Just a few days ago, one of the most heinous things known to mankind happened. Worse than a bombing of the Empire State Building. Worse than the Statue of Liberty being set on fire. Here's what happened....

I dropped my sandwich.

Deep, ain't it? But anyways, let's be serious here. Just so you know, I'm not normally serious. As a matter of fact, I hate being serious. Serious stinks! Fun forever! ... Ahem. Sorry 'bout that. Today we're gonna talk about Haiti.

See, ironically, this handsome guy over here originates from Haiti. Both my parents are from there. So I get a lot of French and Creole here and there. But lately, Haiti's gotten no luck. It became the poorest country in the western hemisphere and -- what the heck?! Get away from me you beast! What ---? Huh? Oh... heh, hi Mom. Ahem. So anyway on January 12, 2010, the most unneeded thing at the moment accured. An earthquake.

Earthquakes are pests. I think I'm gonna go shoot an earthquake. Mary, where's my shotgun? Mary! Yes, my shotgun! What?! What do you mean you sold it?! How dare you sell MY shotgun?! What's wrong with yo-?! Huh? I can't shoot an earthquake? Of course I can! Who says I can't? The laws of physics says I can't? Well, the heck with the laws of physics, I'm-a gonna shoot me some earhquakes! ... What-? Oh, the camera's on. Heh heh. Eh... Randy, remind me to delete this part later.

So, Haiti, what with its bad luck and whatnot, was incredibly hurt by this quake. And it wasn't just wasn't a little earthquake like those ones in California, no, THIS was a whole 7.0 Magnitude earthquake. I don't know what that means either, but on a scale of 10 7 is a high number. Haiti doesn't necessarily have the great contracting we Americans have so it was like the domino effect. Millions of homes and various buildings were crumbled and many people died. It's truly sad, folks. And that part I'm not laughing about. Sniffle... I need a moment... Hiccup.

But this did not happen all over the country hopefully. It was only in Port-au-Prince (the capital) and its surrounding areas. However, millions of people live in that area. And even the President and the First Lady's palace collapsed and they've nowhere to go. So you can imagine how devastating it is. No you can't imagine it. It's too heinous for words!

You may think "Ah, it's no big deal. I've no family in Haiti." Well FYI, someone you know has family. Yes, me! Here's what happened: My Aunt's house collapsed and now she's on the street. My Uncle was last seen running as houses crumbled behind him. There. Why, other people have more trageties than that. One of the girls in my class lost her father and grandfather in all the ruckus. It's truly sad. And--. Are you laughing? Wha--?! Mary, look at this clown! They're laughing at this horrible event! What's wrong with you?!

Anyway, blabbering about this ain't gonna help. So I'll list a bunch of website you can go to to donate money to Haiti, or just learn more about the entire situation. Go on and think about all the families that have been torn apart, people weeping, dead corpses... It really makes you think folks. This tragety has brought out the good in countries around the world who are willing to extend a hand to help a country in dire assistance. You can help too. Please... don't let this wonderful country fade into history...


Oh gosh, what was that all about? Yeesh, I'm never being that serious again. Anyways, see y'all. Peace!


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