These are handpicked special pages. They are labeled best pages because the creator and editors of the wiki chose them to be, seeing that people have commented that they are the best.


The best pages of the wiki usually originate in The Creator's head. After some deep thought conserning the plot, characters, or information the page will carry, the page is created on the wiki, thus, becoming apart of the Stories and Info Wiki's society of articles. When the page is first created, it will usually go incomplete for about a week or two. Though if the page is long, namely a page that makes it to a place at the top of the long pages list, it may take weeks or even months to complete. Once the article is complete, it is reviewed by the community and decided if it shall go on the The Best of SIW list.

The MethodEdit

A great page here on the Stories and Info Wiki must be written with heart, soul, correct spelling and grammar, useful information, and most of all... full out action. In order to perfectly align all of these things in a sequence, one must have knowledge of the aformentioned heart, soul, correct spelling and grammar, useful information, and most of all... full out action. Knowledge of what it takes to create something so powerful that it could baffle the minds of the worlds most intelligent folks.

Anyway, enough random gibberish, let us move on to what's really important: the heart, soul, correct spelling and grammar, useful information, and most of all... full out action.

  • The Heart: an article written using the heart should retain love and perfection. Not an article that would be thrown away or deleted soon after for being similiar to a useless piece of trash. No, an article written using the heart shall be loved by all, because all reading said article will be able to relate to the author of the article. Thus, if the article is created with heart, it will never become old and become, as said before, a useless dirty piece of trash.
  • The Soul: an article created by the author with soul will never become boring. One who uses raw soul in their articles will never grow tired of working on the article. He/She will continue working on this article until they either: Get tired of typing and save the work for another day, or accidentally press the backspace button and go back in time, thus deleting all of his/her unsaved typing. Nevertheless, the article WILL one day be finished and. Why? Because the author will never grow weary of working on it. Thus, if the article is created with soul, it will without-a-doubt, be completed one day.
  • The Correct Spelling and Grammar: What's more to say. Anyone with common sense would have at least most of time correct spelling and grammar.
  • The Useful Information: Huh? Oh, right. The article must also contain useful information as well. Some articles may be created for the soul purpose of giving information. Other articles may be created for the soul purpose of being entertaining stories. Nevertheless, an article should contain at least one bit of useful information. For example, if the story is supposed to be non-fiction and it shows some random guy jumping out of an airplane (without a parachute) and living... that would defy the laws of physics correct? Anyone knows that someone stupid enough to jump out of an airplane without a parachute would die in a non-fiction story. Thus, in order not to confuse our less intelligent younger viewers and causing them to think that they can go jumping out of airplanes and living, be sure to contain not only useful, but truthful information as well.
  • The Full out Action: Well if you've ever read a story here on the Stories and Info Wiki, you'll notice that they almost always have either A: an all out brawl, or B: someone dodging death by a mere inch. So it's best, if you want the community here to at least read your article, for the article to contain some kind of near death experience for the main character.

And now that I've explained to you the cycle of the Creators Best Pages you can carry on with your daily wiki routine. Thank you for your time. Now go on... shoo! There a plenty more pages here.

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