Joel the Warrior is Joel Severe's hero alter ego. He was first introduced in the 2005-2007 3-part saga, The Adventures of Joel the Warrior. In the story, a boy named Joel gets bad grades on tests and his parents send him to a Military Academy to shape up. There he learns to be a hero, and saves the world from two female villians, as well as World War III! The story was written in 2005, but production was discontinued when the notebook of which the story was written in went missing. It was found two years later, and the story was properly finished. You can read summaries of each story below.

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Joel the WarriorEdit

Joel Severe was just a boy who often got Fs on tests and assignments. To shape him up, his parents send him to Military Academy - where Joel is taught by an old sage, who was in the previous World Wars. Joel fails all the given tasks, and the Warrior Teacher warns him of World War III. When confronted, the Teacher tells of a chosen kid who must save the world during that devastating time. Joel believes that stopping criminals now will assist him in having to save the world later, and ventures out into the unknown. The Teacher reveals that he is just a big phony, and the students go to save Joel from a horrible fate.

Joel stands in front of a robber who is robbing a bank. The robber catches Joel in his money bag, but the students are able to retrieve said bag. Nevertheless, the robber forges on to a jewelery store to steal a giant ruby. When the robber has the ruby and approaches the exit, Joel opens that door from the outside - thus hitting the robber, knocking him out cold, and saving the day! Afterword, Joel becomes famous throughout the city. A devious girl named Serina plans to use Joel in her effort to destroy the world. When she wins a date with him, she leads him to a bank which she plans to rob. Joel tries to escape but accidentally trips the alarm. Security shows up and Serina and Joel are arrested!

In the jail cell, Serina tells Joel of her evil plan. She then unleashes a smoke bomb. When the smoke clears, Serina is gone! Joel realizes that he's been fooled. He quickly summons his sword, slices through the cell's metal bars, and escapes!

Joel finds Serina as she is about to launch missiles into the sky. Serina pulls out a bazooka and blasts at Joel. Joel reflects the fireball, and it hits the bazooka, destroying it! Serina launches the missiles, as Joel jumps onto one and blasts off. Joel disables the missile and it comes falling back down to Earth. Joel jumps off the missile as it crashes into Serina and explodes! The world is saved, thanks to Joel the Warrior!

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