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Cameraman: What the-- ?!

Cameraman zooms in on explosion in background.

Reporter: Well folks, it looks like what we have here is another attack from the infamous N. Brian, an evil clone of the former evil A. Louis. As we speak Writers' United is still battling him attempting to stop his reign of terror.

N. Brian swings forth at Random Kid while they are both hanging off of The Empire State Building!

Random Kid: Whoa! What's wrong with you?!

N. Brian: I was created to destroy you, and thus, I will do so!

From the ground, the rest of Writers' United looks up at the two battling it out.

SpongeWriter: He's going to kill Random, we've got to help him.

J. Severe: And I know just the way. (takes grappling hook out of pocket and throws it up one half of the building, then proceeds to climb up).

Random Girl: Hey, wait for me. (climbs up after J.)

A. Louis: I MUST stop my creation. (climbs up after RG)

Ashley: I'm going too. (climbs up after A. Louis)

SpongeWriter: I'm not goin' anywhere.

A. Louis: Get up here and help boahy!

SpongeWriter: (scoff) Fine. (climbs up after Ashley)

N. Brian: Oh no! They're coming up here. (takes out hand grenade)

Random Kid: Dwaaaaaah!

The grenade falls down and explodes on the ground!

J. Severe: Whoa!

The rope shakes due to the shock wave of the explosion with the rest of Writers' United on it.

Random Kid: (climbs up onto the top of the building and goes head to head with N. Brian!)

N. Brian: Get away from me! (punches at Random)

Random Kid: (ducks and kicks at N. Brian)

N. Brian: (grabs Random's leg and swings him off of the building)

Random Kid: N- no! You... BEAST!!! (punches at N. Brian, but misses)

N. Brian throws Random Kid off of the building!

Random Kid: Waaaah!

As Random is falling, Random Girl grabs onto his hand and pulls him onto the rope.

N. Brian: Darn it. Why don't you all just (takes out grenade) DIE!

N. Brian throws the grenade off of the building and it explodes in the middle! The top half, which N. Brian is on, falls onto the ground backward.

N. Brian: NOOOO!! (yells as he falls to his death)

The top half hit the ground, collapsing into a million pieces with N. Brian's corpse nowhere to be found in the rubble. Due to the explosion, Writers' United falls from the rope and hit's the ground with a tremendous *THUD!*.

Random Kid: (gets up from ground) Ahh, my aching... everything.

J. Severe: I think we defeated him.

The others are still lying on the ground motionless.

Prologue (Cont.)

J. Severe looks up to see a lone grenade flying toward Writers' United.

J. Severe: What the-- ?! Watch out! (ducks on floor)

But he was too late, the grenade exploded right behind Random's back and sent him hurdling to the ground. Emerging from the smoke was N. Brian, his clothes all ripped up and dirty.

N. Brian: (gasp, gasp) I'm going to take you out to lunch... cousin...

J. Severe: (crawls backward in fear) N-no! Get away from me, you beast!

N. Brian: (grabs Random Girl and Ashley) If you don't... I'm afraid these two girls won't be coming to the Anniversary Special tomorrow.

J. Severe: Wait no! (chases after N. Brian)

N. Brian: (kicks J. Severe in the ribs)

J. Severe: (falls to ground) You... really... are... evil... (is knocked out)

N. Brian: (flees the scene)

The Special Begins

The ¾ Year Anniversary Special

The next day... The Audience rushes into the studio to find no one on the stage.

Guy in Audience: What's going on?

Other Guy in Audience: I don't know. Where the heck are they?

Girl in Audience: It looks like no one is here. Maybe they forgot about the special.

Other Girl in Audience: I'm pretty sure Random Kid would remember his own wikis special, maybe they couldn't make it.

Guy in Audience: That's prepostrous! Shutup!

Other Girl in Audience: You shutup!

Girl in Audience: People please regain self control here.

Other Guy in Audience: You're a self control!

Girl in Audience: What? That makes no sense.

Other Guy in Audience: Neither does you mother's face but you don't see me complaining.

Girl in Audience: My mother is NOT ugly.

Other Guy in Audience: That's what you think!

Girl in Audience: (lunges forth at Other Guy in Audience)

An all out brawl breaks out in the Audience.


Random Kid, J. Severe, SpongeWriter and A. Louis all awake in the hospital.

A. Louis: Huh? What's going on.

SpongeWriter: I don't know, the last thing I saw was an explosion and then everything went black.

J. Severe: Well the last thing that I saw was my stupid cousin's clone kicking me in the stomach and kidnapping Random Girl and Ashley! (glares at A. Louis)

A. Louis: Heh heh, sorry bout' that.

Random Kid: So A. Louis, why DID you make a clone of yourself in the first place?

A. Louis: Well it was all back when I was blocked from J. Severe's and your wikis. I wanted to come back, but I couldn't find it in myself to apologize, I figured J. either wouldn't let me back on the wiki or he'd let me back on the wiki but terrorize me for the rest of my life about actually "apologizing", something both he and I know I would never do on a daily basis. Anyway, I was deep in investigation on JSW and SIW and saw that you guys weren't still angry about me and my friends raid. But I still wanted to make sure. So I went down into my basement and concocted something so heinous, no one would believe I did it. It was a clone of me, but it looked more like one of my friends than me, so I decided to give him that psuedonym. N. Brian... Now I had seen J. prior to this, and I knew he'd forgive me, but seeing what I did to Random's wiki, well, I thought he'd encourage J. not to forgive me. So I didn't tell anyonw my plan, and I had my clone go onto the SIW and make friends, although he did make a few enemies too. With that of the making of his enemies, N. Brian was blocked before he got to reveal his true self, and I couldn't figure out how to make another clone, seeing as it was a freak accident that created N. Brian. I couldn't stay away from the wikis, so I decided to just come forward and apologize. And thus, I was an editor again. N. Brian was later unblocked with advice from me. But then, at the end of the JSW's 3/4 Year Special, N. Brian's identity was questioned and later confirmed from his stupidity that he was related, if not, a clone of me! And in the three months of his disappearance, he returned foaming from the mouth with revenge! Thus, that brings us to this point in time, sitting up in the hospital.

Random Kid: (shakes head) Wow.

J. Severe: All that to get to our wikis, they must be pretty awesome eh' Random?

Random Kid: I guess so, more people should visit them. Then they will be pulled into the greatness of the wikis. Just like SpongeWriter here.

SpongeWriter: Heh heh.

J. Severe: So how are we going to deal with N. Brian now?

Random Kid: Well I was thinking-... Wait a minute... Oh no! Oh no! (get's out of hospital bed and runs over to cell phone to check the date)

A. Louis: What? What happened?

Random Kid: NOOO!! (glares at A. Louis) (then runs over to him and slaps him upside his head)

A. Louis: Ow! What did I do?!

Random Kid: You FOOL!! Because of your creation putting us in this hospital, we're missing the SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special!

J. Severe: What the-- ?! We've got to get out of here and-

Random Kid: Wait, I sense a great evil approaching... (looks at door as the knob turns)

The editors parents bust into the room!

Random Kid's Mom: See? I told you he'd be with these other editors of his stupid wiki!

J. Severe's Dad: Boy, you're in serious trouble.

A. Louis' Mom: Now you've gone and done it! We're going back to Florida!

A. Louis: What?! No!

A. Louis' Dad: (slaps A. Louis) Shut cho' mouth boahy!

SpongeWriter's Dad: You're-

SpongeWriter: I know, I'm so grounded I'll need a hole to take the punishment.

Random Kid: Oh great. (gives sheepish smile)

Random Kid's Dad: What are you smiling at?

A. Louis: (whispers to J. Severe) I'll distract the parents, you guys go find N. Brian and get on with that special. (tear streams down cheek) I'll see you later... cuz'.

J. Severe: What? But you'll-

A. Louis: Tsuuuuuaaaah! My arms, I mean my legs, um... My whole body! I think I'm- (faints in a fake manor) Ugh...

All the adults surround A. Louis in worry.

J. Severe: This is our chance guys. (J. Severe whispered)

Together Random, J. and SpongeWriter slowly snuck out of the room. After the parents realized A. Louis was fooling em', they turned around and realized the others were gone.

Random's Mom: What the-- ?! Where are they?!

A. Louis' Mom: Don't you see? My son is too devoius for his own good, he was the distraction while the rest of them snuck out! They were too cunning for us to notice, even if they were wrapped in full body casts!

Random's Dad: That was just... pure genius.

J. Severe's Mom: (slaps Random's Dad)

Random's Mom: Hey, don't slap my husband.

J. Severe's Mom: Fine, I'll slap you for being so stupid! The kids are getting away!

Whilst the two mothers were having a scuffle, the three made it to the elevator. But, before the doors closed, they saw the parents (excluding A. Louis' parents) bust out of the room and run at them!

J. Severe: Close the door, close the door, close the door!

Random Kid: (rapidly pushed 'close door' button)

As the parents are about to reach the elevators, the doors close and the elevator travels down the three flights. Still wrapped in bandages and full body casts, a doctor comes in and recognizes the three are trying to escape.

Doctor: Hey aren't you-

The three dash out of the elevator as soon as it opens, only to find the parents waiting for them when they reached the main lobby and the waiting room.

Random's Mom: Where do you think you're going?

SpongeWriter: To the Stories and Info Wiki's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special! (picks up a giant glass of mints)

SpongeWriter hurled the glass into the group of people and parents in the waiting room.

Random People: What in the-- ?! AAAHHH!

Complete pandemonium occurs as mints fly everywhere, pelting random people! With this, Random Kid, J. Severe, and SpongeWriter were able to escape the wrath of the parents. When they successfully got outside of the hospital they unwrapped the bandages off of themeselves, broke the full body casts by repeatedly slamming themeselves on the concrete, and hastened with their journey.

J. Severe: Heh heh, good job back there SpongeWriter.

SpongeWriter: Thanks, but what are we going to do know? Writers' United is... well, not United anymore. It's more like Writers' Divided. Everyone has been divided and we can't find our way back to eachother.

Random Kid: Well I'm sure A. Louis will find some way to get back here from Florida, he did it before didn't he? Who I'm worried about is Random Girl and Ashley. Who knows what N. Brian has in store for them.

J. Severe: For starters we should get to the studio of the 3/4 Year Anniversary Special and explain to the folks what's going on here in this hectic moment in time. Oh, why did the special have to be today?

SpongeWriter: But how are we going to get to that studio? We're just mere kids with mere minutes to save a couple of lives here and the studio is miles away from this hospital.

Random Kid: Easy. (holds hand up and sticks thumb out)

J. Severe: Uh, what the heck are you doing?

Random Kid: This is the hitch hiking sign, for people to pick us up and drop us off wherever we want.

J. Severe: Don't your parents have a car? Why do you know how to do that?

Random Kid: Eh, I get around.

Within minutes, a taxi pulled up to the side of the road where the kids were standing.

Cab Driver: Where do you kids need to go?

Random Kid: To a studio down in [NAME OF TOWN INHELD]

Cab Driver: All the way down there? That'll be $53.96 kid.

J. Severe: But we don't have any money.

The Cab Driver immediately pulled off.

SpongeWriter: You just had to tell him that, didn't you?

The Studio

Random Kid: Now how are we supposed to get to the studio?

SpongeWriter: Well we can walk.

J. Severe: That's impossible! That'll take days! I've got a much easier way.

Random Kid and SpongeWriter: What?

J. Severe: Watch and learn. (takes out cell phone)

J. Severe dials numbers and puts phone to his ear.

911 Receptionist: Hello?

J. Severe: Hello? 911?

911 Receptionist: Yes, what's your emergency sir?

J. Severe: Erm (clears throat)... Help! Somebody help me! I'm gonna die!

911 Receptionist: Sir, we need you to calm down and calmly tell us your emergency.

J. Severe: Calmly? Calmly?! How can I be calm when I'm about to die!?

911 Receptionist: Sir, why are you about to die?

J. Severe: (gasp, gasp) It's the SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special! I'm going to die if I can't get to it right now!

911 Receptionist: Okay sir, I'm going to need you to tell us your location.

J. Severe: Just track the phone! I'm going to- ("accidentally" drops phone)

J. Severe: (looks back at Random and SpongeWriter who are shocked) And that's how it's done.

Random Kid: What the heck?! Do you realize you could be arrested for faking an emergency?

J. Severe: Never mind that now, help is on the way.

Just then, a police cruiser drives up.

Police Officer: You kids going to SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special?

Random Kid: (nervously) Uh-huh...

Police Officer: Me too! Hop in, (turns on siren), I'll get you there in no time at all.

J. Severe: Man, I'm surprised at how easy that was.

SpongeWriter: Yep.

Soon, the Police Officer arrives at the studio.

Random Kid: Thanks buddy. (jumps out car along with J. and SpongeWriter and burst into the studio only to see the whole Audience engaging in an all out brawl with eachother!)

Police Officer: (walks in) Whoa!

J. Severe: What are we going to do NOW.

Police Officer: This. (takes out handgun and rapidly shoots into the air)

Everyone in the Audience pauses from taking a punch at someone else to look in awe.

Police Officer: If I were you I'd sit down, unless you want to be arrested and put in jail for all eternity.

The Audience just stared at the Police Officer and within seconds, began brawling again.

Random Kid: Or unless you want to be BLOCKED from SIW!

In hearing this, the whole Audience sits quiet and diligently in their seats.

Random Kid: THAT'S how it's done.

Help From a Few Old Enemies Friends!

Random Kid, J. Severe, and SpongeWriter go backstage as the Police Officer sits down in the Audience. Random Kid, J. Severe, and SpongeWriter come out on the stage.

Random Kid: Folks, we know you have a lot of questions.

Guy With a Black Eye: Yeah, like where the heck have you been?

J. Severe: Not to worry Guy with the Black Eye, that will be answered as well.

Girl With Eye Print on her Fist: And where are Random Girl and Ashley?

Other Guy With a Black Eye: And A. Louis, and his clone, N. Brian.

J. Severe: Folks, this day marks a dark day in SIW history.

Guy With a Black Eye: B-but I thought this was supposed to be a happy day?

Random Kid: No, it's not. It may be SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary but...

Guy With a Black Eye: But what?

Girl With Eye Print on her Fist: Will you shutup and let the boy talk unless you want yet another black eye?!

Guy With a Black Eye: N-never mind.

Random Kid: Anyway folks, we've got some bad news. Writers' United has been divided.

Guy With Ripped-up Shirt: What happened? Did you guys have a fight or something?

J. Severe: No, it was N. Brian's doing!

Audience: Gasp!

Guy With Ripped-up Shirt: But I thought A. Louis was good, his clone should be too right?

SpongeWriter: Wrong. A. Louis created N. Brian when A. Louis was still evil. Thus, N. Brian was given evil intentions and never changed.

Random Kid: The lunatic has kidnapped Random Girl and Ashley!

Audience: What the-- ?!

Kid With Broken Leg: I knew he was evil from the start. Poor Random Girl, she must be so cold and lonely...

Random Kid: And that's why the special today must be... (sheds tear of disgust) cancelled!

Audience: Gasp! No!

J. Severe: Yes, I'm afraid so folks. In order to save the girls' lives.

Kid With Broken Leg: What about A. Louis?! Can't he run the special just like at the JSW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special while you guys are out saving lives?

Random Kid: That's another thing. Sadly, due to deep trouble from his parents, A. Louis was... forced to go back to Florida.

Girl With Eye Print on her Fist: N-no... (sheds tear) No there must be another way.

SpongeWriter: Well actually the only other way is for Random and J. to gather up all of there worst enemies who've been on SIW and know how to run a special according to schedule.

Random Kid: W-what?! No! That's-

Audience: Do it! Do it! DO IT!

Girl With Murderous Look in Her Eyes: Do it boy, or I'll make sure my foot is the last thing you'll see.

J. Severe: Okay, okay, gees. You know where this is going don't you Random?

Random Kid: Sadly, (takes out cell phone) yes...


Random dials a number in his phone.

Hevani: Hello?

Random Kid: Uh, hiya Hevani.

Hevani: Random? How ya doin? How ya been? What's up?

Random Kid: Listen Hevani, I didn't call you to shoot the breeze with you, I called to ask an important question.

Hevani: Really? Oh yes, I will! Yes I will ma--

Random Kid: No not that! What the HECK is wrong with you?!

Hevani: Huh? Oh, heh heh. What is it?

Random Kid: Well we seem to be in quite a dillema for SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special, we're running low on hosts. So I called to... to... a-a-ask... you... to... b-be a h-h-h-h-...

Hevani: Just say it!

Random Kid: Host! Gosh, will you be a host for it?

Hevani: Why don't you ask Random Girl to be a host?! (scoff)

Random Kid: Well that's just the thing, RG has been kidnapped and it's up to you to take her place.

Hevani: She's been kidnapped? Yay! I never liked her anyway.

Random Kid: (scoff) So will you do it?

Hevani: Sure, why not, I'll be there in a few minutes.

Random hangs up the phone...

Random Kid: Phew... now that that's over.

J. Severe: But we still need more hosts. I think you know who to call... (whispers in Random's ear)

Random Kid: O_O! You... BEAST!!! Never in my life would I--...

J. Severe: Come on. Just look at the Audience.

Random Kid: (glances over at Audience) Sigh, I guess I'll have to call... her...

Random Child

Random dials a number in his phone.

Random Child: Hello?

Random Kid: Hello?

Random Child: Hello?

Random Kid: Hello?

Random Child: Who the heck is this!?

Random Kid: This is your cousin, Random Kid!

Random Child: What?! Random Kid?! What do you want?!

Random Kid: Well I--

Random Child: Shutup, I don't care what you want!

Random Kid: No is that any way to talk to your dear cousin?

Random Child: I said shutup! What do you want?

Random Kid: (scoff) I want you to come ruin my wiki!

Random Child: What? I haven't done that since March 31st.

Random Kid: Heh heh, that go you to listen.

Random Child: What do you want from my life?!

Random Kid: I want you to come to the studio and be a host on SIW's 3/4 Year Anniversary Special.

Random Child: I don't give a dang about you stupid wikis' special.

Random Kid: Sigh, I'll make you a deal.

Random Child: And what does this "deals" intel?

Random Kid: I'll uh... (glances over at J. Severe)

Random Child: I'm listening.

Random Kid: I'll let you beat up my best friend!

J. Severe: What the-- ?! No you--

Random Child: Deal!

Random Kid: Okay, bye!

Random quickly hangs up the phone.

J. Severe: You idiot!

Random Kid: Hey, you're the one who made me do it in the first place.

SpongeWriter: Well, we should get one more host.

Random Kid: (thinks) Hm, I can't think of anyone else.

J. Severe: Well these people are waiting. We best give them some entertainment before they get bored and never visit our wikis again.

SpongeWriter: I don't think we have a choice Random, you need one more person.

Random Kid: Let's see, it needs to be someone who was in our class J.

J. Severe: Yeah, someone who's actually been to our--

Just then, Random Child busts in and punches J. Severe out cold!

Random Kid: Whoa! (jumps back) That was fast.

Random Child: To beat up someone, I'm like lightning.

Hevani also walked in the door and up on stage.

Hevani: All you girls out there who like Twilight, scream!

Various girls in the Audience scream.

Random Kid: We need one more host... but who? Someone in our class, someone who's been on the wiki and pretty much knows how to run a special.

SpongeWriter: Well... I have a person.

J. Severe: Really? Who?

SpongeWriter: Are you sure you guys won't disagree?

Random Kid: Uh-huh.

SpongeWriter: Promise?

J. Severe: Just say it already.

SpongeWriter: Okay. I choose to nominate... Weirdo Guy!

J. Severe: Gasp! What?! Didn't he vandalize the wiki?

Random Kid: I guess. But you have to remember, he did make an article that was recycled into a story.

SpongeWriter: Yeah, the Breaking Rules at Stories and Info Wiki page. Now it's one of the most entertaining stories on Stories and Info Wiki, and still not finished.

Random Kid: I plan to finish that story before school starts.

J. Severe: Weirdo Guy, eh?

Random Kid: Well SpongeWriter, go for it.

SpongeWriter: Right. (takes out cell phone)

Weirdo Guy

SpongeWriter dials Weirdo Guy's number.

Weirdo Guy: Hello?

SpongeWriter: Yes, hey there Weirdo Guy.

Weirdo Guy: What the-- ?! SpongeWriter? What do you want?

SpongeWriter: Er, well you remember SIW don't you?

Weirdo Guy: Yeah, that wiki that I vandalized. Heh heh.

SpongeWriter: Yes, well, we're in sort of a dillema here and we need you to come down and be a host.

Weirdo Guy: A host for what?

SpongeWriter: A host for the 3/4 Year Anniversary special.

Weirdo Guy: Are you serious? Me? A host?

SpongeWriter: Yep. Maybe this'll be your chance to finally become an editor.

Weirdo Guy: As I said before, you have to go through too much trash to become an editor there.

SpongeWriter: Actually if you right a good enough story like me, then you'll be able to become an editor right then and there.

Weirdo Guy: Sigh, whatever. But only because you were my friend.

SpongeWriter: Thanks Weirdo.

SpongeWriter hangs up the phone.

SpongeWriter: Finished.

Random Kid: Great job SpongeWriter, we've recruited three editors suited to be the hosts of the special.

J. Severe: Now how do you like that Audience?

Audience: (cheers)

'Random Kid: 'So the special won't have to be cancelled after all.

Audience: (cheers)

J. Severe: But we've still got to stop N. Brian.

Random Kid: Yeah, everything's not back to normal yet.

SpongeWriter: Now as soon as Weirdo Guy arrives we can get going.

Random Kid: But first. (hands Hevani the schedule) Hevani, just know, the fate of this special was thrust into your hands.

J. Severe: Don't fail us now.

Random Child: (scoff) I could've been waisting my day with something way better than this.

Audience: Boo!

Random Child: Boo me one more time and I'll take one of you're heads off.


Random Child: That's what I thought.

Weirdo Guy: People, the Weirdo has arrived!

Weirdo Guy walks through the door.

J. Severe: Perfect Weirdo, you're here.

Random Kid: And now folks, the special shall commence!

Audience: Yaaaay.

J. Severe: But without us. We must go on a journey to stop N. Brian.

Audience: Awww...

Random Kid: But not to worry, meanwhile you'll be entertained by these three chosen ones.

Audience: (cheers)

J. Severe: Hevani.

Hevani: (waves to Audience) Hiya.

Random Kid: Random Child.

Audience: Silence.

Guy With Ripped-up Shirt: Boo.

Random Child: (scoff) (takes crowbar out of her pocket and hurls it into the Audience)!

Various screams are heard in the Audience...

Random Kid: You... BEAST!! You could've killed someone.

SpongeWriter: And finally, Weirdo Guy.

Weirdo Guy: What's up?

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: And now folks, we'll be on our way.

Random Kid, J. Severe and SpongeWriter walk out of the door.

The Audience turns around and stares at the three on the stage, zealously awaiting the special to begin.

Start the Special

Hevani: Uh, heh heh. (looks down at schedule) It looks like we'll first begin our special with the reading of the letters from fans. Questions n' Letters.

Weirdo Guy: Questions n' Letters, eh?

Hevani: But before we do that, let's welcome all of you.

Random Child: Welcome to SIW's Official 3/4 Year Anniversary Special.

Hevani: No, no wait. Welcome to...

The Stories and Info Wiki's ¾ Year Anniversary Special!

Hevani: That's better.

Weirdo Guy: Okay, how's everybody doing today?

Guy With a Black Eye: Well other than this black eye I'm doing fine.

Guy With Ripped-up Shirt: Me too.

Random Child: Great. Now I'll pretend like I care. (:

Guy With a Black Eye: That's messed up.

Girl With Eye Print on her Fist: And uh... so is your eye.

Guy With a Black Eye: ... thanks.

Hevani: Anyway, let's get cracking on the reading of those letters.

Audience: (cheers)

Questions n' Letters

Random Child: It says on the schedule to do the Reading of the Letters first. So uh... here we are.

Guy With Crowbar Stabbed Through Him: Man that was bland...

Random Child: I have another crowbar in muh' pocket y'know.

Guy With Crowbar Stabbed Through Him: O_O P-please no! No! No! No I want ta' live! NOOOO!!!

Hevani: ... anyway...


Hevani: (takes envelope out of pocket) And this first letter is from "Earl McOrd."

Random Child: Earl McOrd? You can just tell he was made fun of as a kid.

Weirdo Guy: So what does the letter say?

Hevani: Dear Random Kid, I've noticed you created a new character by the name of Jordan Roverson. What stories will this new original character of yours be featured in?

Weirdo Guy: Well I can answer that. If you read the page: The Series, you'll find that it said Jordan Roverson is starring in all of the stories in that series.

Random Child: Jordan Roverson, eh? Seems... well... cool.

Hevani: (takes envelope out of pocket) And this next letter is from someone named "J.R."

Random Child: J.R.? Who the heck is that?

Hevani: I don't know. Wasn't this person also the owner of that old record player that helped Sarah Pickett and A. Louis get the Audience dancing at the JSW's 3/4 Year Anniversary three months ago?

Weirdo Guy: (closes laptop) Yep.

Hevani: Well it reads: Dear Writers' United, are the Special Ops (which I am NOT in...) also considered apart of Writers' United?

Weirdo Guy: Well that's easy. No, no they're not. The reason for that is because Writers' United is for the writers of the two wikis, the Special Ops would just be considered as apart of the Staff of SIW. Know what I'm saying?

Random Child: Well no, I'm sure he doesn't know what you're saying. Probably because this is a letter, not an actual person you're talking to right now.

Weirdo Guy: Really? Are you sure J.R.'s not in the audience?

Hevani: Maybe he is, maybe he isn't but anyway, let's move on to the next letter. (takes letter out of pocket) Looks like this one is from Andre Terrence.

Weirdo Guy: What does it say?

Hevani: It reads: Dear Writers' United, what's with all the vandals on your wikis. What's the deal with those noobs, they just want trouble! But why?

Weirdo Guy: Well it's obvious that these vandals were jealous of the success of Random and J. They sought to take control of the internet for their own selfish desires!

Hevani: Well... and it looks like that's it for our letters folks. Now we'll be moving on to the questions straight from the people in the Audience.

Audience: (cheers)


Random Child: Okay, any questions from the Audience?

Various hands in the Audience raise.

Weirdo Guy: You. The guy with the top hat.

The Guy With the Top Hat: Yes, er... There have been a lot of new articles on the Stories and Info Wiki. But some of the older articles still go unfinished. How do you plan on finishing ALL those articles before school starts in a month.

Hevani: Well, the Writers' United plans to get more editors on the two wikis to help finish all the articles as well as clean up the un-needed ones.

The Guy With the Top Hat: Oh. That's all. (sits down)

Weirdo Guy: You there. The teenager with the pimples.

The Teenager With the Pimples: Hey, that's offensive!

Random Child: We could care less, now get on with your question!

The Teenager With the Pimples: So uh... you gonna get any teenage girls to work here?

Weirdo Guy: What the-- ?! You... BEAST!!!

The Teenager With the Pimples: I'm just saying.

Random Child: ... Take em' out!

Guards #1 and #2 jump out from behind the curtains and shoot down The Teenager With the Pimples!

Guard #1: Target eliminated!

Guard #2: Anyone else want to say something stupid?


Guard #2: That's what I thought.

Guards disappear behind the curtains.

Weirdo Guy: Now that that's over, does anyone else have a question?

Guy raises hand.

Weirdo Guy: Uh, you. (points to person)

Guy stands up to reveal a crowbar stabbed through his leg.

Guy With Crowbar Stabbed Through Leg: *cough* *cough* Can someone get me to a hospital?

Weirdo Guy: No! This is a special, not a giant ambulance.

Random Child: You want me to put you out of your misery?

Guy With Crowbar Stabbed Through Leg: (collapses)

Random Child: Guess not.