Hello there, Random Visitor. You came to this page looking for videos and you will NOT be disappointed. You'll find videos. They may not be videos you like, but they are videos. And they were handpicked by me, J. Severe. So go and watch. By the way, don't go adding any of your own videos. 1. Because you don't know how to. 2. Because I don't want you to. You must listen to me, or else you'll be blocked. See, you aren't the king. I am the king. I am the master. I am the DICTATOR! YOU SHALL OBEY ME! Ahem. Sorry 'bout that. Anyways, go and watch.


They are like pictures except they are moving. Well, actually there are moving pictures called GIFs, but videos are much cooler. Way cooler. As a matter of fact, videos beat GIF by a landslide.

GIF: No they can't! Videos stink!
Video: Say that to my face, boahy!
Me: Guys! Guys! Calm down!
GIF: Well listen, (random gibberish)!
Video: Oh! Well yer mother (random gibberish)!
Me: Guys, shut it or else you're both eliminated from the wiki!
GIF: Well you can get rid of him cause he's just gonna make the place ugly.
Video: (slaps GIF upside his head) Now that that's over...
OK, check out the videos below: