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The Poem VersionEdit

There's a nightmare in my closet, I don't know what it is.
Whether it eats real food, or likes to chomp on little kids.
Who knows what that closet holds, no not I son.
But all I can say is if that monster came out, I'd shoot it with a machine gun.

The Story VersionEdit

Twas' a cold, stormy night. I lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking of things that could change my life forever. Just then, I heard an ominous sound. I got up and looked around, and in the darkness I spotted- J.Severe?! His shirt was on fire and his hands looked as though they were made of tenfoil! "What's going J.Se-?", before I could finish my sentence, J.Severe dashed over to my closet. He opened the door and jumped into the darkness! O_O

I kept watching in amazement, "What the heck just happened?", I thought to myself. All of a sudden, I heard another sound, then the words- "I'm gonna bite you...". I turned around and it was none-other than Random Girl. Her hair was SNAKES and her legs were long! Minutes after J.Severe, she jumped in as well. I thought and thought to myself for a few minutes, then, a sudden quiver came down my spine. I had an uneasy feeling... a premonition of certain doom.

I looked out of the window and spotted shiny meteors shooting down the earth! "ZZZZZZZ", I heard a sudden shivering sound. An old man with a CHAINSAW was right behind me!? I saw his reflection through the window as he slashed down! I jumped out of the way as the chainsaw cut through the glass. He turned around and threw the chainsaw with all his might! I jumped out of the way again as the chainsaw potruded through the wall and into my parents room.

Then, I heard a sudden- "AAAAAAHHHH---!!", from the room. Red liquid began dripping from the hole! My parents had been murdered! I picked up a rubber shuriken and threw it at Old Man! He hastily dodged and made a hasty retreat for my closet! I had to follow him, so I put on some pants, strapped a random Machine Gun to my back, put a knife of the sort in my pocket and dived into my closet, (man I was violent as a child... who would've thought I'd grow up to be a genius).

I fell for about a minute or two before I noticed a hole of light that seemed to get closer and closer. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by white clouds in the blue sky. I kept falling and falling, suddenly, I saw a building, followed by more and more buildings. Soon, I hit the ground with a tremendous *THUD!* and found myself laying on my face in the middle of the street. I looked up and was horrified at what I saw! Hover cars were flying past as small nightmares (also count as monsters... cut me some slack I was a child back then) freely walked the streets. "What the-- ?!", I started. Out of NOWHERE, I was hit by a hover car and went hurdled to the ground with yet another tremendous *THUD!*.

I wasn't injured surprisingly, though the nightmare's hover car was badly dented. He jumped out of his car using excessive profanity and whatnot, obviously angered by the injury to his hover vehicle. Still, even if that kind of thing makes you completely steamed there's no reason to channel that into cursing. So I told him that. Then, the fool suddenly pulls out a MACHINE gun and starts rapidly firing! I jumped behind another hover car and that was shot as well. Causing it to explode!

The owner of the hover vehicle was also angered, and ALSO pulled out a MACHINE gun! Now, two nightmares were rapidly shooting at me just 'cause I "messed up their ride." I was forced to defend myself. I jumped on the ground and began firing back with a machine gun of my own! The bullets penetrated the nightmares' insides and they blew up, followed by green and purple goo splattering everywhere. But one of them struggled, and was still alive. He went into his dented car and removed a bazuka from it!! He shot at me! I had to use quick thinking, I grabbed a nightmare who was casually walking along the sidewalk, and threw him at the bomb to sheild the explosion! Then, I realized how messed up that was... and ran away.

I kept running until I reached an amusement park of the sort. I know, you're probably thinking the same thing I am. What the heck was an amusement park doing in a world full of countless monsters? Beat's me.

Anyway, I wandered through the amusement park until I came to a menacing roller coaster named the "Twister." Me being the adventurous boy that I was, I decided to take a ride on the roller coaster. This is the weird part.

The roller coaster was going EXTREMELY fast and I was nearly put to death! Toward the middle of the ride, I spotted, right in front of me, the guy who previously attempted to KILL me! "What the-- ?!", I yelled in shock. I was sure I ditched that fool when I threw that other nightmare into that explosion, how the heck did he end up here!? He turned around, recognizing my voice! "YOU!", he exclaimed. He suddenly took out a sword and lunged forth to slice me! I jumped on the cart behind me! The roller coaster was still in motion! He stood up and stabbed down! I moved to the side but nearly fell off of the coaster! I was hanging off, hanging on by the railing to the coaster!

"It's ALL over!", he said, haughtily. "No you BEAST! Litterally.", I retorted. He stabbed down but I let go of the coaster and began to fall to my certain death! That nightmare must've been really angry, 'cause the fool jumped off of the coaster in pursuit of me!

I punched him in mid-air! He kicked me! I kicked him in the stomach! He punched me in my cheek! I kicked him in the cheek! He punched me in the stomach! I elbowed him in the chest! He kneed me in my nose! I kicked him in the neck! He jabbed me in the back! We began to strangle at eachother! But, I elbowed him in the air and he let go! Then, I used my grappling hook to hook onto the coaster and shot off with it! He grabbed onto my leg! While I was hooked onto the roller coaster I dodged oncoming polls and fences! While the nightmare was hit with each and every one of them! I dodged a large poll and he hit it, that's when he let go and fell to his death!

The coaster ride eventually ended and I was brought back to the solid ground. While I was walking, I noticed that it was getting dark and places were closing. I decided to stay at a nearby hotel. But... as I was walking to that hotel it suddenly exploded and a giant arm came emerging out and grabbed me! I awoke to find myself in a dark room, along with a monster who was my age and looked just like I did. Only his skin was blue and he had no pupils in his eyes. "What's going on?", I asked it. It didn't reply and took me to a warehouse with random gadgets. He said that there was a castle with an overlord and about 100,000,000,000 guards and not to mention 100,000,000,000,000 prisoners who serve his every will; including acting as guards.

The nightmare wanted me to help him defeat the overlord and gave me some trash about being the chosen one or whatever. We grabbed some weapons and gathered a secret organization bent on killing the overlord. With weapons like swords, nuclear bombs, and rockets we were prepared to take down the overlord. The organization was made up of 5 people. Their codenames were 5, 4, 3, and 2. I was number 3. We began the attack the next morning!

The guards began to rapidly shoot machine guns all at the same time. We were able to withstand. But then a giant tiger came out of nowhere and killed number 5. "What the-- ?!" Number 2 attempted to throw a nuclear bomb in the tigers mouth but it failed to work! Number 2 was made short work of. This continued until only I was left. We had been defeated, the overlord had prevailed. But then, everything went haywire, and it was like multiple movies were coming to life! A cube fell into my hand and everything electrical became a transformer!! Ninjas came and went head to head with the transformers! The old man with the chainsaw also returned and fought multiple guards! It was TOO intense!

Bombs were dropping, robots were shooting, the tiger was slashing, and the overlord was safe throughout all this. I couldn't take it anymore, I was nearly killed over 10 times in the same minute! I took out all of my bombs and threw them onto the ground, everything EXPLODED!! Seconds before the continent was reduced to rubble, I managed to escape and took refuge on a small boat, but then yet another explosion occured and I was dead! Well uh... maybe not.

I awoke in the hospital. I had to find a way to get out of there and back to my world! As soon as I busted through the hospital room, multiple people began shooting at me! A nightmare jumped in front of me. I took his machine gun and slapped him over the head with it! I slid on the floor dodging bullets and shooting at the multiple nightmares!