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The Morning

Most mornings for a Random Kid are like this. After being continuously yelled at by his father and slapped half to death by his mother, the Random Kid really learns alot about staying out of their parents line of fire.

Handling the Dad

The father is usually the first problem Random Kid has to subside. After getting up due to his annoying alarm clock, Random Kid takes a shower, brushes his teeth, and the rest of his morning routine. Suddenly, Random Kid's father comes out of nowhere and yells "Random Kid! Hurry up I gotta get to work boahy!!" Random Kid tries his best not to put his fathers job in jeapardy but can't find the energy so early in the morning. Then, Random Kid's father rushes up the steps and swings at him. "Waahh!!", Random Kid yells barely escaping a smack to the face. "Random Kid! I told you to hurry up! Now get down stairs!" Random Kid rushed downstairs still in his underwear to eat some breakfast! Ironically, Random Kid enjoyed this breakfast so much that he wanted seconds. Random Kid's father wasn't going to have this though, he snatched the bowl away from Random Kid, and launched into the sink. Dad then proceeds to calling Random Kid's mother saying that he can't take it anymore and just leaves for work. Meaning that Random Kid's education was left in his mothers hands that morning.

Handling the Mom

Random Kid's mother rushes down the steps. "What??!!!" Random Kid stared at his mother as she exerted all of her anger on the garbage can. By the time she was done the trash was all over the floor, then, she turned to Random Kid! "Clean this mess up and get dressed!!", she screamed and dashed back up the steps. Random Kid worked 10 minutes cleaning up the scattered debris, then traveled back up the steps to get dressed. After getting dressed, Random Kid realized his mother still wasn't dressed yet and decided to watch television. Random Kid got so caught up intothis news story that when his mother was calling him, he didn't respond. "Random Kid! Random Kid!! RANDOM KID!!!!", Random Kid's mother ran down the steps and up to Random Kid slapping him so hard across his face! "GAAHH!!!", Random Kid yelled in pain! "Put your coat on I'm ready!", she yelled. "My coats already on!", Random Kid retorted. "Don't backsas me boahy (smacks Kid again)!" After being "taught a lesson" by his mother, Random Kid was dropped off at school.

At School

Random Kid finally makes it away from his parents and encounters another dangerous bridge he must overcome.


Yup, this is the trash he starts his day off with. Random Kid walks into the school building. Only to be cornered by a bunch of neandertholic bullies. "Whadda you clowns want?!", Random Kid yelled. "Get em' boahys!", one of the bullies yelled. And that was the start of Random Kid's school day. He barely made it to class to begin his learning streak. With a possible broken rib.

At Class (The most Boring time of day)

Well there's not really anything to type about in this section considering all he did was learn.

Lunch (A time of pure Audacity)

After Random Kid's brain came close to exploding from all that knowledge he's taken in, his class went to lunch. At lunch, Random Kid was having a conversation with his best friend, J.Severe. "Hey J.Severe, have you ever noticed that-", suddenly, a fool named Randy ran up to us. "Hey Random Kid who's that", he said pointing to some Random person. "Shut yo mouth boahy", J.Severe yelled. "Hah ha! I'm gonna get you back", Randy said. "Listen kid. I don't know what your problem with me is but ya better get outta here before I-", "You know exactly what my problem is! You exposed my secret! That I blank blank blank! And now I'm gonna expose yours!", Randy yelled devilishly! "What?! Shut yo mouth! (swings at Randy)! Take that ya clown", Random Kid yelled in anger. "Gak! (takes hit to the stomach and falls to ground)", Randy moaned. The lunch-aid ran up to Random Kid! J.Severe backed away slowly. "Did you just hit him?! Go to the table!", she yelled. "But he was being a fool. I had to teach that fool a lesson", Random Kid tried to put up an argument. "Lunch table NOW!", Mrs. D (lunch aids name) yelled! Random Kid sat at the lunch table watching others enjoy soft beef tacos. "(grunt)", Random Kid grunted. "Must be pretty good J.Severe, you're smacking", Random Kid said. All of a sudden, some girl named Sally began to talk trash. "Hey blah blah blah", Sally exhilerated. "Excuse me", J.Severe asked. "Blah blah blah blah",Sally kept on going. "Please ma'am. They're trying to enjoy their food", Random Kid explained. "Blah blah blah", Sally said. "Please, cease in your babbling", J.Severe yelled. "Blah blah", Sally kept going on and on! 'Didn't want to have to play this card but... Shut you mouth!", Random Kid yelled. "Blah Blah blah blah blah blah", Sally wouldn't stop. "Waaahhh!!!", J.Severe yelled. "Shutup!" Sally smacked Random Kid in the back so hard he fell to his knees! "Don't tell me to shutup!", Sally yelled angrily. "I just did!", J.Severe said bravely! Sally swung at J.Severe! J.Severe, seeing this coming, jumped back and fell out of the chair! Sally's hand kept going and hit the lunch tray across the table. The lunch tray flew and hit the guy across from us in the face. As Sally was about to take out J.Severe once and for all, Mrs. D, our lunch aid said twas time to go outside. Random Kid and J.Severe's lives were spared, until...

Recess (Barely escaping with an inch of your life left)

As Random Kid and J.Severe stepped foot out of that door, it was to be a fight for their lives. Now they had no idea what the heck they were going to get themeselves into. Then, they saw their friend Bryan getting beat up by the bullies, Mike and Matt. "We've got to save Bryan!", Random Kid yelled. They ran toward the scene where Bryan was close to death, suddenly Matt came out of nowhere! And punched the life out of Random Kid!!! Random Kid flew threw the air and crashed into the ground, rolling about 10 feet! J.Severe still tried to help Bryan but Mike kicked him in the chest and threw his head into Matt for Matt to punch his face! J.Severe was down for the count. Random Kid stumbled to his feet, only to be attacked by Mike. Mike punched at RK but he ducked and kicked Mike in the stomach! Mike grabbed Random Kid's leg and threw him to the ground. Matt came out of nowhere, and gave a final kick to Random Kid! Pushing him under the gate. Trent came running to assist! He punched at Matt, but Matt grabbed his arm and flipped him over as Mike kicked him to the side before he hit the ground! Random Kid jumped and punched Matt in the head but Mike put him in a headlock as Matt gave continuous punches to Random Kid's stomach. J.Severe ran up to Mike and kicked him in the ribs. Mike flinched as Matt lunged at J.Severe! Random Kid punched Matt to the ground as J.Severe kicked him! Out of NOWHERE, a guy named Andre came and clothes lined Randon Kid into the fence!!! J.Severe tried to escape but Andre grabbed his head and smashed it into his knee!! All of a sudden, Matt punced Andre to the ground! "I'm on your team!", Andre yelled in horror! "No ya not! This is a brawl!", Matt yelled! Mike ran behind Matt, picked him up and smashed him to the ground! "I gotta get outta here", Random Kid thought to himself. He slowly crawled away, injured. Suddenly, Mike's body came crashing to the ground in front of him! "Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Random Kid yelled!

And the rest of that battle was way too intense for typing. Let's just say that, Random Kid, J.Severe, Matt, Mike, Andre, Trent, and Bryan all ended up in the nurses office.

After School... (Staring Death in the Face)

After their wounds were tended to. Random Kid and J.Severe left the nurses office like nothing happened. Their injuries weren't that severe. They headed back to class.

Eventually, the end of the school day came. Random Kid and J.Severe walked outside onto the black top. "Today was one of the worst days of my life", J.Severe stated. "Really? Considering the things that happen to me every day, this was just like flea bite", Random Kid said. Then, this weird jokester named Dexter ran up to Random Kid and J.Severe. "You're a jerk!", Dex yelled. "Why young blank grader that kind of terminology is too inappropriate for a youngin' like you.", Random Kid told Dex. "Shutup you jerk! Dex then kicked at Random Kid. Random Kid stepped back easily dodging the wild leg. "This dude is wilin' ", J.Severe stated once again. "Yes. Precisely", Random Kid assured. "Shutup! (jumps up and pushes Random Kid)!", "What the!?", Random Kid was baffled. "Who do ya think ya are boahy!?", J.Severe yelled. "Rrraaa!!!", Dex yelled as he swung at J.Severe! "Whoa! Watch it!", J.Severe said dodging the attack. "Get over here so I could teach you a lesson", Random Kid yelled as he began to chase Dex. J.Severe followed in pursuit. Across the black top, was one of the strongest, most powerful, lunatic, ever born! Sam! Dex ran all the way looking behind him, and eventually ran into Sam!!!! Sam went wild! "Yo what the blank is wrong with you", Sam yelled as he grabbed Dex! Seeing this danger, RK and JS both ran the other direction! When they made it to safety, they witnessed Dex on the ground moaning and writhing in pain with Sam standing over him! "Uuuuaaaaauauauaau... It wasn't my fault", Dex cried. He stumbled to his feet, and pointed in their direction. Suddenly, all heart beats ceased, tension blew through the wind. Sam turned his attention toward them. And BUSTED out running towards them!! There was only one instinct left, one way RK and JS thought they could possibly survive. They ran towards the school building to get help! It was a death race!!!! Sam was so fast!! J.Severe was the first to go. Random Kid being a little bit quicker than J.Severe, sped up! Sam appeared behind J.Severe!! Sam threw J.Severe onto the ground so hard!!!!!!! J.Severe flipped across the air as his leg bent uncontrolably!!! J.Severe layed on the ground motionless as Sam passed him heading straight for Random Kid!! Random Kid was about 15 feet from the school building! As he reached out his hand to safety, Sam appeared behind him!! Sam punched Random Kid in the back!!! Random Kid flew forward and hit the brick wall !!! Bouncing 15 feet back and flipping over!!! Sam stood over RK who layed motionless on the ground! "(huff puff) Take that", Sam said as he walked away to proceed with his game of football. Random Kid layed motionless on the ground for about 10 minutes, when J.Severe regained conciousness and realized he wasn't moving. Could Random Kid have died??!!! Evenually, suspicions turned to reality, Random Kid was...seriously injured. Perhaps even fatal. Everyone surrounded Random Kid. "Random Kid! Random Kid wake up!", someone yelled. Random Kid came to! He slowly but surely opened his eyes to many tears falling down onto him. People were actually crying for Random Kid? Suddenly, "Get that stupid onion ot of here!", someone else yelled. Well, that totally ruined the moment. Random Kid got onto his feet and proceeded to going home. As for J.Severe, he limped home.

Back Home

Random Kid walks into his house with a busted lip. "What happened to you??!!", his father yelled. "Doesn't matter! Sit down for dinner", his mother screamed.


"So how was your day today Random Kid?", his mother asked. "Just fine mom. Just fine". And though it's hard enough to believe, she believed me.

Start it all over again.

Random Kid went to bed. Only to start that intensifying day all over again.