In The Poor Boy: The Dance, an installment in the Poor Boy series, Dave & Frank prepare for the Grade Dance. However, they have different views on dancing -- Dave's is more classical, and Frank's is more teen-oriented -- and when Dave sees what the kids of today do, he gets into an argument with Frank over the proper etiquette of dance.

A Normal ClassEdit

Dave jumped out of the building as it exploded behind him! He dashed down the side of the building as everything above him crumbled in the flames! Another figure was dashing down the side of the building. It looked like the man he had encountered before. The man pulled out a lightsaber and slashed at Dave! Dave dodged the attack and kicked at the man! The man grabbed Dave's leg and swung him around, bashing him into the building! Dave rolled down, beaten, until his shirt caught onto a ledge. "*cough cough*...", he wheezed. Dave looked up to see the man landed right in front of him! The man grabbed Dave by the neck and slapped him repeatedly!

Dave, trying to escape, kicked the man in the stomach! The man gasped for air and let go of Dave who continued to tumble down! Then, the crumbled building's debris reached the man, and buried him in a pile of rocks! "Raaaah! Noooo!", the man yelled. Dave hastily pulled out a grappling hook and shot! The hook caught onto a pole of a nearby building, and Dave swung away from the dilapidating skyscraper as it fell to the ground, the man in the rubble! "Wake up, Daaaaave!", the man shouted as he fell to his death! "Never, random ---! Wait, did you say, 'wake up'?", Dave asked.

"Yes, of course. This is a dream", a talking zebra said, standing next to Dave. "It is?", Dave asked. "Why, yes. This is a realistic fiction story. Exploding building and junior high boys swinging on grappling hooks don't happen in REAL life, do they? The author just merely wanted to start off the story with a bang", the zebra explained. "Will you stop breaking the fourth wall?!", Dave retorted, annoyed. "Alright, fine. Just wake up!", the zebra replied.

"Wake up... wake up... WAKE UP!", the teacher yelled. "Wh-what?", Dave asked, slowly opening his eyes. "You feel asleep in my class is what!", the teacher replied. "Well, maybe if your teaching wasn't so boring, maybe I'd stay awake once in awhile!", Dave insulted, apparently still sleepy and cranky if he were to talk to the teacher this way. "Oh, yeah? Well, maybe you'll stay awake in the PRINCIPAL's office!", the teacher yelled. "Yeah, maybe I would. But, seeing as I need my beauty sleep, I think I'll stay here for the time being", Dave said, putting his head down again. "NO! Go NOW!", the teacher growled. "Alright, fine, grumpy-pants. Yeesh, no wonder I fall asleep in here...", Dave muttered, leaving the room.

Dave entered the Principal's office and sat down. The Principal faced him. "Oh, hello there Dave. What brings you here?", he asked. Dave, now wide awake said, "Well, the teacher sent me here." "Which teacher?", the Principal asked. "Y'know, the teacher", Dave replied. "Ohhhh! That teacher! Well, Dave, I know you're a good kid and that you rarely do anything wrong -- except for the whole 'list' thing, but that's behind us -- so I'll let you off with a warning. Don't do... whatever the teacher sent you here for", the Principal replied. "Okay", Dave said, leaving the room to go back to class.

The Grand EventEdit