richer than Terra Keish.

I am extremely hap-pee....

because of me and my wi-kee!



  • This song was written on January 12-13, 2010 by award-winning composer and song-writer Joel Severe.
  • There is no such thing as Lisa Keith or Terra Keish. They were just put there for rhymatic effect.