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Twas 25 years after I had my first encounter with the home invader who put my whole life in peril... waiting for that maniac to return and show his hideous face. Waiting for him to reveal his true colors! I had become a man... had a wife and three kids. The kids names were the following (warning these are just made up names because I am not an adult nor do I have kids, thank you very much)-

Brando- an 11 year old boahy

Marie- an 8 year old goyl

Tyler- a 3 year old boahy

Yes I was a successful business man and author. Writing various childrens books filled with ultra intensity! I had just dropped the kids off at their grandparents house (my mother and father) and was heading home for a camping trip with my friends and family. "Hey Marie, wanna go get some snacks?", Brando whispered at about 1 am in the morning. "You're a fool. We're supposed to be in bed you genius", Marie retorted. "I hungwy", Tyler yelled. " No! You fool shutup before you wake gramma and grampa", Brando whispered. "Don't tell him to shutup", Marie defended her little brother. "Guh! Fine I'll just go get snacks myself ", said Brando.

Part 2-

He got up out of bed and scooted downstairs. As he was passing the front door downstairs he heard a bang! "What the", he said to himself. Another bang came from the front door! Brando sprinted up the steps as fast as his legs could, even skipping steps. "Brando! What the heck is wrong with you?! You could've woke grandma and grandpa!", Marie whispered. "Gramma and grampa's rest doesn't matter when there are inconspituous bangs on the door", Brando yelled. "Inconspituous bangs? What are you talking about I heard nothing", a confused Marie said. "Well thats because you were upstairs fool", Brando yelled again. Suddenly, the kids heard a final bang and the door flew open. "Aaahh! What the heck was that", Marie yelled.

Part 3-

All you could hear were footsteps and smashing around downstairs. Tyler began to cry sensing danger from his toddler mind. The grandparents were still sleeping despite all of the noise. "Aahh! What're we gonna do", Brando yelled. "We're gonna die that's what we're gonna do", Marie cried. "Footsteps... they're coming up the stairs" Brando whispered. He covered Tylers mouth and Marie and him hid under the covers. The footsteps roamed around upstairs, whispering among themeselves. "Did ya hear those kids", one home invader whispered to the other. "Yeah, they were yelling and I think I heard some baby crying". "I not a baby", Tyler screamed pulling the unsuspectin Brandos hand from his mouth! "What the did ya hear that". "Yeah I think it came from that room over there". The home invaders entered the childrens room and pulled the covers off of them. "Uh-oh", Brando said. "Heh heh. Gotcha".

Part 4-

"So uhh, now that you found us are you gonna kidnap us or something", Brando said softly. "Heh heh, we were just gonna let you go with a you ain't see nothing warning and 100 bucks but now that I think of it we probably should kidnap you", the home invader said. "You can't just shutup once in a while can you", Marie yelled at Brando. "Geesh sorry", Brando said. He got up and pretended to walk toward the home invaders. Suddenly, Brando dashed passed the home invaders and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. "What the", the home invader yelled. "And of course he doesn't tell us about his small plan", Marie said. "You take these kids. I'll get the fool in the bathroom", said a home invader. Brando was pinned against the wall in the bathroom! The home invader continuously banged on the bathroom door! "What am I gonna do?!", Brando thought to himself.

Part 5-

The police arrived to save the kids once again. But the home invaders weren't inclined to run away again. They took Tyler and Marie and ran down the steps. Brando busted out of the bathroom and chased them down, trying to retrieve his sister and brother! The home invader turned around and threw Marie onto the ground to distract Brando! Another home invader came and punched Brando, knocking him out cold! "Noo! Bran-", Marie was knocked out cold also. The police ran into the house to counterattack the home invaders. "No! They're inside!", the home invader yelled. A police officer tackled one of the home invaders! "I gotta get out of here", the home invader yelled.


In the end the home invaders were caught and Brando, Marie, and Tyler were saved. So, I guess the home invaders aren't coming back to terrorize anymore people in my generation.