Note to ReaderEdit

Hey there random reader! I, a close friend of J. Severe, have something quite important to explain to you before I start the story. For starters, everything that is stated in this story is completely true, and in no way have any fictional elements been thrown in. Got that? Good. Now go on and continue reading.


I hastily BURST out of the school doors as a bully followed in hot pursuit! "Gasp, gasp! I got to get out of here!", I frantically gasped. I turned around to see Bully edging closer. "I'm gonna get you!", he threatened. Bully lurched forth for me! I quickly rolled on the ground as Bully slid past me and turned around! "You think you can escape?", he asked, deviously. "No! No, please! NO!", I pleaded, backing away in fear. Bully jumped forward and punched at me! I hastily ducked and kicked---...

Huh? Oh, hey there reader. How're you liking the story so far? What? It's too intense? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Listen up folks, this story is just TOO intense to be read by any person who couldn't possibly handle such things so critical. So if some guy is brutally shot down in cold blood and/or mangled, and it's just too intense for you to read on, I suggest stop reading right now. There. I gave you a fair warning. Now, continue reading at your own risk.

Anyway, I hastily ducked and kicked Bully in the stomach! He fell back and flinched. I turned around to escape, but he grabbed my shoulder, turned me around and punched me in the face! I fell to the ground, my lip bleeding profusely! "Ugh... you beast!", I muttered, wiping the blood away. Showing no mercy, Bully picked me up by the collar and smacked me across the face! I flew back and crashed into a pole! "Ugh... please... no more!", I pleaded. "Too late...", Bully replied. He raised his fist to deliver the final blow. But just before he punched, I kicked Bully in the leg and he tripped on the ground next to me! I quickly punched him back down and got up to run away! But, Bully jumped up and tackled me to the ground! I punched him repeatedly but he rolled over and elbowed me in the stomach! I grabbed his arm and twisted it, but he swung me around and threw me into the pole yet again! I was on the verge of death. I jumped up and kicked Bully upside the head, he fell back and hit the ground. I kicked him while he was downed, but he grabbed my leg and twisted it until I heard a loud crack! "Waaaaah!", I yowled in pain. I fell to the ground as Bully staggered to his feet. Bully punched at me while I was on the ground, I rolled over and his fist hit the concrete! I kicked him in the face, but at the same time he punched me in the stomach! I was going head to head with him!

Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! That last paragraph just went beyond the borders of intensity, it was one of the most gruesome battles I've ever written. I just can't type anymore, that is, unless you want the computer to explode! Nope, I just can't take the risk. I guess I'll just have to skip to the part where he escapes the bloody brawl and barely makes it home. So let's start right here.

I jumped out of the street as the two cars collided and exploded behind me! "No! NO! NOOOO....", Bully screamed as he was pulled into the explosion. Those were his final words, he was dead... I was exhausted, I had just been brutally beaten by a Bully and in the end, he was killed by a freak accident. What a coincidence. These days, all of my enemies are killed by freak accidents. Why just last week I---, never mind. I staggered to my feet and looked around, everyone was too shocked by the giant explosion that just occured in the street and the entire street being up in flames to notice what really happened - so it looked like no one had noticed that it was my fault. I turned around, picked up my charred backpack, and limped up the street to my house. Soon, I got home and walked into the door to see my whole family sitting at the table. "Why hiya [NARRATOR'S NAME INHELD], how was your day?", Mom asked. "Uh... it was fine. Just another normal day.", I replied, shifting my eyes to the side. "Why are your clothes all ripped up as if you were in a fight for life or death?", Dad asked. "Well you see I... I fell.", I lied. "You fell?", Dad asked, disgusted. "Yep, fell." "Your lip is bleeding profusely, you fell and that happened?", Mom asked. "Uh... yeah.", I replied. "Who cares about his lip, today's Christmas Eve!", Little Brother interrupted. "Shut cho' mouth, boahy! Christmas Eve is just a myth.", Bigger Brother scolded. "What? No it isn't! Santa Clause is real and you know it! You're just an idiot!", Little Brother argued. "No I'm not! Your an idiot to believe that "Santa Clause is REAL!", Bigger Brother isulted. "What's the use of this? Santa may be real, and he may not. We'll never know.", I mediated. "Shutup, you idiot! Santa's not real!", Bigger Brother yelled. "Yes he is!", Little Brother argued. "No he isn't!", Bigger Brother replied. "Yes... he... IS!", Little Brother yelled, foaming from the mouth! "That's it! Raaaaah!", Bigger Brother yelled, swiping ferociously at Little Brother! "Whoa! Calm down, son!", Dad yelled. "This fool thinks Santa's real.", Bigger Brother explained. "He is real isn't he Dad!", Little Brother asked. "Yeah, tell him Dad. Tell him if Santa's real or not!", Bigger Brother added. "Uh... Ah blee blah, shee dah dee dah!", Dad replied. "What?", everyone asked. "Never mind.", Dad said.

And so it came that it was soon time to go to sleep on this "Christmas Eve," Little Brother planned to prove Santa was real when the presents were under the tree the next morning. I, on the other hand, chose to do more interesting things like go on the computer. Bigger Brother just... well... did whatever the heck he did. Mom and Dad went to bed, and so did the rest of the house.

What Happened on Christmas Eve - Pt. 1Edit

I was sleeping... sleeping quite peacefully. Ah, sleep. It's a wonderous thing. When you're laying down in some random bed, drooling on a pillow as you dream about... well, whatever the heck people dream about these days. Whether you're dreaming about skipping through a field of daisy's or jumping out of a building as it explodes behind you, everyone dreams about something. But anyway, enough of my mindless talk. I was sleeping, see? But then, my sleep was interrupted, see? By these sounds, see? Uh... m-maybe I should stop saying "see." N-never mind.

The point is, I was sleeping. But then, my sleep was suddenly interrupted. CREAK! I was hearing these sounds. Strange creaking sounds, as if something were lurking in the darkness. Let me remind you that it was Christmas Eve. But let me also remind you that I sure as heck don't believe in Santa Claus, *shifts eyes to the side.* But just imagine it, it's Christmas Eve and you're hearing strange "creaking" sounds downstairs. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here. Either some murderous maniac was creeping around in my house, or Santa was real. So I decided to check it out. But just in case, I grabbed my skateboard. Who knows? I may have had to BASH someone over the head with it. CREAK! There it was again. I slowly edged into the darkness, toward the steps. I was sweating profusely, shivers rumbled throughout my spine. I could feel the tension rising, and biting me in my legs as I stepped down each stair. Okay, maybe I'm being a little too dramatic here. But I'm serious kid, this was some crazy stuff.

I got downstairs and glanced over at the Christmas Tree. After staring intently for a few seconds, I noticed a shady figure lurking around in the darkness. "What the heck?...", I thought to myself. I could see the figure somewhat clearly, becuase... he was wearing red. O_O

I edged even closer up behind him. Not only was he wearing red, but he was fat too. And when I say fat, I mean FAT! No matter what, I didn't stop creeping toward him. Eventually, I found myself right behind the figure. I waited... then, he turnt around! "What the--- ?!", I stammered. The figure had a white beard, that was shining as if he'd just polished it. Glasses that glimmered from the street lights. It was him... it was Santa Clause.

What Happened on Christmas Eve - Pt. 2Edit

"Whoa!", Santa exclaimed, jumping backward in surprise. "Whoa!", I exclaimed as well, shocked at who was standing before me. "Who the heck are you?", Santa asked. "Aren't you supposed to know who ALL the children in the world are, genius?", I retorted. "Well excuse me for being over 300 years old! My memories going, okay?!", Santa argued. "W-whatever. What are you doing here?", I asked. "What do you think?! I'm Santa Clause!", Santa replied. "Oh yeah.", I realized. "You left me coal, didn't you?" "Uh... yep. Kid's who don't believe in me always get coal.", Santa explained. "Dang it.", I lamented. "What's with the skateboard, kid?", Santa asked. "Uh... well I was fitting to BASH someone over the head with it.", I said. "What the--- ?! Not me, right?", Santa asked again, backing away. "Well of course not. Do you really think I'd be dumb enough to bash Santa over the head with a skateboard?", I replied. "Hey, you never know.", Santa said. "Anyway, I've got to get out of here. Let's see now, oh, just 7000 more houses to get to! Yippee!", Santa said, sarcastically. "Can I come too?", I asked. "Well I don't really do this kind of thing. Beside my reindeer, I ride solo kid.", Santa explained. "Come on, please? How often does a kid get to say he delivered presents alongside Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?", I pleaded. "No one." "Exactly, I want to be the first.", I inquired. "Eh, what have I got to lose. It saves my fat self a lot of spare time to eat some cookies.", Santa agreed. "But wait, I wanted to eat the cookies.", I argued. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!", Santa yelled. "NOBODY, eats the cookies. But me." "Fine.", I mutttered.