Hiya, folks! It's me, Ashley! Hee hee hee! Today I am gonna talk about flowers and chocolate! Hee hee hee!


I love flowers SO much! Hee hee hee! They smell beautiful, they look beautiful, and they taste beautiful! Hee hee hee. For my birthday, I get flowers! They are so pretty! Hee hee hee! To make a long story short, I absolutely LOVE flowers! Except for dead ones. They are so yucky! Eew!


I love chocolate! It's so milky and cocoa-y, and it's full of sugar! Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha! I also love chocolate cookies! They are so delicious! Hee hee ha!

And that's it for Ashley's articles! See ya next time, faithful readers! Ashley Girl is out, peace!

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