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Ashley is one of Joel Severe's and Jordan's best friends. She is the new kid in school, but her friends make her fit right in.

Role on the WikiEdit

Ashley, along with Jordan, actually have their own accounts on the wiki. Ashley is known as Ashley Girl.

The Origin of AshleyEdit

'Twas an average day at Blank Blank Blankentary School. Joel and Jordan were chatting away about the rumored "new student" that the class was to receive. "Did you hear about the new kid?", Jordan asked. "Yeah, they say their --", started Joel. But the conversation was cut short by the teacher walking into the classroom with a blond haired blank year-old. "Class, this is our student Ashley. Say hello", the teacher ordered. "Hello Ashley", the class greeted. The only person who did not engage in the greeting of this blond haired blank year-old girl was Jordan. He was smitten with love. Why, Jordan had hearts in his eyes throughout math class, lunch, and even after school until Joel smacked him silly!