Hi there. I suppose you think that Frog-Princesses don't exist, huh? Well... YOU'RE RIGHT, but I had to say opposite and create a story to MAKE you think so, so keep in mind that this story isn't real and...

Random Kid: HEY, How much do you intend to reveal, huh?

SpongeWriter: [Trys to change voice] Sorry, I am SpongeWriter's Sister.

Random Kid: At first, this voice is nobody's voice and At second, SpongeWriter's Sister wouldn't apologise EVER.

SpongeWriter: Um... What did you say computer? I have to type?



Meeting Frog... The Brainless

I was just walking to school through swamp. I hate this way, why did I chose it anyway?? Anyway, suddenly, I noticed a little frog - he (or she) was very beatiful - He had interesting slime and dump wart on him, but he (or she) WAS beatiful... somehow. At once, frog looked at me and SAID, "Kiss me and I'll change into princess". I looked at beatiful (*cough* "beatiful" *cough*) frog and said, "Kiss ME and I'll change into ELEPHANT, brainless-frog". Frog ("the brainless") looked at me angrily, "Shut ya mouth boahy! Look, I waited 2 long years to meet somebody who is able to kiss me and I'm not going to lose this chance, you idiot!". Yeah, this frog is really starting to be really annoying. I felt like wanting to go away, but frog stopped me, "You'll not go anywhere before you kiss me, you idiot!". I had no choice - I kissed her (or him) speedily and ran away. I was in school and felt like everything is over, but "the storm" was coming...

At School

When I was in school I, suddenly, heard the voice of the guys, "Heh, since when do you have a girlfriend?". I looked at them (not long, because I don't want to, but the writer wants to) "What in the world are you talking about? SpongeWriter never had, doesn't have, and never will have a Orlfriend (or what was it?)!". They laughed at me, "Then who's that princess behind you?". "Haha, I have a princess behind me," I noticed a princess. "WHO ARE YOU???!". "I'm a princess," the princess said. "Thank you, Captain Obvious. Until now I thought you are some random girl. REALLY," I said. She looked at me. "And I'm your Orlfriend or something.". "WHAT???????!!!!!!! THIS IS A DREAM THIS IS A DREAM!!!!!!". Princess looks at me weirdly. "No it's not." I FREAK OUT! I take her by her hand, push in the closet, duct tape her mouth, and walk away. I whistle nervously. And then-THE END!!

((Me: Why?

Writer: 'Cause this story is so boring that I'm probably gonna lose the writership in here.

Me: Great!

Writer: 'Great'? Great?? GREAT???!! *mental breakdown*

Me: BWAHAHAHAA~ *dissappears into darkness*))

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