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  • This story was thought up by Random Kid as he watched a movie in which some guy rang another persons doorbell and fled.


The Ding-Dong Ditch is a story about when Random Kid is walking home with a bunch of people. Suddenly, some fool decides to ring the doorbell of an ominous looking house! In, seeing this, Random Kid and the others proceeded to run, rather than staying and radding that fool out. When thought to be far enough away, Random Kid and his friends began walking like normal people again. Then, one of them turns around, and sees the owner of said ding dong ditched house dashing towards them! There was only one thought going through the minds of these innocent kids (except one that is), they had to escape, cling to life having only life left to live for! The kids ran as fast as they could against the pursuing victim! And that started, the Escape that decides life and death!

Foolish Choice!Edit

Random Kid was just walking home one day. He spots a couple of his friends ahead, in which he runs up to talk to. While walking, some fool comes up with the incredibly foolish idea of a ding dong ditch. The kids remaining on the side of justice try to convince this fool into not putting his future and career in jeapardy. Yet he doesn't listen. The hooligan runs up to the house and rings the doorbell as planned! In seeing this, Random Kid and his friends began to run, trying to escape trouble. Eventually, the thought that they got far enough away went through their heads, and they began to walk like normal citizens once again. All of a sudden, two people in the back spot a shady character walking toward them. They warn the kids up front of this upcoming foe. The kids turn around only to see the shady character dashing toward them!! There was only one thought going through the heads of these minors at this point. To escape, and cling to life having only life left to live for! The kids ran as fast as they could away from this mad man! In pursuit, the shady character must've come to his senses, realizing he couldn't catch such kids. So he jumped in his car, (which was facing the other way). He backed up extremely fast! Still in pursuit of the kids! Suddenly, this maniac does a J-turn in the middle of the road! Spinning about until he was facing the kids direction! He sped up chasing the kids! They had to split up! One kid ran into his nearby house! The two others dashed across the street as the last three ran down an intersecting block! The man followed the kids who had crossed the street! He drove slowly behind them until one of them began running out of nowhere! The man backed up and drove onto the block that the remaining three kids were on (Random Kid included). One of the kids lived on said block and had went home, leaving the last two to fend for themeselves! Random Kid and the other guy were approaching the other guys house, as he crossed the street, he saw the man and warned Random Kid! Random Kid, in hearing of this, ran all the way down the block until he was in sight no more! But that foolish other guy who had warned Random Kid, simply walked into his house without any disregard of the man who had been ding dong ditched carefully watching him. Three minutes after the other guy got into the safety of his house (or what he had thought to be), the man knocked on his door. He opened it being directed by his mother, and sure enough, twas' the man who had been ding dong ditched. The other guy recognized him and slowly closed the door and locked it!! He then went back into his basement with a blank face. "Who was it?", his mother asked unknowingly of what had gone on outside of their property. "No one", the boy replied with a low voice. Suddenly, there was another knock. This time around, the boys mother had gone to answer it. The man explained what had gone on. Afterwards, the kid was given a good talking to and denied ever knowing the one who commited this foolish activity (lying of course). So it looked as though Random Kid had escaped the questioning (by the way. He would've immediately radded the fool who commited this offense). Random Kid had made it home safely.

The Next Day!Edit

The next day, Random Kid and some other guy were walking home. They were cautious of who was around them, in case the guy from yesterday were to return. As they passed his house, they split up making it look as though they were just normal kids. As they passed the house, they didn't see the mans car. Perhaps he was out on the run, or filing a law suit against the kid who was caught yesterday. Suddenly, Random Kid looked to the side and saw the guys car facing directly at them! All of a sudden, the man sped up and turned to chase them! Random Kid quickly escaped and disguised himself with a new appearence. But, the person he was walking with didn't make it! He wasn't anywhere near Random Kid. Yet, Random Kid had escaped. When he got home, he tryed calling the kid on his cell phone. There was no answer...

Escaping! Edit

Everyday from then on, Random Kid had walked cautiously, looking around every corner before he turned into it. Random Kid was the only one who had escaped the wrath of the Ding Dong Ditched house...

The others who were with him, were never heard from again.