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So you wanna know the info on the info ey boahy? Well, on this page, I'll tell ya exactly what this wikis all about. I'll give ya the dirt on the wiki. I'll give ya everything you wanna know. First of, Stories and Info Wiki is a kid friendly place. Note that it's absolutely NOT an adult friendly place! Basically, if you're some adult looking to stir up some trouble on an innocent wiki like this one, get the heck out of here! Okay, now that we've gotten rid of the troublemaking 21+ year olds, let's get down to some real info.


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There are many legends of how this wiki came to be, some are humorous tales, and some are intense journey's. But it really all started that faithful December 19th day. After a hard day at school, I came home to relieve some of the stress put on me by teachers. So, I casually went on the computer and on to random websites. That's when I thought to myself "I wonder how I could have a website?". Just a few day's ago, I was notified of my best friends website (or formally called a wiki), the Joel Severe Wiki. But what was this new fandangled wiki they all spoke of. So, I decided I would make a wiki. One problem, I had no idea how to. So I just typed in wiki on Google. There came up something called
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Wikispaces, so I went on it and successfully created a wikispace running only for entertainment. The next day, I realized it wasn't anything like the Joel Severe Wiki. That's when I saw that the JSW top of the screen said Wikia, and my website's top said Wikispaces! I was on a completely diferent organization. After some help, I successfully created a new wiki and deleted my old one!

But what was I going to call it? I thought and thought and realized "If this wiki were going to have stories, then I should name it after stories!" But, I asked myself and said it a few times, "Stories Wiki". Did that really sound catchy. No matter how many times I said it. It needed one of two more acronyms. Then, I realized that some stories could even be informational! But then again, Stories and Information Wiki? That didn't sound right either. So, I shortened it. Thus, the Stories and Info Wiki was created.

That started the highlight of my life! Following that occasion came The Web War, the Short Stories series, and many more things that will make my dull life memorable. So, now you've been informed!

What it Does

What's more to say, it entertains you. From the best action filled, cartoon-y stories to Original themes and music. To pictures and logos all drawn by Random Kid himself! This wiki is a boredom salvation, with it's existence, you shall never be said ever again! Now, you have something to look forward to on a Friday while you're in school learning about "fractions" or whatever! And for those "study-holics", it contains factual information about different topics and subjects! You wanna learn where Fried Chicken came from? Just go to the Fried Chicken article! After you've studied it, then you can eat it at The SIW Restaurant! This wiki is just too fun it'll baffle the worlds smartest indivisuals!

Editing Rights

Step 1: Create an account. You can't just go around the wiki editing random things and I am not in the knowing of who you are!

Step 2: After creating this account, leave me a message on my talk page. Then, I'll know who you are.

Step 3: After getting to know your skills in "computering" and whatnot I'll possibly give you a job. Though I'll start with something easy, such as spell checking pages.

Step 4: After seeing your work, I'll tell you to write a Short Story and let me read it. If I think your skills in the art of Story Writing are good enough, I may let you begin writing a few stories on the wiki.

Step 5 (most important): Keep in mind, writing stories on the Stories and Info Wiki is a big responsibilty. The stories here are being compared to stories on other Story-based wikis such as the Short Stories Wiki, the Joel Severe Wiki, and many more! Make sure that the stories are as entertaining as can be, to keep viewers and readers rolling in! And maybe, with a little hard work, ya may even be promoted to administrator (supervisor) one day. Enjoy!