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Unregistered Contributors are a group of supporting antagonists in the life of Random Kid. They have come to wreak havoc upon the once peaceful wiki and are stopped by Random Kid and the rest of Writers' United, an elite team of writers from SIW and JSW.

Story: An... Unexpected Visitor...Edit

It was just another peaceful day. Random Kid, or Random for short, was freely roaming the internet. "I wonder what's going on at the wiki.", he thought to himself. Random typed in the URL for the wiki, thus, taking him to the home page of the Stories and Info Wiki. Random logged in and went to "My Home", only to see that an Unregistered Contributor was vandalizing the wiki! "Huh? What's going on-- ?!", Random started. He deleted the Unregistered Contributors disruptive work. Thinking that all was restored to order, Random left the wiki and continued on to once again search the internet. That's when he recieved a dire call from best friend, J. Severe.

Random Kid: Hello?
J. Severe: Gasp, gasp! Hello?
Random Kid: Uh, J.?
J. Severe: Random, I've got some terrible news!
Random Kid: What?
J. Severe: An Unregistered Contributor has appeared and--
Random Kid: Don't tell me, vandalized the wiki?!
J. Severe: Not just your wiki, but mine too. Looks like this guy's got a grudge against the both of us!
Random Kid: We've got to stop this maniac!
J. Severe: Okay, let's meet up on the SIW.
Random Kid: Right. (hangs up phone)

Random quickly typed in the URL for the Stories and Info Wiki again, only to see that the Unregistered Contributor had done even more damage! Removing all content from pages and leaving comments with nothing but full out profanity! "Who is this fool!?", Random thought to himself. He was able to once again, delete the Unregistered Contributor's evil doings.

Part 2: The ThreatEdit

Random then blocked the Unregistered Contributor for three months. He also helped J. undo some of the damage on the JSW as well. It looked as though peace was restored, that is, until yet another Unregistered Contributor appeared. This Anonymous User left a mere comment, and this mere comment struck fear into the heart of Random!

Unregistered Contributor: I see you've blocked my partner, but, you can't block us all.

Random saw this comment and replied.

Random Kid: Us? Who are you?!
Unregistered Contributor: Your "dear" "friend." Hehe.
Random Kid: Dear friend? No friend of mine would vandalize something important to me!
Unregistered Contributor: That's too bad. I know where you live, boy.
Random Kid: Know where I--, that's impossible.
Unregistered Contributor: Oh really, then explain why I'm about to ring your doorbell right... NOW!

Just then, Random's doorbell rang. "What the-- ?!", Random exclaimed in shock. He went downstairs, grabbed a knife out of the utencil drawer, and slowly edged toward the door. He put is hand on the doorknob, and slowly twisted it. He opened the door and slashed forth with the knife! "What the-- ?! WHOA!", Random's Dad yelled, jumping backward and dodging the slash. It turned out to be Random's Dad ringing the doorbell, because he lost his key. "What the HECK wrong with you, boy!?", Random's Dad scolded. "Huh? But I--", Random started to explain, dropping the knife.