This is a page to temporarily keep the songs and original themes of the wiki.

"Fresh Wiki of Wikia"Edit

It's the S-T-O-R-I-E-S! With the A-N-D, I-N-F-O! Has ya stories and info, well well whadda ya know. The S-I-W, callin' YOU, to visit it, made by a guru! The only of it's age, may even become a sage!

The following song goes a little bit to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Theme song, as you can see from it's name.


Now this is a wiki, all about stories and info that may be sticky! And I'd like to explain, how this wiki came,with stories and info, by a guy named... His name is Random Kid and he'd be ashamed, if you were to disrespect his wiki name, doesn't go by his real, for security reasons, and revealing it, would be like treason! So he was bored one day and he called his friend, who was sittin' on a couch in his small den, he told him about his website and how cool it was, so Random Kid went on something called comput-uhs! He saw this website how cool it would be, so he decided to make his own for everyone to see! It's the S-T-O-R-I-E-S! With the A-N-D, and the I-N-F-O! Has ya stories and info, well whadda ya know. The S-I-W, callin' YOU, to visit it, made by a guru! The only of its age, may even become a sage!When he finished it it was so great, after 1 minute the number of visitors were 8! After editing, he went to bed real late, and said this is a fine trait! The next normal day when he woke up, he had a message that said "sup." Twas from one of his wiki fans, who loved his website but went in a weird trans'! He heard wikia was havin' a sale, on different types if sidebars colors and mail! He logged in to, his computer, and he bought 9 lightup rulers! For himself, he needed one, to measure his ultimate wealth up to the sun. I just realized that made no sense, I should've used a word like immense. But I guess this song is comin' to an end, so I'll have to leave until then! (Music plays until you go away). The awesome ending!


Note: To the tune of "Free Credit commercial" (Guitar plays) Yo I was on the computer one normal day. Just went swimmin' in Montego Bay. Too bad I didn't know I'd have nothin' to do cause now I'm writin' songs 'bout my website to you! S-T-O-R sticky like glue. The rest is I-E-S how bout' you. Made by a genuine guru, not what ya think it's not doo-doo. And now I'm tellin' you it has info too lot a stuff from drawings of you know who. Made it up myself it's true. And I get more good grades tha-an you. S-T-O-R sticky like glue, the rest is I-E-S how bout' you. Made by a genuine guru, not what you think it's not doo-doo! Naa N-n-Na Na Naa Na Naa Naa Na! N-n-Na Na Na Na Naa! Na N-n-Na Na Naa Na Na Naa! Na N-n-Naa Na Naa Na Naa! S-T-O-R sticky like glue, made by a genuine guru! The rest is I-E-S how bout' you. Not what ya think it's not do-do. (Music slowly fades)

The Best WikiEdit

This song goes to the tune of Michael Jackson's They Don't Really Care About Us . You could listen to the great song first, to get the beat of this one (note, it is not as long).

(Refrain: All I want to say is that, this is really the best wiki! x2) (x2 meaning it is said twice)

The Best Wiki

Stories, comics! Leave some nice comments!
Write it, type it! If ya wanna share it!
Computerization! Alliteration! To everyone, every nation!
Write it up! Type it up! Everybody give it up!--


The Staff, Supervisors, Workers, Special Ops!
Got all the copyrights, we need, from the cops!
If you, copy, we have the right to sue!
It's all part of Managing SIW!--


Tell me what has become of my life!
I got two parents who love me!
Now I find myself always workin' on the stories--
Of the best Wiki!!!--


(drum's fade as music stops)

Awesome wasn't it!

W.O.T.S. (Wiki on the Screen)Edit

To the tune of "S-I-M-P Squirrels In My Pants" (Phineas and Ferb episode "Comet Kermillion") It's somebodies anybodies everybodies wiki!
Aaaaahhh!! There's a wiki on the scene!
Whoa. That's one serious wiki on that screen!
There's a wiki on the screen!
Tell me how ya made that awesome wiki!
W-O-T-S Wiki on the Screen!
Somethin' on the computer screen ya know it ain't green!
W-O-T-S Wiki on the Scene!
It's actually blue, it's actually true!
W-O-T-S Wiki on the Screen!
Can't believe you never knew!
That there is a-
Wiki on the Scene!
Step right over and type in that URL!
Stories! Stories!
Step right over and-
W to the O to the T to the S!
If ya wanna know how the wiki was made!
W-O-T-S Wiki on the Screen!
Be up all night have some gatorade!
W-O-T-S Wikis all day!
If ya gonna get some sleep have some lunch on a tray!
Or be up all night and be up all day!
Now or never get ya sports and play!
Not about A's! Not about good grades!
It's bout' when the wiki was made!

Wiki RapEdit

Now this is a continuation, bout' the history of Stories and Information, and though you may have an infatuation, let's get down to education!

First off let me explain the situation, it's about stories and info, and it's ventilation. Get some petroleum at the gas station, but to get Stories and Info, you'll need imagination!

When ya get there you'll see a sensation, it'll be like a trip, a great vacation. But be careful not to break ya relations, cuz' ya gonna need it for future generations.

Then ya might ask "wha'ts a carnation", but ya just a fool, that's not in the formation. But then ya might check out the foundation, and ya may want to give a big donation!

Ya disobey the rules and you'll be on probation, and ya got no savior, no salvation! Ya may even feel a small vibration, but ya still no match, for the creation!

So I guess this rap is comin' to an end, but make sure ya don't lose ya friend! And stay cool man, a postcard you'll send, to the Random Kid creating a new trend!

Wiki PoemEdit

Tis the SIW.

One of the best.

Could even be better, than all the rest.

And when the wiki is updated,

many visitors like to rate it.

Now go on, and read about the wiki,

but be careful, somethings are tricky.

Perfect. Now onto the next.

Stories EncoreEdit

It all started on a normal day. Random Kid was just sitting watching his television when--

Guy #1: (busts in) Random Kid, bad news! The SIW Soundtrack isn't selling anymore~!

Random Kid: What!?

Guy #1: We need more songs!

Random Kid: Right! I'll get right on it!

7 hours later...

Random Kid: It's finally finished!

Guy #1: But sir, we have no time to put it on the soundtrack, that'll take days! We need people to hear it now!

Guy #2: (busts in) We could perform it at Madison Square Garden in NYC!

Narrator: The three arrive at Madison Square Garden to find that someone's already performing!

Guy #1: What're we gonna do?!

Random Kid: (busts in) (jumps onto the stage as Jay-Z and the band Linkin Park are about perform the song Numb Encore!) (pushes singer out of way)

Jay-Z: Hey kid! What are you doin'!

Random Kid: What does it look like?! Hit it band!

Narrator: The band begins to play the music for Numb Encore!

Note that I recommmend you listen to the song before you read this one. Mind the foolish language but, I didn't make the song did I?! Anway's...

Random Kid: Thank you thank, you're very kind! Yeah! WOO- WOO- WOO!

Can I get a story, you talkin' to me?

Write and read with my typing keys!

So for one last time, say this for me;

Now what in the world are you waitin' for?!

After me, there should be one more!

So for one last time, make some noise!

(get em' Random)

Who ya know better than me, riddle me that!

The rest of you all know where my literature's at!

None of you can copyright, yeah seeing me write is like seeing Jeff Kinney write in his prime, I'm;

Random Kid! Writes grateful yes! Umm... something, something... something yes!

I am, flying jets, on a global express, out of the country but the wikis still connect!

On the row but the wikis got a triple neck (laughs in background), but when you're young what else do you expect!

Grand opening, sad closing, read the stories, read the stories again!

Who ya gonna find writin' his best, writin' stories, me, for aspiration!

Ya know very well that you can't replace them! To write stories, for these generations!

Can I get a story, you talkin' to me?

Write and read with my typing keys!

So for one last time, say for me;

What in the world are you waiting for?!

Aftter me there should be one more,

so for one last time, make some noise...


What in the world are ya waitin' for?!


Look what you made me do!

Look what I wrote for you! (a story)

Wondered when I wrote this, how would it benefit you!

Soon it'll be premiered at Madison Square, that'll happen in only a matter of years!

So I wait for the all time high, perfect time to say goodbye!

When I appear at a random time, it's not to make stories for you!

It's to insult you!

Insult you, punch you to smithereens, so boahy take one for your time!

Though I need you to remember one thing (backgrouhnd: one thing!)

I came, I wrote, I conquered! From Story sales, to sold out comics!


I need this encore, scream out Randomness till' ya lungs are soar!

Audience: Randomness!!!!