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Some Weird GuyEdit

Weirdo Guy, or also referred to as Mr.Weird, Some Weird Guy, The Guy Across the Bar Room, or Emperor Weirdotine was a guy with many nicknames. He came to this wiki for several reasons, and thats how he got the name, "Some Weird Guy"...

Weirdo Guy: Dangit vandal!

Vandal: [laughs manically and runs away]

Narrator: Well folks it seems that Weirdo Guy just got PWNed, Wikia style. Lets laugh at him. HA! HA!

Narrator's mom: Honey, are you insulting people over the internet again?

Narrator: No, I didn't.

Narrator's mom: Stop lying, I heard you. You are grounded for lying.

Narrator: Ah man.

Weirdo Guy: Hehe. [goes into the kitchen and eats a taco]

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