Twas a big day for Derek! Today was March 3rd, the day of his big championship race!

The alarm clock rang as he jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to freshen up. Afterwards, Derek ran downstairs to eat breakfast and leave for school. After eating Apple Jacks cereal, he busted out of the house.

Only to find that he hadn't put on a shirt, yet he remembered to do everything else. Due to the freezing winds Derek rushed back inside! After puting on a protectional shirt specially desighned for protecting his body from the cold, harsh, unforgiving, bacteria breeding, winds of the cold outdoors.

In the midst of all this cold, Derek was forced to walk to the arena, in which his championship race were to be held. A few hours of harsh winds past, and Derek finally made it to the arena. Just in time for the opening ceremony. But, Derek made a folly, adressing the owner of the arena as "An Old Man".

"Hey old man! Where's the starting gate", Derek asked. "Old Man?! Who do you think you are BOY??!!", the old man yelled in anger. His security guard ran up to his side! "Don't you EVER, EVER, EVER address the arena owner like that", he snapped! "Arena owner? That's just an old man with one foot in the grave", Derek rudely stated!

"That's it! GET OUT!", he yelled!

And that's the end. Derek was labelled as the "Rude Racer", due to his rudeness.

The End!