The Stories and Info Wiki is packed with various stories and informal articles that may or may not use words or phrases that either 1) make no sense. Or 2) are just plain weird. On this article we will explain the commonly used phrases and words on the SIW.


  • Intense

Meaning: Intense (the way it's used on the wiki), means that something is extremely strenuous and you're about to be killed and/or on the verge of death.

Example: "This is TOO intense!"

  • Whatnot

Meaning: Whatnot can mean many things, literraly. As in, if debris is falling from the sky, you'd say, falling from the sky are rocks and whatnot.

Example: "The murderer hurled rocks and whatnot at us."

  • Fool

Meaning: Simple, when a person is an idiot, what's more to say?

Example: "Face it boahy, you're a fool!"

  • Boahy/Goyl

Meaning: (boy with slight slang) (girl with slight slang)

Example: "Shut cho' fat mouth, boahy!"/ "Shut cho' fat mouth, goyl!"


"You... BEAST!!!"

"What the-- ?!"

"If you play with lightning, you're gonna get shocked!"

"Are you insultin' my way of life?!"

"What the heck is wrong with you?!"

"The boy/girl was questioning muh' intelligence!"

"No, you FOOL! You'll kill us all!"

"I'm just a normal boy trying to find his place in the world is all."

"He was testin' muh' patience!"