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Here's the intense story between the origin of Random Kid and J. Severe - how they met each other, changed from mortal enemies to best friends, and came to create this incredible wiki. Warning, this story is pretty long.

Chapter 1: The Normal Days, and Then...

Twas like any other day. Random Kid, walked to school, thinking. What was he thinking about you ask, well, all I can say is that it was something that can change the world as we know it forever.Twas Aerolin Middle School that 11 year old Random Kid went to.

Aerolin Middle School

Da School!

Anyways, as RK (Random Kid) entered the school building some random person ran up. Not seeing Random Kid, the boy pushed passed Random Kid. "Hey! Watch where ya goin' ya-", Random Kid was interrupted at the sight of who this guy was. Twas J.Severe! At the time, Random Kids arch-nemesis! For reasons unknown though. "What are you lookin' at Baby Bib", J.Severe yelled. "It's Random Kid you fool!", snapped Random Kid. Suddenly, the cross friend of Random Kid and J.Severe, Marian Cooth ran up to settle this dispute.

"Come on. You guys should be the bestest of friends! You both like the same things", explained Marian.

"Friends?! With this clown over here?!! You must be-", "It takes one to know one J.Severe", Random Kid interrupted.

"Oh really! Then I guess-", RIIIIIINNNGG! The bell rang just as J.Severe was about to insult the living daylights out of Random Kid! Of course Random Kid would've had a witty come back but it's too late now.

"Hm! I wonder how I could get put in a class with this... this... thing", Random Kid thought out loud. "I bet I'm way smarter than you Baby Bib!", J.Severe yelled. "If you call me that one more time I'm going to-", "Young men! Get to class immediately", the principal came out of nowhere and yelled. "Men, but isn't...", I thought to myself and looked around for Marian. It turns out she saw the Principal comin and hightailed it the heck out of there! Some friend...

Chapter 2: At class.

Random Kid and J.Severe were both in Mrs. Franklin's class, ironically. Mrs. franklin is an extremely mean teacher who HATES RK and JS! For no reason too.
Mrs. Franklin

Mrs. Franklin

Other students in our class call her Mrs. Marry, to make fun of her in a secretive way about never getting married. I can see why. Although her name is Miss Franklin, she calls herself Mrs. Franklin to ease the pain.

"So I see you too finally made it to class", Marian said. "Yes, I did. Were it not for this fool, I would've been here the earliest, like always", J.Severe stated. " *cough* teachers pet *cough*", a sarcastic Random Kid said. "I heard that you jerk!!!", J.Severe yelled. "Excuse me Mr. Severe, I would not appreciate it if you were to use that language in here! Principals office, NOW!", Mrs. Franklin yelled at the top of her lungs! "(snicker)", Random Kid snickered. "Mr. Kid! You also go for laughing!", yelled Mrs. Franklin again.

"(groan)", both J.Severe and Random Kid groan. In the hall they walked to the principals office. "This is all your fault", J.Severe said. "My fault?! You're the one always insulting me!", Random Kid yelled. Suddenly, a teacher busts out of her classroom and screams "Stop yelling! I have a class of straght F's to teach!". Well, that settled that argument.

Chapter 3: The Principals office!

RK and JS walked into the Principals office. In the middle of the principals intense argument with the school secretary too! "No! We will not spend anymore valuable money on the worthless kids you call stu-", the principal realized Random Kid and J.Severe were in the room. "What the heck do you want", he yelled. "Umm... Mrs. Franklin sent us", Random Kid replied. "Why??!!! Why did she send you here!? Answer me", the principal yelled again. "Pushy", Random Kid thought to himself. "She sent us because we were... umm... arguing", J.Severe answered. "Arguing?!! School guidance councelor now!

Well, that was a short visit to the Principals office...

Chapter 3 (continued): The Guidance Conselor's Office!

Random Kid and J.Severe walked out of the Principals office, flabbergasted that he wouldn't even pay his full attention to him. "Hm. At least we didn't get chewed out and suspended", said Random Kid. "Not even, judging from the way he looked he would've expelled us", J.Severe replied. RK and JS arrived at the guidance councelors office. "Yes boys", the councelor said. "Umm. The Principal sent us here for arguing", J.Severe said. "Arguing, now why in the world would you two happy students be arguing", the councelor asked. "What are you trying to say?". "Nothing". "Who wouldn't argue with him, he's so annoying", Random Kid yelled. "Me anoying?! Your the fool!", J.Severe snapped back. "Now now boys. No arguing in the councel room. In here it's peace, happiness, and pure tranquility", the councelor tried to calm things down.

"Well you should be telling that to this nitwit over here", J.Severe yelled poking Random Kid. "Don't touch me with that thing", Random Kid yelled. He pushed J.Severe's hand away. J.Severe slapped the heck out of Random Kid! Random Kid threw a punch at J.Severe! "Hey!!"!

J.Severe fell back in the chair, hastily dodging Random Kids lunge! "I said hey! No scuffling", the guidance councelor screamed. But Random Kid lost control after that slap! Foaming from the mouth, he tackled J.Severe and punched him multiple times. "Dwaahh!!!", J.Severe yelled for justice!

The pacifist guidance councelor pulled Random Kid off of J.Severe. "Stop that boy!", she yelled. J.Severe jumped up, picked up the feld chair, and tossed it at the unsuspecting guidance councelor and Random Kid!!! "Take that ya dirty rat!", J.Severe yelled as he tossed the chair.

The guidance councelor jumped out of the line of fire as Random Kid stayed to take it like a man! Random Kid jumped over the chair as it hit the wall breaking into a billion pieces and leaving a hole in the wall! "I'm gonna KILL you!!", Random Kid yelled. Suddenly, school security busted into the guidance councelors room. "What the heck is going on in here?!!", one of the security guards yelled.

They put Random Kid and J.Severe in hancuffs to suppress them! As he fell on the ground, Random Kid yelled "Let me go! After I'm done with that guy over there you'll need tweezers to pick up his remains!!". "Shutup!", the security guard yelled.

The Principal, Assistant Principal, and Secretary ran into the room to apprehend the situation! "What the heck is going on?!! I send you to the guidance councelors office to work out your problems and you have an intense fight!! What the heck is wrong with you FOOLS?!!!", the annoyed Principal yelled. "My office NOW!!!!!".

And that's the end to that intense battle in the supposed most calm and non-violent room in the school...

Chapter 4: Back at the Principals Office!

RK and JS walked through the hallway to the Principals office. Glaring at eachother from the corner of their eyes. But they couldn't scuffle again,one because two watchful security guards were right behind them, ready for some action, and two because they were still in handcuffs. They finally made it to the Principals office, the security guards had to open the door.

"Mr. Principal, the boys have arrived", one of the guards said. "Good, good. Bring them in, and guard the door", the Principal replied. The guards pushed us in and closed the door. It was somewhat dark in the Principals room. "What's gonna happen", Random Kid asked himself. Five shady figures arose from the darkness! "What the!", J.Severe yelled.

"Are you the boys who go by the name of Random Kid and J.Severe", the deepest voice in the middle of the five asked. "Uh...yes", Random Kid answered. "Good", a second voice said. "Sit down boys", a familiar voice that sounded like the principal said. Chairs suddenly appeared behind them. Random Kid sat down as J.Severe followed.

"I hear you boys fightning destroyed a room of school property and nearly killed a guidance councelor", the deepest voice stated. "Is that true?". "Well yes. But Random Kid started it when he slapped my hand away so violently", J.Severe yelled.

"Well you shoudn't have put it so close to me! Who knows where that thing has been", Random Kid argued. "Well I'm sure your hands aren't the cleansiest either", yelled J.Severe. "Oh shutup"!

"Hey! Both of you clowns shutup", the the deepest voice shouted. The lights immediately turned on and the shady figures' identities were revealed!

Twas none other than the following:

The deepest voice in the middle of the five: The Superintendant

The familiar voice to his left: The Principal

The figure to his left: The Secretary to the Superintendant

The figure to the right of the Superintendant: Vice Principal

The figure farthest to the right: The President!!

"What the!!", Random Kid yelled. "Uh-oh... something tells me we're in big trouble", J.Severe thought to himself. The guidance councelor of the school district walked into the room.

"I here there was a big fight in- HOLY COW THE PRESIDENT", she screamed. "Um.. yes hello ma'am there seems to be a problem with these two students", the President explained.

"Um yes okay. Now boys explain to me what happened", the guidance councelor said softly. Random Kid and J.Severe told the councelor about what happened today, also simultaneously getting into arguments about what really went down.

"Enough already", the SuperIntendent yelled. "S-sorry...", Random Kid said quietly. "Okay, to settle this mishap, lets just do this. We have a monotored phone call between the two to settle this argument, okay? Okay.", the President scrambled out of the room in fear!

"Okay, both of you be on the phone with eachother by 7:00 P.M. tonight!", the Principal yelled. "But my bed time is-", "Shutup and go"!!

Random Kid and J.Severe left the Principals office and went back to class... only to be yelled at again by Ms.Franklin.

Chapter 5: At Both Houses!

Later that night, both Random Kid and J.Severe were sitting next to their phones waiting for a call. "Oh come on when is-" ring ring! The phone began to ring. Both Random Kid and J.Severe answered the phone to hear the Principal blabbering to the guidance councelor about... whatever. "Huh? What? They're here? Oh... take it away", the Principal quickly hung up the phone. "Okay boys, I want you to talk your problems out and I'll be right back", the councelor also put us on hold. "Uhh... hello?", Random Kid said. "What the heck just happened?", J.Severe asked.

About an hour passed as RK and JS talked out their problems, without using brute force and fighting it out. "So. I guess this small quandary is solved", Random Kid said. "I suppose you're right", J.Severe replied.

RK and JS solved their problems and hung up the phone, though the guidance councelor never returned...

Chapter 5 (continued): At School again!

The next day...

Random Kid showed up at his school. As he walked in, he noticed J.Severe seated in the cafeteria. "Why hey there J.Severe", Random Kid said. A by passer, somehow hearing of the intense battle RK and JS had the previous day. "Fight fight fight", he yelled. Other students quickly followed in his foolish acts foolish activity! Soon, the whole cafeteria was participating in this foolish act!

Suddenly, cafeteria aids busted into the cafetetaria hearing all this madness! "Fighting?! Who's fighting?!", one of them screamed. Everyone pointed at the unsuspecting Random Kid and J.Severe! "You two were fighting?!", she yelled. "Well no we weren't fighting. We were actually saying hello and exchanged greetings", J.Severe explained. But the aid heard nothing more from the sentence but the word "fighting".

"Fighting?! What are your names?!", she asked angrily. "But we already said we were doing nothing more than-" "WHAT ARE YO NAMES BOAHY (pronounced boy with slight slang)!!!!!!!!!", she yelled at the top of her loungs! The Principal dashed into the cafeteria!!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED! (in next chapter that is)

Chapter 6: The Intense Battle in, The Cafeteria!

"Why are people YELLING! I HATE YELLING", the Principal yelled. "But you're yelling yet you hate it", pointed out J.Severe. The Principal abruptly lunged at J.Severe. "I"M SICK A YOU!!!"! J.Severe jumped back merely dodging the Principals hand by an inch!

"Watch out!", Random Kid yelled! The Principal picked up the fork holder and tossed it at the students! The students spread out yelling and screaming. "This Principals wilin'", someone shouted. The deranged Principal made a chase for J.Severe! Random Kid tried to protect him by jumping in front of the Principal and saying something witty! Though he was witty, that was the most foolish thing he could ever do and ever will do!

The Principal smacked Random Kid away with his bare hand! Random Kid was launced in to the table as it split in half! J.Severe tried desperately to escape the cafeteria without notice! But the Principal noticed!!

He rolled the table Random Kid had broke in half at J.Severe! The table rolled and hit J.Severe!!! It busted through the back cafeteria doors and hit the wall across. Seconds before it hit the wall, Random Kid and J.Severe jumped off of the table as it flipped over and busted to pieces when it hit the wall!

"I almost died", Random Kid cried out! But the Principal wasn't done yet! He followed the two out into the hall for a stand off!

Students were still panicking in the cafeteria, running around in circles wondering what the heck was going on! J.Severe whispered to Random Kid "Should we run or try to fight him?". "Random Kid whispered back "Are you insane!? Did you see how he tossed that table at you?!"."He'll kill us".

All of a sudden, as the Principal was ready for his next raid, the police busted into the school building! "Everybody freeze", they yelled.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath! A Court Case!

The Principal, not hearing the warning and only having the annihilation of RK and JS on his mind, ran towards RK and JS for another lunge. The police stopped him dead in his tracks, they threw him on the ground and put the man in handcuffs! "Try killin' em now mate", the officer threatened! "You're goin' straight to jail bud!".

"Phew. Glad we made it out of that", Random Kid sighed. "You're not out of anything ya fools! I'm gonna get ya! Watch and see!", he yelled struggling to get at us.

"Heh heh. He's right kids. You're not out, you still have to testify in court", the officer said.

"What why?!", J.Severe asked! "Well an adults getting arrested and you're the victims. So you have to tell what they did wrong to you so the judge will know what to sentence him to", the officer explained.

"Hope he gets a death sentence", Random Kid said to himself. "So you're gonna have to come with us". "Why do I feel like I'm getting arrested", J.Severe said.

Chapter 7 (continued): The Court Case Begins!

Note from Narrator: Just imagine that. A normal day in school becomes a struggle for life and death. Then suddenly you have to testify in court. Just be happy you're not going through what these two are.

The two boys, along with the police arrived at the court, in which the pleading had already begun. The Principal, being a lying fool, pleaded not guilty. What a lier! I mean, the guy attacked J.Severe because he pointed out something, gees, anger management. First up was Random Kid, coming to testify and answer questions from the police and the Principals lawyer. I don't even know how he got a lawyer, anyone who violently attacks kids should be put in jail, ain't got no bail, or lawyer that is.

Random Kid's Testimony

Do you not like the Principal for any reason?

Why no I don't. He's just a jerk who loves to ruin kids lives. The guy lives off of the pain and tears of young children everywhere!

Why do you think he violently attacked you?

Well he attacked me because I tried to stop him to help my new friend, J.Severe

What exactly did he do to harm you?

Well first, lets start with ruining my life. But he's been doing that since I came to that school. Today on the other hand, he slapped the heck out of me into a table, in which the table broke in half. Secondly he rolled the table, while I was still laying in pain on it, and it busted through the door. In which it continued to crash into a wall and break.

No further questions.

What do you mean no further questions?! You want the dirt on that guy, I got it!

I said no further questions!

Shut yo mouth!

Get out of here!

Okay. Geesh, sorry!

Next up was J.Severe. He was the main victim so his questions had to be a little bit more detailed.

J.Severe's Testimony

We understand you do not like the Principal, why is that?

Must you really ask that?! That maniacal fool tried to kill me! Not to mention he's a mean, strict Principal who only cares for his coffee and his stupid rules!

Please explain to the jury how the Principal came about to "harming" you.

Well first he threw a violent lunge at him, just for pointing out something. Then the deranged lunatic threw a dang table at me, that man should be put in jail for life! That maniac needs to experience the electrical chair in his worthless life of a-

Enough! Next question. When did this all happen?

When do you think... Today ya fool!

I knew that, just seeing if you were alert. Anyways, why did the Principal go on to doing these horrible deeds?

I said because I "Pointed something out". He stated that he hated yelling yet he was yelling himself. Basically, no one was angering him but himself.

I see. No further questions.

No! There must be more questions, I wanna give you the TRUTH!

But we already know the "TRUTH".

No ya don't. You don't "know" anything! It's not my fault you can't handle the truth!

(sigh), Go away.

Okay. See ya Princy the pal!

The Jury Decision

We say, GUILTY!

The Judges Decision

Guilty eh?... (jots a few notes down). I've come to a conclusion. I've decided, that this man, the Principal of Aerolin Middle School, a 40 somethin' , the craziest of the crazy-

Random Person in the Jury: "Will you just say it already"!

Okay okay, yeesh. This man is... Not Guilty!

(music form) Dun-Dun- Duuuuuhhh!!!

Random Kid and J.Severe's argument!

Random Kid: "What?!! Are you insane!!??"

J.Severe: "That guy doesn't even deserve to live!"

A sudden smirk came over the handcuffed Principal's face!

Random Kid: "What are you smiling at ya darn fool!"

Principal: (takes 20 dollar bill out of his pocket and places it on the table in front of him. Then looks at judge mischieviously).

Random Kid: "You fool! You BRIBED him!"

J.Severe: "Is that even legal?!"

Judge: "Why yes, yes it is." (walks over to Principal and takes the 20 dollars) (puts it in his pocket).

Random Kid: "This is injustice! Why if this continues, the next thing you know rifles will be sold in Toys R' Us!"

Suddenly, a shady person in the jury began to clap! Random Kid and J.Severe turned around quickly! It was non-other than Mrs. Franklin!

Mrs. Franklin: Yay! Go Princy the Pal! Prince the Pal! Prince the Pal! Prince the Pal!

Whole Jury: Prince the Pal! Prince the Pal! Prince the Pal!

Judge: Order! Order in the courtroom!

J.Severe: Hey Random Kid, you know what this reminds me off. Disorder in the Court, now that show is hilarious.

Random Kid: Yeah! Once there was a brawl in a courtroom where some guy got slapped with a velvet rope!

J.Severe: Yeah I saw that one. And remember the guy who got nailed with a microphone stand!

Random Kid: Heh heh. Good times good times.

Random Kid and J.Severe look around and experience people yelling and howling. Suddenly!

Judge: ORDEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone suddenly got quiet and looked at the judge with angered faces!

Judge: Case closed! Everyone go home! (rushes out of back door)

And that's how it happened. That's exactly what happened in the court, now what I'm sayin'! Anyways, after that...

Chapter 8: The Wiki is Born! (not literally)

Later that day...

Random Kid called J.Severe for a "chat" about the series of random things that happened to them today. "You know J.Severe, I've been thinking. We both love to write stories correct?", Random Kid asked. "Why yes. Your point?". "Perhaps we could create a combined story for everyone to read and admire", Random Kid suggested. "But Random Kid, your forgetting that we're the most least popular kids in the school. Meaning, that if we do something that only we think is good, and everyone hates it just because, they'll just rip up the hard worked on story to shreds. Similiar to what Micha-...Whoa! Almost got off topic from the story. Anyways, yeah", J.Severe explained.

"Well if that's the case... I've got it!!", Random Kid yelled. "What!? What have you "got"?!", J.Severe yelled in shock. "Rather than writing it on a piece of paper, we could write it or even more stories on the internet!", Random Kid had just come up with his best and worst idea yet! "Whadda ya mean! That just gives people even more of a chance to crush our dreams!", J.Severe panicked.

"But I've already thought of it!", Random Kid said. "We could just type a rule up on the website saying that it is against the rules for anyone to edit but us". "Hmm not bad. Okay lets get to work. But first we have to decide which internet organization our website will be on", J.Severe stated.


Random Kid: Maybe we could use "Freewebs".com.

J.Severe: No! With freewebs no one could even see it unless they log in with YOUR username and password.

J.Severe: What about "Myspace"?

Random Kid: Well that's a dumb idea. Do you want people to read the story or leave idiotic messages to us.

J.Severe: You're right.

Random Kid: How about "Facebook"?

J.Severe: Well that would be the the same scenario as "Myspace".

Random Kid: How about "Wikipedia"?

J.Severe: Nah. Too much of a complicated editing domain. Maybe it's sister site, "Wikia".

Random Kid: Yeah, that's it!

J.Severe: It's time to get editing!

Stories and Info Wiki!

That night, RK and JS stayed on the phone all night working on the new founded wiki.

They added so many things, sidebar edits, everything. They added a story, the first story ever created on the Stories and Info Wiki, and from then on, Stories and Info Wiki has been a success.

Final Chapter: A Time of Peace.

Peace was afflicted upon the two boys. Over the months, Stories and Info Wiki gained over 50 articles.

The Short Stories Series consisted of over 7 or 8 stories

Short Story: A Boy in Bel-Air

Short Story: A Normal Day in the Life of Braig Gregor

Short Story: End of the World!!!

Short Story: Random Robberies

Short Story: The Evil French-Frier!

Short Story: The Kid President

Short Story: The Orb That Saved the World

And many more different articles!

Also, people even followed the rules, not editing our website. Now there were a couple of mishaps where some fools did a little bit of foolish editing. But, those maniacs were blocked after many warnings. And that's the story of Random Kid and J.Severe.



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