Hello there, random reader. I'm sure if you've been to some character pages such as Joel Severe, Jordan, Ashley, J. Severe, or Random Kid, they have a big picture near the top of the page that depicts the subject. Why do we here at the Joel Severe Wiki do this? To give you a vivid picture of what a person in a story looks like. And while these pictures have achieved such things, they could be improved so much more. And by that I mean, not the look of the characters themselves, but the WAY they are presented. For the pictures which depict the aforementioned characters/staff, they are character poses pasted on white backgrounds. For some time, that's actually bothered me, for it distracts from the page. While the picture is supposed to be recognized, its appearance shouldn't stand out from the rest of the litter in a bad way. This is especially in picture galleries such as the ones seen on the Kingdom Hearts page, where some character renders have transparent backgrounds and others have white.

In order to solve this personal problem of mine, I delved into pure, cold research. Upon doing this, I found that you could give pictures transparent backgrounds, in which they blend with the rest of the page. I was intrigued by this, and went to try it for myself. Downloading an application called GIMP, I sketched a few character poses of Joel, and then, using the transparency procedure, were able to give them transparent backgrounds. I posted one of these pics on the J. Severe page, and it seemed to perfectly blend. This process of transparent drawings have since been used on our sister wiki, Stories and Info Wiki, among a few others.

To the right, you can see three of the sketches I made. The first one, already revealed a couple of months ago, shows J. Severe with a smirk on his face, holding a mere pencil. The second one shows Joel, eyes closed, hands in pockets, walking on by. The third one also shows Joel, this time wielding a Penblade, a weapon sort of a cross between a pencil and a Keyblade.

These transparent pictures can help, not only with character pictures such as these seen to the right, but other pictures, too. For example, take into account you're typing a story, and there's a scene -- say, some guy getting brutally punched by his enemy -- and you just want the reader to see that scene per a drawing drawn by you. But you don't want the picture to stand out with a foolish white background. Then you draw the picture, color in the background if you want, then post it. That way, the main part of the picture has the colored-in characters and the colored background, and, instead of the picture being cut off by the rectangular-like border, it seems to just become one with the rest of the page. That's every illustrator's dream, now brought into reality by this grand new procedure.

Sorry it took me so long to get this news across, I've been busy with work stuff and such. Anyway, that's all I have for today. I guess it's time for this blog post to come to an end.

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