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January 30, 2010
  • Random Kid

    Narrator: (walks onto stage, decked out in three piece suit, holding his head down for dramatic effect) Good evening...

    For almost a year, JSW and SIW have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that readers are entertained to the fullest extent, as well as articles for the learner inside you who wishes to know a bit more than about all-out brawls. Both wikis served the same purpose. Since their births, they have always been used together. As a matter of fact, it seemed somewhat redundant for two wikis that serve the EXACT same purpose to be separate. It was kind of like the thing with Siamese twins. It was ludicrous! Something had to be done, the two wikis were always paired together.

    Well, Random Kid and J. Severe have made a …

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  • Random Kid

    Tempting, ain't it. You're jealous of the success of others, and you've just come to your worst enemies wiki. You want to mess it up don't cha' boahy? Or... girl, or whatever the heck you are! Anyway, lately people have been coming to this wiki and breaking the rules. By that I mean editing against my wishes. And it's not just putting some old regular word like "chocolate". Evil-doers have been coming here and using full fledged profanity that shouldn't even be thought of in the minds of any regular human being! Despicable isn't it?

    If you have any brains at all, you should know, by reading the rules on the home page that when you edit on the wiki, profanity or any kind of things innapropriate that are not family-friendly are not aloud here…

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  • Random Kid

    I never thought it possible folks, but it happened. What happened? Well, I found some future game systems that can revolutionize both gaming and the WORLD as we know it!

    I was just browsing through Youtube. Earlier, one of my acquaintances in school informed me about something called "Project Natal." So, I decided to take the guys advice and look it up on Youtube. Well... what I found... words can't explain. Why don't you see for yourself...

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  • Random Kid

    Arguing Admins

    April 6, 2010 by Random Kid

    As you should know, Stories and Info Wiki is a busy community with many workers and whatnot. I bet you would like to hear what these guys talk about "behind the scenes". Well, they talk about alot of stuff, how to run the wiki, new ideas, and they even have random arguments about the weirdest of things. This blog will show you first hand how these kings and queens of this wiki communicate. There may even be some intruders once and a while but, you can always leave it up to the admins on the Stories and Info Wiki to work to stop vandalism.

    I bet you'd like to become an admin wouldn't you, well. It takes alot and when I say alot I mean ALOT of work to become an admin. Especially on the Stories and Info Wiki. We run a tight shift around here a…

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  • Random Kid

    Why hey there random reader! You've seemed to have come across something grand. It's name, the Stories and Info Wiki. Okay, first let me explain the rules for this show! Yes, it's true. As much as I hate to be strict, there must be order, less the wiki is destroyed.

    • Rule 1: No profanity or any trash like that!
    • Rule 2: Be nice. Don't come around here insulting people got it?!
    • Rule 3: Follow the rules or you will be blocked. There have been some who think they can do whatever they want. Well, they were seriously wrong got it!

    And those are basically the rules on this blog. Follow em', or be banned. Your choice, although I'd go with following the rules so I could have fun. This great wiki was established on December 20th, 2009. But, it feels like it…

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