I've noticed it. And I'm sure you've noticed it too. What have you noticed? Well, simply look at the name of this article. Cousins, what can you infer about Random Kid and J.Severe's cousins. Have you figured it out. Haven't you noticed that all of Random Kid and J.Severe's cousins are antagonists on the wiki, 3 of em' are on the Stories and Info Wiki Wanted List. Can you believe that?

It seems that every one of Random Kid and J.Severe's cousins want to bring SIW and JSW to an unearthly end! Let's take A. Louis for example. The second J.Severe told him about his website, the fool never ceased to try and bring down the wikis' reign. As well as one of his other Unregistered Contributor cousins. Next let's take one of Random Kid's antagonizing cousins whom made an appearance on the Blog, MybestFriend (a foolish username of course). He antagonized Random Kid on the blog. Secondly we'll move onto Randomchild (another foolish username of a cousin of Random Kid's). She abruptly tried to reveal Random Kid's real name, but ended up failing miserably.

So I ask myself, why would my dearest cousins do this? The answer is still hidden...