J. Severe: So Ashley, you've decided to write a story, eh? Seems quite foolish.

Random Kid: Yeah, for all we know, it could be random trash just like that Lollipops! page.

J. Severe: Don't forget the one about Cookiez.

Random Kid: Yes, she couldn't even spell the plural of "cookies" right.

Ashley: Will you guys shut up! I'm an admin now, and I can block you.

J. Severe: Well I'm the creator.

Ashley: So?

J. Severe: So....


J. Severe: Okay, so the creator's no different from an admin. Hurry up with the story.

Random Kid: Yeah, so we can delete it sooner.

Ashley: Shut up! Anyways...

A Bright, Sunny MorningEdit

It was a bright, sunny morning. The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, and I felt just giddy!

J. Severe: Giddy? Giddy?! Do you hear this, Random? Giddy!

Ashley: (lunges at J. Severe)

J. Severe: (hastily dodges attack) Whoa! This girl is wilin'!

Ashley: That's not all this girl will be if you don't shut yo yap!

J. Severe & Random Kid: (gulp)

I got out of bed and embraced the wonderful Spring weather. It was the perfect day to play jump rope. So I called my friends Random Girl and Jordan and we played jump rope.

Random Kid : I highly doubt Random Girl would ever --.

Ashley: (zaps Random Kid with a taser)

Random Kid: Ughh... (falls down)

J. Severe: How dare you --!

Ashley: (smacks J. Severe)

Now, we were playing jump rope and singing nursery rhymes like "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling --"

J. Severe: What's so great about a bridge falling? Peoples' lives could've been brought to the brink of des --!

ANYWAY, we were playing merrily and then a small wind started to blow. Then it began to rain. The three of us played in the puddles! It was so much fun! Joy, joy, joy!

Random Kid: You are a sick, little --!

Ashley: (kicks Random Kid's knee)

Random Kid: Ooooh! My knee!!

Then it started raining really hard. The three of us went back in the house. Then the lights suddenly turned off and a cold wind blew through the house. Which was weird because we had the A.C. set to 70 degrees.

J. Severe: Have you ever thought that all the energy went out?

Ashley: Have you ever thought of shutting up?

J. Severe: Well...

A Cold Day in AshvilleEdit

J. Severe: Ashville? Oh, so you have your own town now?

Ashley: Will you be quiet?

J. Severe: Will you stop being a brat?

Random Kid: Guys, can't we all --?

Ashley: (punches Random Kid)

Random Kid: How come I always get hurt?

Out of nowhere, a huge flush of water came crashing into the house. My two friends were swept away into the water. I had to rescue them. So I plunged into the water and swam over to them. I grabbed their hands and tried to pull them to the surface but the pull of the water was much too strong and I --!

J. Severe: Are you telling me that you tried to be a hero? Ha! That's rich! Heh heh heh!

Random Kid: Yes, quite humorous.

Ashley: It's true, you moron!

It seemed that all hope was lost. The three of us were swept away by a rushing wave. But then I remembered the power of the Princess Unicorn!

Random Kid: What?

J. Severe: Ashley, you've hit an all time low. A Princess Unicorn, really?

And so I gained awesome Kung Fu powers! But then the water formed a giant monster and the three of us were forced to fight it! I punched, kicked, tickled --.

J. Severe: Tickled?

Ashley: If you say one more word, I'll bash your head open with a butcher knife.

J. Severe: Hello? This is a family-friendly wiki not a gory one.

-- it and we won! The water monster went away and the sun came out!

A Somewhat Happy-tastic EndingEdit

And then we all played and we lived happily ever after. The end!

Ashley: How's that for a story?

J. Severe: How can I put this? Let's see, I'd rather eat a piece of doo-doo on a stick.

Random Kid: What we mean is that your story is equivalent to a fat piece of trash. In other words, to A. Louis.

Ashley: Well you guys are fools to not enjoy a nonfiction story.

J. Severe: Nonfiction? Hello? 1.Princess Unicorn. 2.Water Monster. 3.Random Kung Fu Powers. Does that sound like something in a nonfiction story?

Ashley: Fine, then. Suit yourself. Let's go, Uni.

Random Kid: Who's Uni? Your boyfriend?

(Unicorn arrives out of nowhere)

J. Severe & Random Kid: How the --?!

Ashley: This is Uni. Let's go! (rides away on the unicorn)

J. Severe: Well I for one am disgusted.

The End!