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Random Kid: Random Girl, first you make a Twilight article and now you make a Twilight story? You BEAST!

Me: You just watch, this stories going to make this wiki famous!

Random Kid: Yeah right.

J.Severe: Random, we should delete this page right away!

Ashley Girl: Come on guys. I'm finally in a story on the Stories and Info Wiki. Now I'll be in stories on both your wikis, just let this one slide.

Random Kid: What do you mean "let it slide"?! The last time I let one of Random Girl's articles "slide", it ended up being an article full of utmost arguments. What with S.C.R constantly appearing and leaving foolish comments! I'm tellin' ya she's obsessed with this book!

Ashley Girl: Random Girl, I'll distract them, you type the article! Rah! (lunges at Random Kid and J.Severe)

Me: Okay, I'll have to do this quick!

Intro: SleepoverEdit

It was about 6 in the afternoon on a Saturday. Ashley and I were up in her room, reading a book. A nice book, the best book to walk this earth! Well, actually, books cannot walk. Anyways, we were reading a book called Twilight Eclipse. It was so great. Back then, it was the Winter, thus, twas' daylight savings time. And it was night fall by 6:00 P.M.

As I was saying, we were reading the beautiful book of Twilight! We were up to the part where Bella was... well, I don't remember. "This book is SO awesome!", Ashley exclaimed! "Yeah, but you know what's even better than a Twilight book?", I asked. Ashley suddenly slapped me across my face! "You crazy goyl!? Nothin's better than Twilight!", Ashley angrily yelled.

"I didn't even mean that what I was saying was-", in the middle of my sentence Ashley slapped me again! "What's wrong with you?!", I yelled as I tackled Ashley! I attempted to punch her but she rolled from under me and kicked me into the wall! I picked up a doll and launched it at her! She tried to jump back, but accidentally bumped into her dresser and all of her Twilight books toppled onto her head!

I picked her up by the collar and was ready to punch the livin' daylights outta her! Just then, her mother busted into the room after hearing the loud sound and saw me with my fist wound up about to hit Ashley. And basically, that's how I ended up going home early.

When I got home, after getting scolded that is, I went upstairs to finish reading Twilight. Later, I went to bed. And ironically, Ashley and I said the same thing at the same time; "I wish I could be a Twilight character in a Twilight world".

And thus, our adventure began.

Chapter 1: In the Book Edit

That night, something strange occured. While I was sleeping, a bright light began to shine from my Twilight book. What was it? Well, I don't know what it was. Anyway's, the next morning, I awoke to find myself in a strange forest of some sort. "Where am I?", I asked myself. I got up and looked around. I was in a beautiful forest with a sparkly river and pretty birds. The birds were singing a tune. "Oh, what a beautiful song", I said and began to dance.

In the middle of my dancing, I tripped over some girl laying flat on her face on the floor. "Ouch! You know, you should really learn to-", that's when I realized that the girl on the ground was Ashley! Ashley awoke from her feeble position sleep. "Who's yelling, I'm tryin' to sleep ya-", Ashley stopped in her yelling. "Where am I?" She turned around and saw me staring blankly at her. "You! What the heck are you doing here!?", Ashley yelled.

"Well, I was going to ask the same question!", I retorted. "Grr!", Ashley ran at me and punched. I ducked and kicked at her! She jumped back and grabbed my leg! I used yoga to bend over and punch her in the face! She threw me to the ground!

She then tried to body-slam me, but I rolled over as she hit the ground with a *THUD*! As our battle continued, a wolf came jumping from the trees!

"What the heck?!", I screamed. "It's... it's... it's a wolf.", Ashley stammered. The wolf walked slowly toward us. Then, the wolf underwent a beautiful transformation. The wolf turned into, Jacob Black! "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!", Ashley screamed in joy! "It's you! It's really you!" "Hi, what are you girls doing out here in the woods?", Jacob asked. "AAAAHHHH!! He actually talked to me!!!!", Ashley exhilerated.

"Umm, is she okay?", he asked me. As I was about to reply, I suddenly began foaming in the mouth and fainted! "Uh, little girl? Little girl!", Jacob called out. Then, everything went black and silent.

Chapter 2: Meeting the Cast! Edit

I awoke to find myself in a bed. I sat up, weary of what had happened a few hours earlier. I looked to the left of me, and saw another bed. A bed in which Ashley was still sleeping in. Just then, the door opened. I was frightened at first, but when I saw what walked through that doorway, I was amazed. It was Jacob Black! "Ja- JACOB BLACK!", I exhilerated. "Heh heh. Looks like you're awake.", Jacob said softly. "Looks like you're even hotter!", I replied. All these years I could imagine myself meeting lips with Jacob Black and now I was this close! Jacob gave me confused look.

"So where are you from? I found you and your friend over there wandering around in the woods, then it looked like you guys just fainted from fatigue.", Jacob explained. "Fainted from fatigue? More like fainted from a hot guy!", I said to myself. "Huh? What was that?", Jacob asked. "Oh nothing!", I said with a smirk. "Huh?", an even softer voice said. Ashley awoke from her deep sleep. "What's going-", she met eyes with Jacob Black and yelled, "JACOB BLACK!" Well... then she fainted again. "Well, that was weird.", Jacob said with a smile. "Yep. She's as weird as you can get!", I said laughing.

"So, you still never told me where you were from.", Jacob said. "Well I'm from-

Random Kid: That's classified information! How do you know some child predator isn't reading this story? This would be his perfect chance to score on a little girl!

Me: Oh yeah. Heh heh, sorry.

"I'm from, well... a town.", I replied. "A town? What town?", Jacob was persistent to learn where I was from. "The town of Forks!", I blurted out. "Forks? So you're from here?", Jacob asked. "Uh, yeah." Suddenly, a woman and a man burst into the room! It was noneother than EDWARD CULLEN! And... BELLA SWAN! "Doesn't this guy own a shirt?", Edward asked. Need I remind you that Jacob was sitting in the same bed as me shirtless?! EEEKK!

Random Kid: Will you shutup?!

J. Severe: Yeah, I'm trying to read the more sophisticated Harry Potter series!

Me: (slaps Random Kid and J. Severe) Can YOU shutup!? Gees, how would you like it if everytime you told a story I interrupted.

Random Kid: (grunt) You're just jealous that we're better writers than you!

Me: Oh really, need I remind you who won the writing contest a few months back?

Random Kid: (shakes head in disgust)

Me: Yeah, thats what I thought.

J. Severe: Ooh, SERVED!

Me: (slaps J. in the mouth) Shutup!

Anyways... "H- hi, Bella.", I said, shaking. "Hi there. So you say you're from Forks, eh?", Bella asked. "Uh, yeah.", I relpied.

Chapter 3: The Brawl!Edit

"I see. Perhaps we could bring you guys back home.", Edward said. "Yeah, uh, I don't think we need your help.", Jacob said, seeming angered. "Why?", Edward asked. "Just get outta here!", he yelled. "I don't like yo' attitude, boahy!", Edward retorted.

Jacob jumped up and gave Edward a good punch to the stomach! "Gak!", Edward coughed. "You BEAST!", Edward said kicking Jacob through the wall! Jacob fell down a hill! "WHOA!", I gasped. "Guys just calm-", Bella started, but was interrupted when Jacob jumped back into the house and kicked at Edward! Edward grabbed Jacob's foot and threw him into the doorway! Jacob jumped up and PUNCHED Edward in the face!

Edward fell back! Jacob kicked Edward into the ground! Edward kicked Jacob in the back! Jacob kicked Edward into the hole left in the wall and jumped out after him! He punched Edward in the air as they were falling and slammed him into the ground! Jacob continuosly kicked Edward until his body was a mere dirt covered corpse. Or so I thought! Edward lunged forth and bit Jacob's neck! But Jacob turned into a wolf and bit him back!

Jacob turned back into a human. He was prepared to deliver the final blow...

"Boys, boys! Just calm down. I know I'm irresistible but I there's no need to fight over me.", I said. Jacob lowered his fist. "Thank you. What does it take to get some self control from you people?"

Random Kid: Darn it! Why didn't you continue with the brawl?! I was hanging off the edge of my computer chair... er, not that it was good, I just took enlightment in reading about a fight where both Jacob and Edward get their butt's whooped!

J. Severe: Me too, what's with that?

Me: Well I couldn't just end the story with non-stop brawling.

J. Severe: Yes you could.

Me: Oh shutup. You'll see. The next chapter will involve an adventure, followed by the last chapter where Edward and Jacob team up!

Random Kid: Whatever, I'd like to see you top Random Kid's Identity Revealed.

Me: Watch me!

J. Severe: Oh boy.

Chapter 4: A Bad Man Does a Good Deed!Edit

"Thanks for stopping them. They always get like this.", Bella proclaimed. "Sigh, I just wish they could get along." "Well you can't blame em' Bella. I'm (swings hair back) irresisteble.", I said triumphantly. "What the-- ?! What's going on?!", a voice said from afar. It was Ashley, who had just woken up. "There was an intense fight.", I replied. Ashley ran up to me. "Between who?", Ashley asked. "Edward and Jacob.", I replied again. "And guess what." "What?", Ashley said. "They were fighting over mwa'.", I exclaimed. "Yeah right.", Ashley said. "It's true." "Right Bella?" "..." "Bella?" "What the heck?! Where'd she go, she was just here!"

Suddenly, "BELLA!!", Edward called out and made hasty pursuit of a man running with an out cold Bella in his arms! "Who is that?!", Ashley asked. "I don't know but he's about to get a good beat down!", I yelled, and began running after him. Ashley followed. He ran to a cliff and jumped off, carefree! "What the-- ?!", Edward said. "NOOOO!!!", Jacob yelled. "DOO-WAAH!", I sarcastically screamed, copying Random Kid and J. Severe as I jumped off the cliff after him!

He looked back and saw me falling near him! "Who are you?!", he asked. "Your worst nightmare!", I replied, and punched him! He dropped Bella!!! "NOO!", I screamed. Bella fell to her death below. She was dead, done, finished! DEAD!!! Perfect, Edwards lover was dead! Now I could have both Edward and Jacob to myself!

J. Severe: What in the world?! You... BEAST!!! You made this whole article just to have Bella die?! This story was a complete waste then!

Me: But wait... there's an Aftermath!


I managed to grab onto a rock and pull myself back up. But Edward and Jacob were so furious that I punched that guy and he dropped Bella that they attacked me! Edward tried to push me off the ledge but I ducked and ran past him. Then, I ran right into Jacob's shirtless, muscular body and fell back down! He grabbed my collar and threw me off the cliff!! I hung on by a mere rock before Edward came and looked down at me! He then kicked my hand off of the rock and I fell to my certain doom! "That's for Bella!", Edward yelled angrily. As I was falling, I began to disperse in thin air. "What the-- ?!", I asked myself. "Random Girl no!", Ashley called out from above. She was also disappearing. By the time I hit the bottom of the trench Ashley and I had dispersed completely! "Where'd she go?", Jacob asked. "Hopefully she's dead.", Edward said.

Random Kid: (bursts out laughing) Hahahah! Look at that, the two guys you love most in the world tried to kill you! Isn't that right J. J.?

J. Severe: (laughing so hard not able to reply)

Me: Well, I thought I'd add a little twist to finish the story. But be warned, this is not the end! Maybe I'll make a sequel to this story. Called The "Breaking Dawn" Adventure! Heh heh, yeah. Maybe after schools over though, I've got a lot of work cut out for me this year.

Random Kid: Sigh, me too.

J. Severe: Me three.

Me: Anyway, let's rap up this story folks. Cause' we've now come to...

THE END!... But wait...


Ashley and I safely returned to the real world where we made up and lived happily ever after...

Now its...