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Enjoy the intense conversations!

As you should know, Stories and Info Wiki is a busy community with many workers and whatnot. I bet you would like to hear what these guys talk about "behind the scenes". Well, they talk about alot of stuff, how to run the wiki, new ideas, and they even have random arguments about the weirdest of things. This blog will show you first hand how these kings and queens of this wiki communicate. There may even be some intruders once and a while but, you can always leave it up to the admins on the Stories and Info Wiki to work to stop vandalism.

I bet you'd like to become an admin wouldn't you, well. It takes alot and when I say alot I mean ALOT of work to become an admin. Especially on the Stories and Info Wiki. We run a tight shift around here and one flaw can cost you your job, boahy! Though, there are 5 easy steps that you can take to get a chance at glory, even being just a spell-checker.

Read Closely:

Step 1: Create an account. You can't just go around the wiki editing random things and I am not in the knowing of who you are!

Step 2: After creating this account, leave me a message on my talk page. Then, I'll know who you are.

Step 3: After getting to know your skills in "computering" and whatnot I'll possibly give you a job. Though I'll start with something easy, such as spell checking pages.

Step 4: After seeing your work, I'll tell you to write a Short Story and let me read it. If I think your skills in the art of Story Writing are good enough, I may let you begin writing a few stories on the wiki.

Step 5 (most important): Keep in mind, writing stories on the Stories and Info Wiki is a big responsibilty. The stories here are being compared to stories on other Story-based wikis such as the Short Stories Wiki, the Joel Severe Wiki, and many more! Make sure that the stories are as entertaining as can be, to keep viewers and readers rolling in! And maybe, with a little hard work, ya may even be promoted to administrator (supervisor) one day. Heh heh, enjoy!

Follow these easy steps to get a chance on the high road, a shot at glory! Anyway, let the talking begin!

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