Getting to "The Dentists Office"Edit

It all started as a normal day for George Derk. He continuously ate candies and sugary treets, unbeknownst that he would later go to the dentists office. Here's his story.

George pummeled into his closet! "Come on George!", his mother yelled from the background. "No! I hate the dentist!", George argued. "Come down here boy or I'm gonna put a world of hurtin' on ya!", George's mother threatened. "I said- Doowah!", George's mother dashed up the steps and lunged at him. "Gah!", George yelled as he pushed himself back in the closet. "Get over here!", his mother yelled. She grabbed his leg and tried to drag him out of the closet! George hung onto the railing, knowing that it would eventually break from the extreme presssure!

Suddenly, the railing popped off of the two ends and hurdled toward George's mother! "Whoa! This railins' wilin'!", his mother yelled! "Perfect!", George thought to himself. Meanwhile, downstairs. George's father was sitting down at the dinner table enjoying a nice cup of coffee, when suddenly, he hears a loud explosion like sound! "What the?!", George's father reacted to the abrupt sound! He dashed up the steps and into George's room, only to see George's fist pointed at his felled (on the ground) mother. Well, to make a long story short; George sat in the car traumatized and with a black eye.

At "The Dentists Office" Edit

George was thrown into the dentists room as the door slammed behind him. "Well, hello there George...", the dentist stated with a smirk. "Listen boahy! I don't want ya going in my mouth ya hear?!", George retorted. "I'm sorry George but it's my job.", the dentist explained. "Oh yeah?! Well hows this for a job!", George reached onto the desk and hurled a test tube at the dentist! The dentist ducked as blood from another patients mouth splattered onto the wall! "See?! That could be my blood! It's not happenin' mm-boahy!", George yelled. "That's it! Get in that chair ya little goyl!", the dentist rudely insulted. He lunged at George, trying to throw him into the chair! George threw yet another test tube at the dentist! This time, the blood from another patient broke and splattered onto his shirt! George then dashed out of the dentists office. "Get back here boahy!", the dentist threatened as he pursued George! George ran into the waiting room and acted as if he was hurt. "Ohh, the pain the agonizing pain!", George faked. "What happened", a nearby seated woman asked. Suddenly, all of the patients caught sight of the dentist rushing out with blood all over his shirt! "Twas him", George yelled dramatically fell to the ground. "Gasp~! You beast!", the woman yelled. "I'm callin' the cops!", another woman yelled. And thus, the dentist was falsly arrested.

George did this with all of his dentist until...

Attack of the Dentistry!?Edit

George was taking his everyday walk home. "Ah, what a beautiful day!", George exclaimed. Then, his friend whom he was walking home with said, "Actually it's thundering...". "Must you always ruin my moments", George retorted. Then, a shady car pulled up behind George and his unnamed friend. George turned around, only to see a hand gun emerging from the car! O_O!

The person in the car rapidly shot at George! George hastily ducked behind a tree, leaving his friend to die! Friend attempted to dash across the street, but the car sped up and hit Friend! The lifeless friend fell to the ground as an eerie presence got out of the car. George immediately recognized this man... it was... his former dentist! As George got ready to make a mad dash for the police station, another shady character appeared behind him and gave him a good punch to his head. George fell to the ground unconcious.

Dentist Unite to Destroy GeorgeEdit

George awoke to find himself tied up in a dentists office chair. "What the --?! Where am I?", George called out. Suddenly, a hand came and slapped George silly! "Shut it!", a familiar voice yelled. "What the --?! You shut--", another hand came and slapped George once again. "Didn't he say shut it!?", another familiar voice yelled. "Who are you?!", George frantically spoke. The lights slowly switched on to reveal 4 men in white scientist coats. "Remember me?", one of them said. "(gasp) Dr. Smidge?!", George gasped.

"And me?!", another man exclaimed. "Gasp, again! You?! Dr. Mert!?", George yelled in shock. "As well as me?!", another man yelled. "(gasp) Dr. Sham!?" "And me!", the final man yelled. "You!!! Dr. Derg!" "Yes, it is us, George. The ones who you sent to jail.", Dr. Smidge exclaimed. "It- it wasn't my fault I just-- Oof!", George was slapped by Dr. Sham. The chair fell to the ground and the ropes untied. This was George's chance to escape. He got up and made a mad dash for the exit. "End him!", Dr. Derg yelled. George looked behind him and saw Dr. Mert remove a machine gun from under his lab coat.

George attempted to run even faster! Dr. Mert, foaming from the mouth with revenge, rapidly shot at George! George jumped out of the way as multiple bullets flew past him! He fell on the ground again. Dr. Mert ran up even closer and began shooting at George on the ground! George rolled over as fast as he could, as bullets smashed into the ground right next to him! He jumped up and tackled Dr. Mert! With this, he was able to move his hand from the trigger and took the gun away from him. Dr. Sham ran at George to assist Dr. Mert!

An All out Brawl! Edit

George rapidly shot at Dr. Sham! Sham jumped out of the line of fire and grabbed the tip of the gun! George was unable to fire, as Dr. Sham removed a handgun and pointed it at George's head! George ducked as Sham fired and kicked the Dentist in the stomach! Dr. Sham fell back and George pointed both the machine and hand gun at Dr. Sham's head.

"You woudn't...", Sham threatened. Just as George was about to pull both triggers and end Dr. Sham for good, a shady figure came from behind George and held both of his arms back. "What?! Who are you!?", George asked in shock. He twisted his neck to look behind him, and it was noneother than Friend. A mindless looking Friend threw George onto the ground and pointed the machine gun at him. George jumped back, "What's wrong with you Friend?!" Friend didn't reply, he just stared at George with the machine gun ready to shoot.

Just then, Friend opened his mouth to reveal... BRACES!!! "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!", George yelled in horror. Friend began to rapidly shoot at George, but he ran at him and kicked the machine gun out of his hand. Friend slashed at George with a concealed pocket knife. George barely dodged as the knife slashed through half of his shirt, ripping it! Friend lunged forth the knife at George's face, but he grabbed it as the point was about to inject into his face! It was a life or death situation.

George grabbed the knife and threw it into the darkness! A loud smash was heard. And red liquid began protruding into the light. Dr. Mert's lifeless body fell into the light. "Grr! He's killed him, we must finish this!", Dr. Smidge yelled. George ran into the darkness! Dr. Smidge picked up the machine gun and rapidly shot into the darkness that George ran into. Another yell was heard, which slowly faded away. Then, Dr. Derg's lifeless body fell out from the shadows. George had escaped, or so he thought.

An Attempted Retreat Edit

George dashed tirelessly down the suburban street in an attempt to reach his home and call the police! But, as he crossed the street and made it onto his block, the same shady truck came driving at high speeds toward him! George turned around to see a handgun emerging from the darkness of the truck! The gun began to rapidly shoot!!

George dodged ferocious bullets as they smashed into the ground! He ran and jumped over a bullet coming from behind him! The shooter of the gun stuck their head out of the darkness of the truck, and it turned out to be noneother than Dr. Smidge, with the driver being Dr. Sham.

Finally, George made it into his house and ran inside. Dr. Smidge rapidly shot through the windows in hopes of hitting George somewhere along the line. In the front of George's house was a thin tree. When Smidge shot this tree, it caused it to fall into the street. "Darn, how are we going to get him now?", Dr. Sham asked. "Grr! I want that boy dead! And I will achieve my goal by any means necessary!", Dr. Smidge said angrily. "Sham! Use that tree as a ramp to get in the house.", Smidge commanded.

"But won't that either kill us or seriously injure us?", Dr. Sham asked. "Didn't I say by any means necessary?! Now do it!", Smidge yelled. Dr. Sham backed the truck up, and then drove it up the tree, using it as a ramp! George was currently looking out of the window, and caught sight of the truck bulleting right at his house! George quickly jumped out of the third rooms window as the truck crashed into the top of his house and exploded!!

George fell onto the front lawn as debris from his destroyed house fell onto the grass. He thought it was all over. That he could rest knowing that the attack of the dentistry was over. But...!!

A lone figure was seen in all the smoke. The figure emerged from the smoke, and it turned out to be Dr. Smidge with a gun in his hand!! He had cuts and bruises all over his body. And his clothes were ripped up and what not. George was horrified as Smidge pointed the gun at him.

The Final BattleEdit

Smidge began rapidly shooting but George rolled over, jumped up and kicked the gun out of Smidge's hand! It flew in the air as the two adversaries both reached up to catch it! But, Smidge kicked George into the tree and George fell back! Smidge caught the gun, but George quickly punched him in the stomach! Smidge bent over, holding his stomach in pain as George grabbed the gun from him and began firing. Smidge jumped to the side and dodged the bullets!

He ran at George and punched at him! George ducked and kicked at Smidge! Smidge jumped back and grabbed George's leg! He flipped him over and threw him to the ground! The gun fell out of reach for both of them, but Smidge was still standing and obtained the gun! George kicked Smidge in his neck but Smidge shot at George! George barely dodged the bullet as it ripped through the sleeve of his shirt! George tackled Smidge and prepared to punch him! But Smidge grabbed George's arm and smacked him with the gun!

George backed up a bit. He removed his hand from his face to find his lip bleeding profusely! Smidge held the gun at George's head and was ready to shoot him in cold blood. But, right before he did this, HE was shot down! Smidge fell lifeless to the ground. George looked up, and came face to face with the shooter. It was FRIEND!

Friends clothes were also burnt and torn slightly. Friend fell to the ground, unconcious from fatigue. Just then, the police arrived. The dentists were sent back to jail and George forged on with his normal everyday life:


Moral to the Story:

NEVER resist going to the Dentist.