This is an epilogue of the Detective Spontaneous story.

How they came to meet.Edit

After Detective Spontaneous had solved the 8th Grader mystery, he was interviewed by the schools newsletter reporter. They wrote down Detective S's every word exactly.

Later that day, Random Kid was reading this article, and came to see that Detective S had good literature. The way he explained the stroy was so intense and entertaining, Random Kid didn't want to stop reading. After finishing the article, Random Kid went straight to J.Severe, and showed him the article. J.Severe then suggessted they feature it on the Stories and Info Wiki. "But we can't just feature one of the guy's stories and not give him credit", Random Kid said. "Perhaps, we can say this was a story from--", J.Severe started. Detective Spontaneous appeared out of nowhere and said, "Then I'll just type it myself ". Random Kid and J.Severe agreed.

And so, Spontaneous Editor came to begin writing the story. Random Kid decided that Spontaneous Editor should be able to write stories on the wiki.

Thus, the name Spontaneous Editor, became known on the Stories and Info Wiki.

  • There is no picture of Spontaneous Editor, considering he's so darn secretive.