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"I'm telling you Random Girl it was completely epic!", Random Kid exhilerated. "The fate of the two wikis hung in the balance", yelled J.Severe.

A year of peace had passed since Random Kid and J.Severe had first become friends and created the Stories and Info Wiki. Many events had passed since then including many stories being written. Stories and Info Wiki had just had it's fictional story The 100th Article Special completed and posted up on the wiki. Today, Random Kid and J.Severe were explaining to there new friend, Random Girl, about the intensity of the web war.

"Both SIW and JSW were brought to the brink of extinction!", Random Kid explained. "But luckily we were there to fend for them.", J.Severe added. "Okay guys, I get it! The profoundness was almost too much for you to handle!", Random Girl replied. "Precisely! Twas too overwhelming for any "normal" kid to handle!", J.Severe yelled. "But don't forget J.Severe, I'm not any normal kid, I'm "Random Kid".

(cool music plays as opening credits show)

Middle School

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation for the three 12 year old friends. It looked as though it was going to go back to normal, with Stories and Info Wiki only being able to be edited on the weekends. Wasn't good though, A. Louis was still out there and he wanted revenge...

Last Week

J.Severe was simply doing some research on the Stories and Info Wiki when suddenly, he sees that he has a new message on the Joel Severe Wiki. He goes to read it, unknown of the danger that will befall him once he reads it. The following message was left on J.Severe's talk page.

Dear, J.Severe

U piece of trash! U think you can escape from the wrath of me. U just watch yo! I'ma get you back and take you out, k?! Watch ya back!

Signed, hated-ly

~A. Louis

"Impossible! A. Louis, my foolish cousin has returned", J.Severe panicked. He quickly called Random Kid's number. "Hello?", Random Kid answered the phone. "Random Kid! A. Louis, he's back!", J.Severe yelled. "What?! A. Louis?! How is that even-", Random Kid yelled. Suddenly, Random Kid heard a bleep, twas Random Girl calling he and J.Severe for permission to edit a story on Stories and Info Wiki. "Hello?", both Random Kid and J.Severe answered. "Hey guys! What a surprise, you're both on the phone.", Random Girl taunted. "Random Girl! We have no time for your utmost foolishness!", Random Kid scolded. "Precisely! A. Louis has returned and he's out for revenge!", J.Severe added.

"A. Louis... Why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, that's the guy from the Web War you were telling me about the other day.", Random Girl said. "Correction. That "fool" from the Web War and secondly, yes him! He's back!", Random Kid corrected. "So, what's the big deal? He's just one person.", said Random Girl trying to be laid back. "Are you mad?! That tween has too much power for his age!", J.Severe yelled. "How much damage can one guy do to such small wikis?", Random Girl asked.

"Okay. First of all, SIW and JSW are NOT small, they each have over 50 articles. Second of all, must I show you the damage he's done?!", Random Kid said. "Yes! The guy means business! You can just tell by the slang in his message. I mean, "U", how foolish! And putting "K", when he really means, okay", J.Severe said. "Okay okay, so how do we stop him?", Random Girl asked. "Well, I suppose you can warn your mother again J.Severe", Random Kid suggested. "But technically, he hasn't done anything "wrong" yet. It's not like he put curses or anything.", J.Severe replied.

"You're right. We've got to find a way to stop this guy before he does some serious damage to our internet reputations", Random Kid explained. "I still don't think this guy could do "that" much damage", Random Girl said once again. "Listen closely Random Girl. You are a fool. Okay? If you aren't frightened by every single movement that maniac makes, there's something wrong with you", J.Severe insulted Random Girl over the phone. "He's right Random Girl. I wasn't afraid of him either when we first met... but when he came after Stories and Info Wiki, I thought it was all over.", Random Kid added. "But! I'm sure he's not powerful enough to defeat all three of us... is he?", Random Girl said. "Finally you've come to your senses Random Girl", Random Kid said. "No, if we work together and try to bring him down simultaneously, perhaps he'll have no chance."

"Okay, now that we've gotten that planned out, we must hang up quickly.", J.Severe said. "For all we know he could be listening to this whole conversation", Random Kid replied. "Well, I suppose this is goodbye my good friends who-", Random Girl started and then heard something that sounded like a phone being put on a hook. "Uhh..."

At School

Random Kid walked into the school building, he spotted J.Severe a few feet away. "Why hey there Severe!", Random Kid shouted across as he wakled over to J.Severe. In his path was a 16 year old teenager. "Excuse me sir", Random Kid tried to walk past the teen. But the teen purposely stuck his leg out, causing Random Kid to fall to the ground! "Oops!", the teen taunted. Random Kid got up and shook his fist at the trouble-making teen. "Listen boahy! I don't know who you are, but your- oof!", Random Kid was punched in the stomach by the teen! "Shutup little boahy!", the teen spoke. J.Severe rushed over to assist. "Random Kid, you okay?!", J.Severe yelled. The teen lunged at J.Severe! In seeing this, J.Severe jumped backward, dodging the lunge!

"You fool! You could've killed me!", J.Severe scolded. The teen was prepared to give J.Severe a sandwich that he wouldn't think tasted very good, a knuckle sandwich to be precise. As the teen was winding up his arm to punch the life out of J.Severe, the Principal, Mr. Backerd, came walking down the hallway. Random Kid got up from writhing in pain on the ground and made a hasty retreat, as did the teen and J.Severe! Random Kid dashed into the lunchroom, as the teen ran into the mens bathroom. J.Severe also made his way into the lunchroom.

"I barely survived J.Severe. I tried to give him a warning but he struck me down!", Random Kid loathed. "Well at least we escaped on the bright side.", J.Severe reassured. "But we still have 10 months to bump into that maniac again, and I don't think we'll make it out alive after that...", Random Kid replied. "Hmm. Very true. Hey I wonder where Random Girl would be at this time", J.Severe asked himself. "She could be late, like always. Or just somewhere else", Random Kid said. Coincidentally, Random Girl showed up with a breakfast tray right then and there. "Hey guys. I heard my name", she said. "Well, technically that's not your real name", Random Kid corrected. "Like Random Kid is your real name", Random Girl retorted. "Listen Random Girl! If anyone were to ever figure out my REAL name, it'd be the end of all that is truth! All that is justice ya hear me?!", Random Kid yelled. "Well, none of our real names are what we type. Why my real name is actually-", "Shut yo mouth!! I told you our names are NOT EVER to be revealed!", Random Kid yelled.

And so, the 3 kids went on to encountering their first day of Middle School (in which was combined with a high school)...

Eventually, the day in which Stories and Info Wiki could be edited came, Friday...

The Team Strikes

Random Kid dashed into his house and quickly jumped onto the computer to do some much needed editing to SIW. As always, he called J.Severe and Random Girl to converse about the editing of the wikis. "Hello?", J.Severe answered the phone. Random Girl also answered. "Hey guys, I'm now on the computer doing some editing to the home page", Random Kid said. "Aren't we supposed to be planning a way to stop this A. Louis person", Random Girl suggested. "You're right. I almost forgot that he left me that threatening message", J.Severe replied. "Hm... speaking of messages it looks like I have a new one", Random Kid said. "Perhaps it's from that foolish cousin of J.Severe's", Random Girl said. "We'll see."

Random Kid read the message out loud.

Yo Stupid Kid! Yeah, datz right! Itz me, A. Louis! I'm gonna get both of yall includin' the ugly girl thats a friend too! Yall think ya wikis is cool! U betta think again boahy! "I'm gonna take both yall wikis down to the ground k?! Watch, no ones gonna even go to them anymore! Ferb11 Wiki Rulezz!!!!!

Signed, Revenge Wridden-ly

Ya worst nightmare!

"What the?!", Random Kid blurted out. "What happened Random Kid?", J.Severe panicked. "It's A. Louis! He's coming after the wikis!", Random Kid replied. "What?! That beast!", J.Severe yelled. "I was thinking the same thing! Hasn't that fool learned his leason from the last time!?", Random Kid angrily said. "Well, guys. Maybe we could go to this guy's house and question his intelligence.", Random Girl suggested. "What's the point. If he's threatening us, that just proves he has no intelligence", Random Kid replied. "And even so, he lives in Florida, how are we going to get all the way down there?", J.Severe questioned. "I think you guys are forgetting that my parents are filthy rich", Random Girl answered. "Well if their riches are anywhere near as filthy as A. Louis' language, then there should be no problem", J.Severe said. "Then pack your bags guys. We're heading to Florida", Random Girl said trying to be cool (yet it did sound pretty cool).

"Why would we need to pack bags, we're going to give some guy a piece of our minds not hang out on the beach", Random Kid retorted. "Although that would be nice...". "Okay, we leave at 5 PM sharp today! Let's meet up at my house.", Random Girl commanded. "Why your house?", J.Severe asked. "My parents are the ones with the private jet!", Random Girl replied. "Okay, get ready guys, this could be one of the most critical adventures of our lives", Random Kid said. "Well, goodbye for now", Random Girl said. They all hung up the phone.

The Private Jet

Random Kid quickly got himself prepared to head down to one of the warmest states in United States. He was heading for the door when his father asked "Where are you going?". "Uhh, well. Let's just say I'm going to pay a visit to my worst enemy!", Random Kid replied. "Why would you be-", "Please don't ask, it's a long story. All I could say is, the Web War is even more crucial this time.", Random Kid interrupted. He then dashed out of the door and down the street to Random Girl's house. "Web War?...", his father was completely dumbfounded. Random Kid busted into Random Girl's house, only to see she and her family eating dinner! "What the?!", her father yelled. "Who's this clown?!", Random Girl's mother turned to Random Girl.

Just then, J.Severe came running into the doorway with a seemingly heavy bag. "Who are these people and why are they meandering into our house", Random Girl's father yelled. "Well, you see Dad. There's this guy named A. Louis and-", "Oh what the heck! We need a private jet... with a pilot I might add.", Random Kid interrupted. "What?! And why should I let you-", "Listen here! The fate of two of the greatest wikis out there rests in your private jet! Please!", J.Severe interrupted also. "Yep. Exactly what they said, Dad. Stories and Info Wiki and Joel Severe Wiki need one of your private jets", Random Girl completed. Her father sat silently...

"... did you just say Stories and Info Wiki, and Joel Severe Wiki?...", her father said quietly. "Um, yes...", Random Girl replied. Suddenly, her father's face lit up like a light bulb! "Those ARE the two greatest wikis out there! Wait! You mean, you're Random Kid and J.Severe?!!", her father exhilerated. "Uh, yeah...", Random Kid replied. Random Girl's father jumped up from his seat and rushed up a few steps. They all just stood there trying to figure out what the heck just happened. Then, he poked his head down and said "Come on! SIW and JSW are in trouble! You think I'm just gonna sit here while the two wikis I do research and read stories on are in a quagmire?! Let's go!", he then ran back up the steps!

"Let's go guys!", Random Kid said. Random Kid, J.Severe, and Random Girl, quickly ran up the steps following Random Girl's father! They hastedly followed Random Girl's father into a narrow stairway leading to the roof of their mansion. Once there, her father showed them a fine assortment of jets. From big to small, silver to gold.

"Here are the finest assortment of quality air mobiles. You could choose anyone you would think suits you three.", Random Girl's father said. "Hmm, quite interesting...", J.Severe thought. "Oh come on already! Just give us anyone of them with a pilot! SIW isn't gonna save itself you know", Random Kid hopped into the closest considerabley medium sized jet. "There really is no reason to ride in style, we're going on a life threatening mission here.", J.Severe said. "That's right now get in!", Random Girl yelled as she jumped inside the middle door. "Well, see ya...", J.Severe followed Random Girl inside. "Very well then. Charles! I am in need of your assistance", Random Girl's father called out. A tuxedo'd butler walked over to his side. "Yes, master?", he replied in a butler-like proper voice. "Charles, if you would be so kind as to lead these children in a jet ride down to the state of Florida", her father commanded. "Yes, master. One question, what part of this so called Florida shall I take them to", Butler questioned. Random Girl's father closed one eye and yelled "You questionin' my authorization boahy?!". "Why no master I'm merely asking a simple question", Butler said calmly. "How should I know!? Just get them to Florida!".

Butler sulked and walked into the jet. "(sigh) Is everyone set?", Butler asked. "Yep", they all replied. "Good, because I don't think you'll be coming back alive". "What?!", Random Kid, J.Severe, Random Girl, and her father all yelled. "Oh nothing, don't mind me I'm just an unstable suicidal lunatic is all...", Butler replied. "...oh...kay. Let's go please.", Random Kid said. Butler booted up the plane and they took off, Florida in minds. He went to the left, flying over the Atlantic Ocean. "Uh, Butler? Why didn't you just go straight, we still could've made it to Florida.", Random Girl asked. "Yes, but where's the fun in that? I'm retiring after this and I hope to have some fun on this trip, as it will be my last.", Butler replied. "What do you mean "retiring", you're only 32 years old and you already don't make enough money to retire", Random Girl said. "Who said I was going to retire the "right" way?", Butler said with a devious smirk. "Butler? You okay?". "Why of course, but are you?...", Butler said with yet another devious smirk. "Uh...huh... (weirdo)", Random Girl thought to herself. She went back into the mid section of the jet where Random Kid and J.Severe were sitting.

"So J.Severe what's in that bag anyway", Random Kid asked. "I brought my laptop, with A. Louis out for revenge we can't just leave our wikis unattended.", J.Severe replied."I see. Good idea. Let's go to the Stories and Info Wiki right now.", Random Kid suggested. "But first, we must go to the Joel Severe Wiki.", J.Severe stated. "What do you mean?! We HAVE to check the Stories and Info Wiki!", Random Kid argued. "What! You crazy boahy?! The Joel Severe Wiki is way more important!", J.Severe retorted. "You fool! Stories and Info Wiki actually has STORIES that people can enjoy!", Random Kid yelled. "Your wiki just has", "Guys! We're supposed to be checking the wikis here!", Random Girl calmed the two. "Rock, paper, scissors then", Random Kid said. "Rock Paper Scissors says shoot!", they both yelled. Random Kid chose scissors while J.Severe chose rock! "Gah! Darn it! I always lose at this game! It's an unfair advantage!", Random Kid said. "Well technically, there can be no "advantages" in such a game.", Random Girl said.

"Okay fine. Check the Joel Severe Wiki then.", Random Kid said. "Thank you!", J.Severe replied. The 3 checked the two wikis and found that no harm was done. "Perhaps he's just waiting for us to let our guard down", Random Girl thought. "No. A. Louis isn't one to wait easily. There has got to be some motive to his scheme", J.Severe said. "Hm. Could he possibly know we're coming and is going to try to take us then and there.", Random Kid said. "That would be like him. And after he's taken us out he's probably going to try to rule SIW and JSW with an iron fist!", J.Severe stated. "Then we can't be snared into his devious traps", Random GIrl said. "He could be even more dangerous then before."

A few half hours into the flight, Random Girl noticed that the plane started to shift downward, yet they were still over water. "What is Butler doing up there?", Random Kid asked himself. "Somebody better go check on Butler", J.Severe said. Random Kid went into the front of the plane, only to see Butler purposely shifting the jet down. "Uhh, Butler what are you doing?", Random Kid questioned. Butler turned around with a crazy smile on his face! "Ha ha! Didn't I tell you this would be my last trip!?", Butler yelled. "What are you-?! Wait don't tell me!", Random Kid had a flashback of earlier.


"Oh nothing, don't mind me I'm just an unstable suicidal lunatic is all...", Butler replied.


Random Kid opened his eyes widely to the discovery. He slapped Butler upside his head trying to get him to come to his senses! "The fate of two of the greatest wikis on the web is at risk and you're trying to commit suicide!?", an angered Random Kid yelled. The plane suddenly began to go straight down! Butler turned around again. "That's not my problem!", Butler yelled as he lunged at Random Kid. Random Kid backed up into the mid section as Butler grabbed the nearest parachute and tossed it out of the open doorway! Wind blew in everywhere! "What the?!", J.Severe and Random Girl yelled as they got up. "We've gotta get out of here!", Random Kid yelled. J.Severe packed his laptop into the bag and ran to look for another parachute. Meanwhile, Butler lunged at Random Kid and Random Girl. "Butler what's wrong with you?!", Random Girl yelled unknowingly. "How can you not know that your own butler is a suicidal maniac?!", Random Kid snapped.

J.Severe dug through the boxes for a parachute! "Found one!", he yelled. But there was only one! J.Severe had the choice of a lifetime. Was he to save his friends about to be killed? Or was he going to cling to life like a cowardly scum?! J.Severe made his decision! He strapped the parachute to his back and made a mad dash to RK and RG! "Grab on!", he yelled to Random Kid and Random Girl as he ran past them, tackling Butler and releasing the parachute! RK and RG each got ahold of the string as J.Severe dashed out of the jet along with the other 3!

The 3 friends along with Butler were thrusting down out of the plane! But, J.Severe made one slight miscalcullation! The falling jet was right under the 4 of them! Random Kid and Random Girl hung onto the threads of the clothed parachute as the jet suspended right over them! "AAAAHHH!!!", Random Girl yelled in a girly voice!

Suddenly, out of nowhere! The cloth on the parachute ripped in half! The jet above them burst into flames as the back engine exploded from air pressure! It was too intense!!! The 4 civillians were sent hurdling down to the waters below as an exploding airplane fell right above them! It was all over! They were shot into the ocean like bullets from a gun as the blazing plane fell into the ocean missing them by an inch!

Random Kid, J.Severe, and Random Girl tried desperately to swim up to the brink of the water as Butler stayed in the water to face his unsightly death. The 3 popped up from the invigorating ocean. "(gasp) What are we going to do?!", J.Severe gasped. "(gasp) I don't (gasp) know! I didn't expect Butler (gasp) to be suicidal.", Random Kid replied. But where was Random Girl in all this commotion. J.Severe spotted her swimming west of them. Then, something caught J.Severe's eye. It looked like a beach of some sort. Why, it was Florida! "Random Kid! Florida!", J.Severe pointed in the direction. Random Kid and J.Severe began swimming in Random Girl's and the Florida beach's direction.


The three washed up onto the beach. J.Severe looked up to observe the scenery and figure out where their current location is. "What the?", J.Severe reacted to seeing random people in bathing suits running around. Random Girl stood up. "Well, it IS a beach ya know", Random Girl retorted. Random Kid let out a worried sigh. "What's wrong, Random?", J.Severe asked. "Look at us! We have no idea where the heck we are, J.Severe, your laptop's ruined so we can't check if A. Louis did anything devious. And, furthermore, we don't know where A. Louis even is!", Random Kid complained.

"Random Kid, aren't you forgetting that the guy's my cousin. We could simply ask someone where we are and calcullate the distance between here and A. Louis' location.", J.Severe stated. "Well then what are we waiting for?!", Random Kid yelled. "Let's go!". "But wait, where's Random Girl?", J.Severe asked. They looked around, only to see that Random Girl was over at a desk renting a hiking staff. "Well, she's surely anxious to give A. Louis what's coming to him.". "In the mean time, let's ask someone where we are", Random Kid said. They walked on the sandy beach looking for someone who looked polite enough to tell them where they were. They went up to a lady sunbathing near the water. "Hello Miss, can you please tell us where we are.", J.Severe asked.

"Yo no hablo Inglés", she replied. "Excuse me!?", J. Severe said thinking it was an insult. "She's speaking spanish J. Severe", Random Kid replied. "Don't worry, I took a little bit-a-spanish in my years. Allow me to handle this.", Random Kid gloated. "Erm, Es un pedazo gordo de basura.", Random Kid spoke! "(gasp!) ¡Cómo atrévasele! ", she yelled and slapped Random Kid across his face! Random Kid fell into the water! She then stomped off. "Guh... What just happened?", Random Kid asked confused and laying on the sand. "Um, you called her a "fat piece of trash", then she slapped you and said "How dare you!", J. Severe replied.

Brawl on the Beach!

The lady ran over to some kid who looked like he could be about one year older than the three. "¡Deseo que vaya golpe que chico arriba!", she yelled at him. Translation: "I want you to go blow that boy up!" "Pero mamá, yo estoy haciendo algo!", the boy replied. Translation: "But Mom, I'm doing something!" The mother proceeded to yell at the boy until the boy got angry at RK and JS for causing his mother to bother him. Meanwhile, Random Kid and J. Severe were looking around for someone else to ask when suddenly--

The boy came out of nowhere from behind and punched J. Severe to the ground! "What the-- ?!", Random Kid yelled in shock! He kicked at Random Kid as Random Kid blocked the kick and jumped back! "This dude is wilin'!", Random yelled. The boy lunged at Random Kid but Random Kid dodged! The boy turned around and pushed Random Kid into the water, AGAIN! He tried to stomp on Random but Random Kid rolled and dodged the stomp! Random Girl, who had just purchased a stick to beat A. Louis half to death with, spotted Random Kid about to be finished! Just as the boy ws going to give Random Kid a blow so hard, Random Girl ran up and smashed the boy in his back with the stick!!! The boy fell to the ground and cried out, "Hermano y hermanas!". Translation: Brother's and sister's!

Suddenly, 3 boys about the same age came and began to beat J.Severe onto the ground! Two girls, appeared and attacked Random Girl! She was able to block the first hit with the stick, but the second kick came unexpectedly and hit Random Girl right in the stomach! Random Kid jumped up and punched one of the boys! The brother kicked at Random, but he ducked and gave a kick to the chin! J.Severe pushed the original attacker into his brother as Random Kid picked up the feld stick and smashed them with it, breaking it in the process! Another brother, came from behind and put Random Kid in a head lock! "Gah!", Random Kid yelled in distress. Random Girl, stumbled up, angry as ever! She kneed the 2nd sister in the ribs and scratched her face! The skin ripped as blood splattered everywhere!

The injured sister fell into the water, seemingly unconcious! While the other sister grabbed a giant umbrella and headed for Random Girl! Random Girl turned around and snatched the umbrella, ready to hit the sister as hard as she could with it! The sister left behind her siblings and made a hasty retreat off of the beach, along with one of her brothers! The three had won the brawl. But, Random Girl wasn't done yet! She threw the umbrella like a spear at the two! The launched umbrella shot through a bakery window as bystander's called the police!

The three brothers whom were left got up ready to fight some more! But suddenly, the police showed up and began to shoot multiple times in the air to show that they ment business! But, the bullets came right back down as fast as they were shot up, and bashed into the sands of the beach! Dust and debris scattered as bullets came flying down, shooting in random places! Everyone panicked and began to rush off of the beach! Random Kid saw this as a chance to also make a hasty retreat, so the three made their way hastily off of the beach and into the city, still unbeknownst of where they were!

Principal; Second Encounter

"So... what should we do now?", Random Girl asked. "Well, I know that I don't wanna give A. Louis what's comin' to him on an empty stomach. Maybe we should get something to eat.", J.Severe replied. "Good idea. But we still don't even know where we are?", Random Kid said. "Well, I'm guessing we're on Miami Beach", Random Girl said. "How do you figure that?", Random Kid asked confused. "Judging from that sign up there... ", "Okay, but where are we going to eat?", J.Severe interrupted. "Why what a coincidence, there's a red lobster down the road", Random Kid stated. "Don't remind me. I'm so-- hungry", J.Severe complained. "No, I mean there's an actual Red Lobster restaurant down the road", Random Kid corrected. "Well we have no time to lose let's go!", J.Severe yelled.

A few minutes later...

"What the heck do you mean we can't get seats! Do you know who we are boahy?!", Random Kid argued. " I'm terribly sorry young man, but we cannot give seats to minors", the waitor calmly explained. "Rah!", Random Kid jumped over the table and had attemted to lunge at the waitor, but was held back by J.Severe! The manager then came out of the door... The trio met eyes with the manager... Random Kid and J.Severe immediately recognized this man... he was... the former Principal of Aerolin Elementary School, RK and JS' old school...

Quoted from Captain Underpants--
Instantly, the mood shifted. Everyone who watched stood back. The air crackled with tension. The showdown of the century was about to begin! The SIW trio would soon engage in a historic battle with the former Principal of Aerolin Elementary. Never before had they encountered such a powerful for! Head to head, toe to toe, eye to eye! They were pitted against someone with the utmost power. They had met their match. Twas' to be the ultimate smackdown! An all out war! The brawl to end all brawls! The definite clash between good and evil! The momentous confrontation of the most critical battle this world and other worlds have ever seen, just by the meeting of the eyes!!

Everything was silent. Then, the first words were spoken... "Excuse me. Can someone get me a knife, I think I need to cut one a lobster open", the former Principal spoke. He was given the knife. Everything was silent once again. The Principal looked at the knife, and then at the lobsters, and then at Random Kid. Suddenly, he hurled the knife at Random Kid!!! Random, in seing this coming, Random Kid pulled a tray and blocked the knife with it!

The Principal ran up to the three! He punched at J.Severe, but J.Severe jumped up and kicked him! He grabbed J.Severe's leg and tossed him through the lobster tank! Random Kid threw the tray at the Principal but he blew it away with his arm! Pieces of it flung at nearby Random Girl! She ducked on the ground! "Who is this guy?!!!??", she yelled confused. "Let's just say we have history", Random Kid hastily yelled as he tackled the Principal! The Principal tried to FLIP Random Kid over but just in time, J.Severe ran and punched him in the stomach! "Gah! I'm gonna KILL you kids!", the principal yelled as he hurled a trash can at Random Kid and J.Severe! They jumped out of the way but the Principal grabbed a shard of broken glass and sliced Random Kid in the back! He then kicked Random into J.Severe! J.Severe jumped over Random Kid and threw a wild swing at the Principal! The Principal dodged and kicked at J.Severe! J.Severe blocked it with his knee and jumped back! He repeatedly threw shards of broken glass at the Principal! Suddenly, Random Girl dahsed out of the restaurant and took refuge in the deli across the street!

"What the!? Isn't she gonna-- AAHH!!", the Principal punched J.Severe in the stomach! Random Kid ran and kicked the Principal in the stomach! The Principal punched at Random Kid but he ducked and uppercutted the Principal's chin! The Principal lunged for Random Kid's neck but J.Severe got up and punched him in the face! The Principal spun around and sidekicked both RK and JS! Random Kid flew into the kitchen as J.Severe fell onto the ground! The Principal followed Random Kid! Random Kid got up just in time as the principal grabbed a knife and lunged! Random Kid pushed a chef out of the way and grabbed a knife of his own!

Principal slashed at Random Kid but Random Kid blocked with his knife! Principal then stabbed at Random Kid! But he jumped back and tossed multiple glass plates at Principal! Principal slashed through the glass plates and jumped toward Random Kid! "Give up Boy!", he yelled. "Never!", Random Kid slashed the Principal! Principal merely dodged it by an inch, it ripped across his shirt! He threw his knife at Random Kid! Random Kid, jumped to the side as the knife went straight through the gas tank, causing a raging flame to blaze! "Waahh!", Random tried to escape but Principal attempted to tackle him into the flames! Random Kid jumped over Principal but Principal grabbed his leg and smashed him into the oven! Outside of the kitchen, J.Severe got up and tossed flamable liquid into the kitchen, unbeknownst that Random Kid was still in there! The oven burst into flames as Random Kid jumped off and bounced off of the cabinet! Suddenly, the liquid caught on fire, thus causing the gas to meet with it and-- BOOM! Red Lobster exploded into a burst of flames and smoke!!! Random Kid, J.Severe, and Principal were sent hurdling through the windows (shattering them), as the restaurant behind them blew to bits! All civillians ran! J.Severe landed unconcious on the side of the road as Random Kid and Principal fell into the middle of the street! Principal quickly got up and lunged for Random, who was still trying to recover on the ground! Random Kid rolled over and stood up to punch Principal! Utencils came flying out of the Fire Red Lobster and ironically, a knife landed right next to Random Kid and Principal! Random Kid grabbed for the knife but Principal kicked him away and got ahold of the knife! Principal stabbed at Random Kid! Random Kid, not having enough time to dodge, attempted to jump to the side! But the blade sliced through his side and he fell to the ground in pain! It was TOO intense!

Then, out of nowhere, Random Girl busted out of the door from the Deli shooting twin cap guns!! Principal ducked! "DIE!!", Random Girl yelled! She passed one of her cap guns to Random Kid! Random Kid looked up and managed to catch it! He pointed it at Principal but Principal grabbed it from him and shot at Random Girl! Twas' a battle to the death! Basically, J.Severe lay unconcious on the side of the road, and Random Kid was on the brink of death as Random Girl was locked in a head to head gun fight with Principal!!

Principal shot at Random Girl as she jumped behind a big mail box! The Deli windows shot open as the owner ducked on the ground not knowing of what was going on! Principal shot at the mail box as mail shot at of the busted open mail box! Suddenly, Principal began running toward Random Girl and shooting! Random Girl dahsed into the deli as Principal jumped frontward through the window still shooting! Random Girl jumped onto the ground as caps shot through bags of chips! Doritos, and whatnot flew everywhere as Principal followed Random Girl! Random Girl continued to run through the Deli still shooting at Principal! The Principal shot through glass containers of Soda, causing liquid and food to spill all over! "Any friend of Random Kid's is an enemy of mine!!!", Principal yelled in a deranged voice! "Gah!", Random Girl jumped over a feld rack as Principal shot, busting open glass refrigerators holding beverages!

Then, Random Girl saw her escape! She shot the Principal in the forehead! It didn't go through his skin but the impact caused him to slip back on soda on the ground and he was stuck in a giant rack! Random Girl's escape would be the same as the one that destroyed Red Lobster! She spotted a gas tank in the back by a window! But the Principal was right behind her and grabbed for her leg! She shot the cap at the gas tank! But just as the cap was getting closer, so was the Principal's hand! 3-2-1!!

The cap shot through the gas tank as Random Girl busted through the back window! In slow motion, the whole Deli blew up as Random Girl merely cheated death by an inch!!! The Deli exploded with Principal still inside... Random Girl layed on the ground, injured from the impact of the explosion. The Ambulance arrived just then. Was the SIW trio seriously injured? Had they failed their mission? Find out in the next chapter.

In the Hospital

Random Kid awoke to find himself in the emergency room. "What the --?! What's going on?!", he exclaimed as he jumped up from his bed. The doctor was at his bedside, jotting down a few notes. "Oh, hi there, you're awake, huh?", he greeted. "Um, where am I?", Random asked. "Why does everybody ask that? Don't needles, doctors, plus signs, a hall way that smells like sickness, and the constant random shrieks of pain mean anything to you people!? You're in a hospital for gosh's sake!", the doctor yelled. "Oh. Where are my friends?", Random Kid asked again. "They're in the two rooms right across from yours.", Doctor replied. Random Kid attempted to get up from the bed but fell back down in pain. "Listen kid, the paramedics found you pretty beaten, layed out on the side of the road and everything. It'd be best if you just stayed at bed rest.", Doctor commanded.

"Shut cho' mouth!", Random Kid rudely insulted. "Do you not realize the fate of the two best wikis on this planet lie at stake! We must find A. Louis immediately!" "A. Louis, huh? I've heard that name before, countless times.", Doctor said. "What? He's been in the hospital that many times?", Random Kid said. "IN the hospital?! Ha! The boy sends countless people to the hospital everyday!", Doctor exclaimed. "What?! That means he must be stopped even faster!", Random Kid replied. "Still, you should stay-", just then, Random picked up a needle and hurled it at Doctor! He hastily dodged but the needle jabbed through his lab coat and then injected into the wall, rendering Doctor motionless as well as helpless against the wall.

"No, you BEAST! What are you doing?", Doctor yelled. Random got up from his bed and went into the bathroom. He then came out with his signature outfit on and limped across the hallway into J. Severe's room. Once inside, he collapsed from fatigue. "Huh? Random Kid?", J. Severe asked. Random looked up. "J. you won't believe what I- J.? Why are you tied up in chains?", Random Kid asked confused. "Well, uh... it's a long story. Anyway, tell me what you found out.", J. continued. "One of the doctors told me that A. Louis sends countless people to the hospital everyday!", he explained. "That means two things: One; We have to stop he even faster. And two; He may be tougher than we ever expected!" "Wow! So my cousin really is a monster. I really thought I could-", "J.! No time for deep thought here! It's only a matter of time before that doctor I pinned down calls security. Get on your regular clothes and prepare for an all out brawl! I'll go get Random Girl!", Random Kid said, and ran out of the room. J. Severe unwrapped himself from the chains and put back on his regular clothes.

Minutes later, RK and RG met up with him in the hallway, only to find multiple security guards charging at them!

In the hospital (Part 2): Principal; The Third Raid!

"RUN!!", Random Girl screamed. The three ran the other direction, with security in hasty pursuit behind them. With a few seconds of running, they were approaching a three-way part in the hall (meaning you can go in either three directions). "Split up!", J. Severe suggested. J. Severe ran to the left, Random Girl ran to the right. "I'll distract em'!", Random Kid said. He ran through the middle. Sure enough, the security followed him!

Once all of the security passed them, J. Severe and Random Girl came from the hallway and made a mad dash for an elevator. "Random, come on!", J. Severe called. Out of the corner of his eye, Random Kid could see a stretcher. And those wheels ment only one thing, escape! He grabbed the stretcher and pushed it toward the security! They all jumped out of the line of fire, and Random Kid jumped atop the stretcher, riding it like a skateboard!

It looked like a smooth ride from there, until Random felt a cold shiver in the air. As if something evil were approaching. Suddenly, a shady figure JUMPED from one of the hospital rooms and landed on the stretcher next to Random Kid! "What the-- ?!", he yelled in shock. It turned out to be noneother than Principal! His face was covered with burns and bruises!

"WHOA! Go Random, hurry!", Random Girl yelled. Principal swiped at Random Kid! He ducked under and kicked Principal off of the stretcher! Principal was hurled into the staircase as Random Kid jumped off of the stretcher and into the closing elevator.

"(gasp), (gasp).", Random Kid gasped. "Was that... Principal?", J. Severe asked. "Yes, yes it was. And I gave him a good kick to the stomach right then and there.", Random Kid replied. "Wow.", said Random Girl.

The elevator stopped, and they got off. "Hurry, let's get out of here!", Random Kid said and they all began to run for the exit. Out of NOWHERE, Principal busted out from the staircase tackling J. Severe! "What the-- ?!", J. yelled as he felled to the ground! Principal was ready to punch J. Severe, but Random Kid hastily punched him to the ground! Principal jumped up and kicked Random Kid into a wall! Principal picked up J. Severe and threw him at Random Girl! They both crashed into the garbage can! Just then, the security guards caught up with us!

They pulled out guns and yelled, "FREEZE!" Principal picked up the felled garbage can and hurled it toward the security! Principal quickly ran into the staircase as Random Kid followed in hot pursuit! Principal was running up the steps but Random grabbed his leg and he fell down the steps! Principal turned around and kicked Random down the steps. "It's ALL over, boy!", the demented Principal exclaimed. He raised his leg to deliver the finishing blow!

He kicked down, but Random jumped back, grabbed his leg, and threw him down the steps! Principal flipped over and punched him in the stomach! He then grabbed his head and PUNCHED him in the nose! Security busted in and caught Principal in the act. "You fools! Step away, or the boy get's it!", Principal threatened, pointing his fist at Random! Just then, Random Kid grabbed Principal's arm and flipped him over, throwing him into the guards! He then jumped over them and ran out of the door. Only to find J. Severe and Random Girl in handcuffs! "Huh?! What happened?!", Random Kid asked. It wasn't long before SWAT officers came at him too! "What the-- ?!", Random yelled.

Escaping the Hospital!

A S.W.A.T. officer lunged forth to grab Random Kid! He jumped out of the way! "Run Random!", J. Severe yelled, being slowly dragged away into a jail truck! "No!", Random Kid resisted. Another S.W.A.T. punched at Random, "You're comin' with us kid!", he threatened. Random was forced to make a run for it! He ran back into the staircase, only to see Principal also resisting arrest and being tazed! Once Principal was down and out, the S.W.A.T. officer threw the tazer at Random Kid! He ducked over it, and continued to run up the staircase with multiple S.W.A.T. officers behind him!

He busted into the top floor of the hospital and continued to run! The S.W.A.T. officers began to shoot at him! Bullets flew everywhere, bursting open UV tanks and everything! A bullet penetrated a gas tank and set on fire! "AAAHHH!", screams from all over the hospital were heard! "Catch that boy!", a S.W.A.T. officer commanded. Three officers went dashing at the hastily running Random Kid. Ahead of him, he spotted a window! He ran forth to the window and busted through it!

Just then, the jail truck carrying the imprisoned J. Severe and Random Girl drove off. Random continued to fall until he hit the jail truck with an alarming *THUD!*. "What the-- ?! What was that?", the driver asked. The S.W.A.T. officers pursuing Random jumped out of the window after him and also landed on the moving jail truck! One of them punched at Random Kid, but he grabbed his fist and twisted his arm! He then pushed him off of the jail truck! Another officer tazed at Random Kid! He moved just in time, barely dodging it and almost falling off of the truck!

"This dude is wilin'! Calm down, I'm just a-", Random Kid started before the officer with the tazer pounced on him! He slowly attempted to electricute Random Kid, but Random continued to hold his arm away! "You... BEAST!", RK yelled. He kicked the officer in the stomach and took the tazer and tazed him! The officers lifeless corpse rolled off of the truck and into the street. "Stop. You don't understand!", Random Kid said to the remaining S.W.A.T. officer. The officer lunged forth at him and Random was forced to taze him too! Hearing all the rucus above, the driver of the truck looked to the side. All he saw were various lifeless corpses of a S.W.A.T. officers fall off of the top of the truck!

"What in the-- ?!", he pulled out a twin handgun from his pocket and began shooting at the roof!! Multiple bullets went through the ceiling almost hitting Random! He jumped from the truck and hung on to the passenger door! The door opened and he crawled in, unbeknownst to the driver. He TAZED the driver and pushed him out of the door! "Random Kid?", Random Girl asked surprised. "The heck?", J. Severe said surprised.

"(gasp, gasp) I don't know how to drive this thing!", Random Kid exclaimed as the truck began to swerve back and forth. "Just keep the stearing wheel steady and lightly tap the gas.", Random Girl explained. "Lightly tap the gas?! Girl, this is a getaway! Floor it boy!", J. Severe yelled. Random did just that, and the truck ended up going about 100 miles per hour, heading for some highway. "WAAAHHH! Slow down, slow DOWN!", Random Girl yelled. Just then, constant flaps were heard above the truck, "A HELICOPTER!", Random Girl screamed. "Drive boy, DRIVE!", J. Severe yelled. Random tried his best to focus and control the wheel but the moment was just too critical for any kind of focus, and the truck began swerving out of control!

Suddenly, numerous bangs were heard behind J. Severe and Random Girl. "Huh? What's going-- ", out of NOWHERE, Principal busted through his maximum security wall behind J. Severe and Random Girl, foaming from the mouth! "I'm gonna KILL you!", he yelled. "Whoa! This Principal's wilin'!", J. yelled. "You guys have to hold him off while I drive!", Random Kid commanded. "We can't! We're-- WHOA!-- in handcuffs!", Random Girl said, dodging one of Principal's lunges. "Just try not to get killed will ya?!", Random Kid encouraged. J. Severe jumped behind Principal and began choking him with his handcuffs. "Trying!", J. Severe replied.

Above the truck, numerous S.W.A.T. officers jumped from the helicopter and landed on top of the truck! "What was that?!", Random Girl asked. "I don't know. I'm still tryin' to hold this lunatic back!", J. Severe replied, still choking Principal! Principal flipped J. Severe over and he crashed into the front windsheild, shattering it! "Ouch!", J. yelled. "Whoa!", Random Kid yelled as the truck began swerving back and forth! J. Severe fell into the passenger seat as Random Kid held on for dear life! "AAAHHH!", Random Girl screamed. Random and J. looked behind them only to see Random Girl about to be killed by Principal! "Random Gi-", the truck came to a sudden halt! "Huh?", J. Severe said, looking out the window. He saw nothing but traffic below! Half of the truck was hanging off of the highway! "Don't make any sudden-", before Random Kid could finish the sentence, the truck split in half and the half that Random and J. were in fell to the traffic below! "NOOO!", Random Girl cried reaching her arm out! "What?", Principal asked, not noticing what just happened.

As the half of the truck was falling, Random Kid jumped onto the top and pulled J. Severe's handcuffs up. "We've got to get outta here before this thing reaches the ground!", he yelled. They both made a large jump, just as the truck fell into the traffic below and exploded, setting fire amongst all of the people and the cars! Alas, Random and J.'s jumps were not high enough, and they both fell into the explosion below.

Finding A. Louis: Maximum Security! Juvenile Detention Center

When the flames were put out, all of the authorities thought Random Kid and J. Severe had been finished, and burnt to a crisp with over half of the populated highway. But, Random Kid, along with J. Severe, crawled out from underneath the debris, much to the S.W.A.T. officers surprise. "What the-- ?!", one of them yelled, as all of the others turned around. Though injured Random and J. had survived. Before everything went black, the last thing the two saw were S.W.A.T. officers handcuffing them. "You gave us a pretty hard time kids. But you're finished now, you're goin' straight to the maximum security juvy.", one of them said. "Man, these kids were tough. They went head to head with us! They're like the most wanted now, right?", another asked. "Well, yeah, they were the most wanted until we caught them.

"Huh?", Random Kid muttered. He awoke to find himself surrounded by metal walls. "What is this place?", he asked himself. "It's juvy.", a voice answered. Random Kid turned around... "Y- you.", Random realized. It was him... the boy they had been searching for, causing complete pandemonium in the state of Florida just to find him... it was him... "A... Louis..."

A. Louis Strikes Back!

"Heh heh, word on the street is, you and that girl have been traveling with my cousin causing all sorts of trouble in the state.", A. Louis said. "Heh, you guys are in even more trouble than that of I, and for that, I respect you." Random was too speechless to even reply, he, J. Severe, and Random Girl had been causing complete pandemonium down in Florida looking for this guy, and now he was face to face with him "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?", A. Louis asked. "N- no! Where's J. Severe and Random Girl?", Random Kid asked. "J. Severe, huh? It's been a long time since I've heard that name. And if you call him that... you must be-", but before A. Louis could finish the sentence, Random made a dash for the exit! He was trying to escape the cell! "Hey! Get back here!"

An All out Brawl!

But, he wasn't able to make it that far! A. Louis caught up to him and pushed him into the metal bars of the jail cell! "Ugh...", Random Kid fell to the ground in pain. "(snicker) So we finally meet, eh... Random Kid.", A. Louis snickered. Random was on the ground withering in pain, he removed his hand from his face only to find his nose bleeding profusely! He attempted, but just couldn't find the strength to get back up. He managed to get one foot standing, but A. Louis kicked him back down! "Hah hah. Come on Random, you were so powerful on the internet, what happened? Heh ha.", A. Louis said triumphantly. "You... BEAST!!!", Random yelled and punched at A. Louis! A. Louis ducked under it and pushed Random Kid into the metal bars again. He choked Random against the bars and prepared to give him a good punch. "This is for callin' me a fool!", A. Louis said, before he lunged forth. Random Kid grabbed his fist and threw him onto the ground! "Which you are!", he said and tried to stomp on A. Louis!

A. Louis rolled over and grabbed Random's leg! He proceeded to swing him around and around and threw him onto the ground with the utmost force. Random lay on the ground in searing pain. He opened his eyes just in time to see A. Louis lunge forth with a sharp broken piece of glass, Random jumped up and punched A. Louis in the eye!

A. Louis backed up a little and lunged forth again! With this, Random Kid went head to head with A. Louis!