Principal: Shut ya mouth boahy and get to work!

THIS is what started all of this. All of this chronicles thing, but it's kinda boring, isn't it? Isn't it boring to be a cleaner IN A SCHOOL... when you are still a student and others have reason to make fun of you? I would make too...

SpongeWriter: I don't care even, if you are a principal. I'm not going to do anything!
Principal: I said "get to work!"
SpongeWriter: Okay.

The Chronicles

Day 1

Random Student: [Throws trash on a floor] Cleaner, you have work.

SpongeWriter: I'll show you the work! [Goes at Random Student]

Random Student: Uh. So, you're the new cleaner, SpongeWriter, huh? hehe. AND what happened to previous one?

SpongeWriter: I beat the heck out of him, and I'm going to do same with you. Now, FIGHT!

Random Student: But he was karate-master...

SpongeWriter: No. Fortunately, you are un-karate-master, so I'm better than you... SO, are you going to fight or what?

Random Student: [Walks away] No, I'm not. Fighting with a cleaner is so un-cool. Oh, and don't forget that you have work...

Day 2

SpongeWriter: Oh, I'm tired of this stupid work! Hmm... Maybe, I'll try to lure away from it?

Spongewriter: [Leaves his mop, and walks away. Suddenly, alarm goes on] What the-?

Pricipal: Cleaner isn't trying to lure away from his work, is he?!

SpongeWriter: [Runs back to his place, and takes the mop] [To everybody] Guys, would you be so kind and say that I didn't lure away from my work?

Guys: Sure.

Principal: So, did he?

Somebody: Yes, he did.

SpongeWriter: WHAT? But you said you would say that I didn't!

Somebody: I'm not a guy. I'm girl. And you said 'guys'!

Day 3: THE END!!

Principal: I'm firing you!

SpongeWriter: YAY! [Happy dances]

Principal: Hmmm..NOPE, you still are working.

SpongeWriter: YOU'RE SO CRUEL! NOOOOOOOOOOO [Scream fades away]

Principal: 'Cruel'? I was trying to be MORE bad than THAT!!

SpongeWriter: Okay.........I HATE YOU!!

Principal: [Happy dances]

SpongeWriter: [Knocks the principal out and runs away] YAY I GOT HIS WALLET!

Teacher: [Was walking by] What?

SpongeWriter: Umm...Nothing?


SpongeWriter: [Gives 20 bucks to the teacher] You didn't hear/see anything. GOT IT?

Teacher: [Takes the 20 bucks] Nope.

SpongeWriter: Darn it.