Ah, videos. Nothing surpasses them. Huh? Oh, I bet you want to hear a story don't cha'? Well this is a category page, not an actual article, so get the heck out of here you lazy bum! Huh? Oh... heh heh. Sorry bout' that, this typing thing just get's to me. Picture it, you have the power to type anything you want on the internet, what would you do with such power. Well I'd do what I just did before, call someone a lazy bum. But anyway, I suppose you really DO want to hear a story, eh reader? Well... I know. I'll tell you the story of where Videos nearly took over the entire world. Yep, they tried to kill us all.

The Incredibly Short Story About The Wrath of The Evil VideosEdit

It was a normal day... Okay, maybe not a normal day. In fact, it wasn't even a day, it was a night. A cold stormy night. Well... maybe not a stormy night... but a storm was a brewin', see? Thus deriving the term "Sounds like a storm's a brewin'." Anyway, a young boy by the name of Brandon was carefreely searching the sight of Youtube. Suddenly, he heard thunder off in the distance. "Huh? Sounds like a storm's a brewin'.", Brandon said worriedly. Just then, lightning burst through the window and struck his computer! "Whoa!", Brandon exclaimed, falling out of the computer chair. The wave of electricity traveled through the computer over and over again, until a youtube video popped out of the screen! The Video was just a human figure that had the youtube video that was playing for skin. "N-no, that's impossible!", Brandon screamed. The Video lunged forth at Brandon. He flipped over and ran out into the hall.

The Video made pursuit. Brandon ran into the bathroom and locked the door. "Gasp, gasp. What's going on?", Brandon asked himself. Suddenly, the Video's hand busted a hole through the door. "Waaah!", Brandon yelled as the hand went for the door knob and the Video was able to open the door. Just as the video opened the door Brandon kicked it in it's stomach! The Video dispersed into thin air after falling to the ground. "Gasp, gasp.", Brandon gasped in shock. He looked back up at the computer and saw yet another Video about to go head to head with him! The Video kicked at Brandon, he ducked and punched at the Video. The Video jumped back, dodging the punch.

The Video grabbed Brandon's neck and held him up in the air. "NAH!", Brandon struggled. He took a swing at The Video. The Video threw Brandon down the steps and he hit the mirror, shattering it to pieces. More Videos began coming out of the computer and running amok in the town. The S.W.A.T. team went head to head with The Videos, but various S.W.A.T. members were hospitalized after the battles. And thus, The Videos continued causing mass destruction, that is, until a lone warrior stopped them... but that's a story for another page.

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