Random Girl

A random girl. That's literally her name: Random Girl.

Random Girl is one of Random Kid's best friends and a friendly ally of J. Severe. She is a major editor on the Stories and Info Wiki. Random Girl also looks similar to May (Middle School Kids), but an obviously difference is the shape of their hair.


Random Girl is not really her real name, she just dubbed herself that after having a huge crush on Random Kid for unknown reasons (as seen in the SIW's ¼ Year Anniversary Special.) Her real name is unknown to all, but some believe it either starts with T or C. But it was revealed when she gave J.Severe and Random Kid a hint of her real name in which she said began with either J, S, A, or N. Mysterious O_O...

Anyways, Random Kid J.Severe met Random Girl at the aftermath of the ¼ Year Anniversary Special. They were simply cleaning up when Random Girl busted into the studio. "What the!? Who are you?!", J.Severe yelled startled. "It's me! Random Girl!!", Random Girl shouted. "Gah! You! What're you doing here!?", Random Kid said. "Random Kid I saw your reaction when you read my letter! How dare you!", Random Girl yelled. "Did you see that thing?! I couldn't read something so foolish it's-", "Shutup!", Random Girl interrupted! "I challenge you to a Story writing Contest!!", Random Girl foolishly stated. "What?! You fool!! I accept your challenge and I'll pummel you to the ground goyl", Random Kid said.

A few days later...

"And the winner is! Random Girl?!!", J.Severe yelled. "Yes! Now you have to let me let hang out with you guys and let me help out on the wiki", Random Girl said. "What that wasn't in the agreement!", Random Kid argued. "Oh well, I can still hang out with you guys!", Random Girl said. And from then on, Random Girl was forever apart of Random Kid and J.Severe's lives sadly. Eventually, they started to take a liking to her accompanying and she became a good friend of the two.

It is said in the Random Kid's Identity Revealed?! story that Random Girl's parents are very rich and own multiple private jets, in which Random Kid destroyed the one her father let them borrow. But, that's his fault. If you give someone who's going on a deadly mission an expensive private jet, don't expect it to be returned in one piece... I suppose there is no real Random Girl life story considering she didn't write one. Yes, I'm sure you're wondering how the heck she could beat Random Kid in a story writing contest and she can't even write a life story, but, perhaps everything is not what it seems... O_O.


  • Random Girl has a huge crush on Random Kid, but it is obvious that Random Kid does not like her that way back.
  • Random Girl is actually an editor on SIW, believe it or not. She also has had some brief talks on blogs of this wiki too.

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