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French-Fries, always delicous in their normal state. But with ketchup or hot sauce or even both! So darn tasty. But are french fries really what we think they are, French people that fry themeselves to make some extra dough! No, no it is not. If you had any common sense, you'd know that french fries are thinly sliced potatoes (with skin peeled off), that are fried. I have no idea where the French part comes in, maybe they just wanted to use alliteration. What's that? Who is "they" you ask? Well, to tell the truth I have no idea, maybe "French"-Fries did originate in France. Some have even come to say Fench-Fries originated in Belgium in the 1600's.Or perhaps this is a conspiracy and they're lying to us all, waaahhh!!! Anyways, in my experience, I believe that Chinese Food Frence-Fries are the best, now Chinese Food Fried Chicken, that I'm not so sure about. Not saying that it's not completely delectable, just saying that Popeyes or Kentucky Fried Chicken has it beat. But how did this conversation even pop up, this is a French- Fries Page, not a Chicken Discussion Page. Yeah, look at that picture of some Fries over there.

Hey Ma! Get the Hot sauce for me will ya!


Well, look at that. A Burger! Not just any normal old Hamburger, a fine burger topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, and sesame seeded buns on top and bottom! The cheeseburgers place of origin was somewhere in the United States, perhaps down in the southern states. When served in fast food restaurants the cheese on the burger is usually processed, with variations. Different types of cheeses can be used to form a cheeseburger such as cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, blue cheese, and even the most foolish, pepper jack. Tis believed adding cheese to an ordinary hamburger became popular somewhere in the 1920's through 1930's. To tell you the truth, I have not a clue who invented the cheeseburger but whoever it was, that person is a genuine genius! Just look at their phenomonal creation in that photo over there!
Cheese Burger

Look at that! A perfect burger!


Hey you! Ever wondered who the genius was who invented our favorite meal PIZZA!! Well if you haven't, than you're even more of a fool than I thought you were in the first place! Some believe that it came from either ancient China or Mesopatamia, but their probably just fools like you. Wherever the genius creator of pizza lurks, if I were to meet him I'd shake the guy/girls hand. And I'd say "You're a genius, not like those fools who think others created Pizza". Why if pizza was never created, life probably would've never came to be. What? What do you mean Pizza was invented by mankind in which came before the one called Pizza? Don't try to sound smart, I'm the smart one! Remember, you're the fool buddy! Anyways, the origin of Pizza is still a mystery to me, though I'm most likely the smartest and most creative person out there that you'll ever come to meet. Ah, look at the Pizza in that great picture!
Da Pizza

Look at that "Perfected Creation"!

Makes me just want to eat it all. thumb|145px|left|...(no comment) Looks tasty though.


Bacon, one of the greatest breakfasts of this time period. Though bacon is cured meat from a PIG! It is still quite tasty in the ways of meat. Bacon is prepared from several cuts of meat, in the United States, tis' usually from the pig belly. Strange O_O. It's first cured in a brine or a dry packing, both containing large amounts of salty goodness. The result is the fresh bacon ready to be fried in a fat melting skillet! Bacon can probably change the lives of us all, what with it's greesy greatness and it's meaty meat! Ahh yeah~! Bacon it's just so darn tasty. I'd beat a guy to the ground for a slice of that stuff. If I was offered a few slices of bacon to attack one of my best friends, I'd have a hard decision. You wouldn't even be able to imagine the kind of emotional stress I'd be going through.

Ahh, get me a skillet boahy!

Would you be able to turn that down over there!? No! And if ya do, ya just a FOOL!!

Buffalo WingsEdit

Buffalo Wings, the second best chicken behind Fried Chicken. You know, I've always wondered why people call them "Buffalo Wings". Because last time I checked, buffalo's definetely don't have wings! So maybe I should change this page to "Hot Wings"... well, too late now. Anyways, Buffalo wings supposedly originated in Buffalo, New York. Well ain't that ironic, "Buffalo" Wings, "Buffalo", New York. Hey, I think I just figured out why they call them Buffalo Wings.

Mmm...(drools from mouth) So delicous!

Look at those beauties. Perhaps even one of the most beautiful things I've ever layed my eyes on!

Mac' & CheeseEdit

Mac' & Cheese, one of my favorite foods ever created! It is merely a casserole of some sort, but tastes like so much more than just a normal everyday 3 course meal. You would know that too if you weren't so busy watching CNN, and actually did some real research! Mac & Cheeses popularity came from that guy Jeff Thomas or... Thomas Jefferson or whatever his name was. This man served it at a supposedly normal White House meeting that eventually turned into a new found food source. Although it does look different in places like the United Kingdom and what not tis still the same great dish from whom it was created by. Mac & Cheese is often said to cause obesity, particularly in children. But who cares these days, it's just so darn delicous (like every

Cheesy delight!

other food item I write about)! Just look at it! Can you really find it in your heart to turn something so good!


Tofu is... well, I don't know what the heck it is. It's not a meat, but it's not necessarily a vegetable. It's usually some random food that vegetarians eat a substitute for REAL food. You know, I don't get vegetarians. We all know that meat is so delicious, we just fry it up and you have a very tasty concoction. But vegetarians just decide to skip on all that, and eat just carrots or spinach or something. If I had to eat carrots and spinachs all day long I'd go INSANE! And what's more, vegetarians don't even just eat vegetables. They eat anything that's not meat. They could even eat Mac' & Cheese, legally. So they should just call themselves "No Meat-Eaters" or something. But anyways, enough about that trash. Tofu had its origin in China, possibly a couple thousand years ago. It's made by pressing dry soy milk into squares. Does THAT sound appetizing? No! It sounds disgusting! Makes me want to throw up. I'm tellin' ya. there's a whole bunch of great food out there, so why waste your appetite on tofu? 'Cause ya want to lose calories? I'm tellin' ya, it's so foolish! And what kind of name is "tofu", anyway? Tofu. Tofu, it's so stupid. Tofu. It sounds like toad fu. And if you ask me, toad fu does not sound delicious. So please visit the other food-related articles for food worth eating, and don't waste your time with this crud!
Foolish Tofu

The Incredibly Foolish Tofu!


A Sandwich. A sandwich could be any item (edible or not) placed between 2 slices of bread. Similiar to a CheeseBurger. For example, if you thumb|210px|left|A strange obsession with a sandwich...were to put something like a brick between two slices of bread, still could legally be a sandwhich. Also, even if you put toppings on one slice of bread, it is still considered a sandwich. Or open sandwhich that is. Sandwiches are widely popular, usually taken to work or school as a "packed lunch". A modern day sandwich would most likely consist of salad vegetables, meat, and cheese. Also, a type of sauce such as mayo or mustard.

The usual type of meat placed on a sandwich could be of the following:

  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Postrami
  • Salami
  • Baloney
  • Tofu (in some cases)

Bread has been eaten with different foods since it's creation back in the New Stone Age. Sub-sandwiches are usually sold at:

  • Subway
  • Deli's
  • Quiznos
  • Various Pizzeria's

The Great Sub!


Da Sandwich!

Garlic breadEdit

Many people say "(Random object) is the greatest thing since sliced bread." Well, let me tell you one thing that's like sliced bread, but nothing could ever be better than it! It is.. Garlic Bread! It's a delicious Italian meal that's often served with some other bigger entree. As you can guess, minced garlic/garlic powder is put on a normal piece of Italy bread, thus ushering in the name "garlic bread." If your mouth is watering and ya just want a bite of this delicious food, I'll tell you how to make it! You cut the bread toward the bottom, but it's still kept in one piece. Then you brush it with olive oil, and put garlic betwixt the slices. Then you put in the oven and minutes later, you're wolfing it down! Now that you know how this goes, beat it and make yer own ya darn fool! If you're just too dang lazy to make it yourself, you can always buy it ar a nearby restaurant or supermarket. But why am I giving you instructions, I'm just supposed to stretch the deliciousness of this bread. It's SO delicious! I wish I had some right now! (foams from the mouth) I want that bread! (sees random man walking by with a loaf of garlic bread) Grr...! Give me that bread!
Garlic Breag

Uhh yeah. The best bread ever.





Mmm. Smurf. This garlic bread is so tasty. I may have traumatized a random man, but at least I've got me some good garlic bread!