• Listen boahy, and listen up good too! The Stories and Info Wiki has a strict policy of plagiarism. Any form of plagiarism that even resembles something from the Stories and Info Wiki will immediately be attacked by lawyers and whatnot. Seriously. Don't do it man. Now if you DO plagiarize, well, then there's a chance you could be arrested.

Plagiarism PunishmentEdit

If you do something so foolish as to plagiarize the things on this here wiki then you WILL be delt with severely. First of all, I'll block you and put a copyright notice on every page, so that there will be no way you could say "Oh-uh... I didn't know", or anything along the lines of that. As a matter of the fact, I will do that before you could do it. Plus, I'll put all that in the rules.

Well, that's it. As long as you follow the rules and don't do anything that will put ME in temporary insanity, you can enjoy your time on this wonder filled wiki.

Random Kid (Aspiring Author and Cartoonist)