Kinect (Natal) for the Xbox 360

(gasp), (gasp) Oh my GOSH! People, I've just done extensive research and I found something that revolutionizes not just gaming, but the world as we know it! Introducing... Xbox 360 Kinect!

This magnificent new system is compatible with the Xbox 360 is puts YOU as the controller! There is just nothing more to say! Please comment on this world-changing event! I've gotta go get an Xbox 360! Folks, this new invention will be out by Fall 2010! Start saving ya money! Whoo!

Heh-heh. I-I'm sorry about that. Let me just explain this. The third video just blew me away. We see a lady and she's talking to a guy. Not just any guy - a computer-animated guy. On the TV. He's not even just a real guy, he's a computer character! And what's more, he talks and chats with you as if he's an actual person! What the heck?! It's the Jetsons 42 years early!

The first two video just shows you what it can do, how you interact with it, and whatnot. It doesn't compare to the third one but they're still awesome! All I can say is, this makes the Wii look like a piece of doo-doo! For more information, go to, and But for the time being, just check out the vids below. It'll blow your mind!

Nintendo 3DS

Another game system that may not be as amazing but deserves a place in the same sentence is the Nintendo 3DS. This here handheld system is the successor to the Nintendo DSi, and as such, has backwards compatibility with DSi and DS games. The 3DS is impressive because it can create 3D effects without the need of those pesky glasses. To boot, it can also take 3D photos AND make 3D videos. So you can record an all-out brawl in 3D! Awesome!

The top screen is the screen with the third-dimensions, and it's 3.53 inches long. The bottom touch screen, which lacks the three-dimensional stuff, is 3.02 inches long. The whole things weighs 8 ounces in all. When you close it, the 3DS is 5.3 inches wide, 2.0 inches long, and 0.8 inches tall. That's pretty much the stuff.

In the image you see above, you can see that on the right side of the top screen, there's a tiny slider. Yep, right there. See, the interesting thing that does is that it adjusts the power of the 3D. So you can make 3D, or 2D. Best of both worlds, I guess. Also, on the left of the bottom screen, you can see there's that there's a round nub analog input called a "slide pad", kinda like the one on the PSP, only cooler, newly added. Below that, there's the same "t" thing that's on the other DSes. I also heard that this one has a really long stylus that works like a telescope.

There's two cameras on the back that take the 3D photos, and one camera on the front. The game can also take the 3D videos... and play 'em back. At the Experimental Electronics Expo (or E3), one of the guys said that they had made deals with Disney, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros. to release movies in 3D for it. Also, there's some wi-fi stuff. Pretty cool, eh?

Some games have also been announced:

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Mario Kart 3DS
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater
  • as well as other remakes of previously released games.

So I bet the folks at PlayStation and Xbox are scratching their heads, wondering how they're gonna top this. Because I learned that even Microsoft copied off Nintendo with the Project Natal! *crowd gasps* Yeah, it's true. Nintendo rules!

'Nuff said.

PlayStation Move

Yet another thing that was revealed at E3 2010 was the PlayStation Move. This system is living, BREATHING proof that Sony has copied off of Nintendo. Just watch the video. I-I'm disgusted...

As a matter of fact, I'm so disgusted I think I'll throw away my PlayStation 2 and burn all my games. This DELIBERATELY copies off the Wii Remote. As a matter of fact, on that video's YouTube page, in the tags, it says (the last two) "Wii" and "Nintendo Wii." See?! Do you SEE?! Just because the PlayStation 3 has better graphics and this new "wand" seems to be more accurate than the remote does not give them permission to do such a thing. Sony, do not be surprised if I come to your headquarters with a MACHINE gun... This sad crime-against-nature will be released September 19, 2010. If you should ever stumble upon it at Wal-Mart or whatever, please spit on it for me. I mean, really! Didn't Nintendo have this covered with the "Wii MotionPlus"?! Seriously, think some...!

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