Lately, random people have been on my wiki and editing things against my wishes. It's not just some regular word, like "chocolate." That, I can forgive. However, when you type full fledged-out profanity that shouldn't even be thought of by any living person... well, that's just despicable.

If you have any brains at all, you'd have read the rules on the home page. It says that this is a "family-friendly wiki". FAMILY-FRIENDLY . Using profanity and saying innappropiate stuff is NOT family-friendly. Which means if you don't follow this, you got mental problems!

If you don't know what profanity means, it's cursing or swearing. Just so you know. People who have trouble followed these rules are, what I call, online terrorists. These include:

  • FERB11
  • Unregistered Contributor (numerous)

These are the villains on this wiki that I had to block for their ruthlessness. I'm tellin' ya, I don't like blocking people. I hate blocking people. As a matter of fact, I'd love many people to enjoy this website and bask in its beauty. But I can't do that if every second I find "mother******* a******" on a page. Should this happen, I'll be forced to do more than just "block" you. I'll have you hunt you down and take you out!

Some rude folks note that on the Joel Severe page, the character is noted as being extremely handsome - and they post that he is ugly. It's just good, clean fun folks. You don't need to go around saying he or I or anyone else is ugly. And you certainly don't need to say anything innappropiate. Some people are just plain evil. They have no respect for authority and are just a bunch of delinquent hooligans! And they're just like criminals. When they are released from jail, or in this case blocking, they tend to go back for revenge. This might mean the same fools who messed up the wiki before create more disaster. If only I could block these idiots for eternity and get them out of my life!...

So, if you see random foolishness on any page, just remember that it was made by some other guy. Not me. I'd never do something so disruptive. I'm a good person. These people are heartless freaks who prey on innocient victims. Why, these people need to learn how to love. Can't we all just GET ALONG? It's all those adult shows who put the foul language and horrible images into the minds of innocient youngsters and turn them into gangsters. Why, just imagine if everyone were friends. If there were no gangsters, and everything was perfect. No one would have to worry about thieves, kidnappers, or murders. But of course, this happens because of some editors who choose the dark side of online participation.

Can't you see? Just leave this wiki be. You can check back on this website every few weeks or so, but don't edit. Don't click on "edit this page" or anything. Just leave it to me. I can take care of the website by myself. All you do is watch.

So don't click that button, boy. Do NOT click that button or else you'll be the sorry-est person on Earth. Don't click... Make the right choice... No click... No... no... Good boy!

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